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Apparently summer makes me feel like translating. On Saturday I did two episodes of Moebius (thirty-three and thirty-six), another one yesterday (thirty-eight), and am at seventeen minutes out of twenty-four on episode thirty-nine now. I feel productive. It's positively unnatural. Time for bed.
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Yesterday I translated two episodes of Ultraman Moebius for our subtitling group, watered my plethora of sprouting seeds with cooled chamomile tea (has certain antibacterial properties), went with Wonderful Husband to see Speed Racer (which started awkward but improved... the races are *definitely* worth watching) at the $3 theater, watered my garden (harvesting two tomatoes and three squash), and overall failed to die of the heat.

Let's see if I can top that today. ^_^
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"Stuffed to the gills" as in packed with things as wot need doin', not as in I've been overeating....

Today's To Do List )
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Out of curiosity, I just checked the download stats for the most recent episode of Ultraman Moebius that my group has subbed and released. At 23:34, we're at 214.

Over two hunded downloads in one day! Happy~!

(Yes, I know this makes me a dork. And, yes, I know that our total downloads for each episode only come up to around 600. Obscure hobby and all that.)

Spent yesterday writing and doing a little bit of coding. Added "Soldier" and "Cow Tipping" to my website and put them in the queue for ff.net. (I'm a freak; I have a schedule for ff.net releases. It involves dumping a whole lot of "ready" fics into my account there at once and then releasing one every other day.) Also wrote about 18K on an as-yet-untitled G1 post-series story. I've about gotten through Jazz's explanation of the movie events... it's always fun to write him, particularly when doing it without contracting his words. (I need to go through Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger and make his speech there more legible. After I finish Twin Terrors; only two more chapters to that and I want a minumum of WIPs going at once.) I probably need to rewatch the Headmasters episodes since my recollection of them is imperfect. Need to rewatch the Return of Optimus Prime episodes too, I suppose.
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So yesterday while retreating from Ikea, having purchased the pepparkakkor (gingersnaps) that will form the base of the pumpkin cheesecake for Thursday (yes, we are going fancy this year; one pumpkin cheesecake and one pumpkin pie), the radio ad said the word "Reventon." My ears promptly pricked up and actually paid attention to the rest of the ad, which is from the Los Angeles Auto Show, going through next weekend. They have the Lamborghini Reventon there. It is, in fact, the $1.8 million car's North American debut, even if they don't have the Tesla (very nice, relatively expensive new electric car). I, of course, am planning to go. This is not at all helping my desire to write fic, which currently I am having to tamp down with lots of yelling of "Must cook dinner! Must sew baby quilt! Deadlines! Ask me next week!" ^^;; (Said baby quilt, before anyone starts fishing, is for a friend, not me.) I also have translating UM 20 on my plate for this week. Not helping is finding out one key detail which changes rather a lot of the emotional landscape in Twin Terrors, and having the characters in Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger actually talking to me again.


Nov. 7th, 2007 08:10 am
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Being hit with depression like a rock. Not enjoying it.

Almost done with translating UM19... just the next episode preview and the MebiNavi (which for once sounds easy) to do, and a few problem lines (mostly Teppei's, natch) to iron out. Really feeling like I should go back through my Japanese textbooks, though. Fortunately they were among the ones I kept, so I can if I've a mind to.

Turned down costume judging at ALA due to being out of the country at the time.

Need to iron clothing, wash up pots'n'pans, make dinner, and clean up the workroom. And get my groove back, but that may be trickier than any mere physical activities....
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The heat turned down a little today... or maybe that's the fact that Wonderful Husband moved the fan into the workroom today, where we spent most of the day. But this meant I was able to write. Hallelujah! I'm one scene and possibly a transition scene from finishing this side story. Also finished up the edits for Moebius 10 and Wonderful Husband incorporated them. So we're set for Saturday's release bar any additional feedback.

Ended up going to Ikea today, in search of a new desk chair for Wonderful Husband and checking out their options on my quest for a spice rack. Alas, we found nothing in either of those areas that either of us wanted. We did, however, discover, that they have finally started manufacturing a CD/DVD storage unit in the style of their bookshelves (of which we have four). Unfortunately, it does not seem to be available in the same color as our bookcases. *rolls eyes* Guess we wait until it is?
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Well, after a rereading and minor smoothing out editing run this morning, I have concluded that what I wrote last night is definitely chapter *four* of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger." *Not* chapter three.


On the other hand, I have the first scene of three, extracted from the rest of the writing and properly relabelled. And I have an idea for where to start on the rest of three. And I've got that jazzed (so to speak) "hey, this is pretty good writing!" feeling that I also had for one but not two. So when I get there I'm going to be easy in my mind about releasing it. In the meantime, more writing. Got to get other characters in my head. Maybe that's why it seems Bumblebee is possessing my radio today, not Jazz... someone wants authorial attention.

Unfortunately that someone may have to wait. I promised Wonderful Husband that I'd finish up the translation of episode 10 of Ultraman Moebius tonight so that he can time it this weekend. Translation first, then writing....


Jul. 19th, 2007 11:26 pm
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Edits for UM6 finished far later than they should've been and sent off to timer/typesetter.

Skipped dance class tonight, but at least the headache has finally gone away.

[livejournal.com profile] hoshikage sent me more TFs G1 ficbit and it was wonderful! Even if ending in her trademark Very Evil Place. She is, after all, the Evil Fanfiction Writer.

Wonderful Husband has proposed going to see HP5 movie tomorrow evening after we go get wristbanded at the bookstore to purchase the HP7 book! For the record, I have no intention of staying up all night to read it. In fact, given that I have the wistful notion of maybe going to see Transformers (again) and/or Waitress this weekend, I may not read it for a while. I should probably read it before SDCC, though, I guess?

Have poked another PoV out in the TFs ('07) movie fic, and need to poke more at and get arranged the (long in progress) TFs G1 fic.... I suspect that seeing the movie again may well help with one or both of these. ^_^
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Was totally done in by dance classes last night, but finished off the latest round of edits for UM4 afterwards and Wonderful Husband incorporated them and sent them out to group members for a last-minute check.

Took my mother over to the hospital this morning for an exam, and came in to work a little bit early. Am determined to get my desk cleared off again today! Then a bit of grocery shopping after work and a subsequent jaunt up to Liz's place for a sewing night. I'm thinking I will probably just take the Summoner dress and work on those last fifteen lacing holes.... This weekend is dedicated to (1) Armida's wedding, (2) maybe a movie Saturday morning?, (3) translations, and (4) baking/making pickles. And next week I pick up steam on the sewing for SDCC.
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Happy Freedom From Our Evil British Oppressors Day! Except for me, who is kind of married to one and actually likes being conjugally contractually bound to him. ^_^

So today, having gotten something like a blissful eight and a half hours of sleep, I woke up and translated HICBC's summaries for UM episodes 1-3, and then decided I should start doing what I actually needed to be doing today. Which was baking two berry pies, washing and putting away what seemed like a metric ton of dishes, making jello, making salsa, washing more dishes, and bleaching the kitchen sink. Then Wonderful Husband and I went over to my uncle's for a Fourth of July pool party (this being the destination of the aforementioned pies). Not having a swimsuit, I took along the Summoner dress and quite contentedly sat there in the shade, sewing the first fifteen lacing eyelets while everyone else splashed about. I also got an object lesson in why one does not mix inhaling marijuana with drinking vodka. I came home before the fireworks started, dropping my mother at home along the way (no, she was not the aforementioned object lesson, she was merely not feeling well), put away laundry, purchased a wedding present for Armida (yes I know I still need to post pix of the wedding dress... I'm kind of holding off to see what pictures I can take at the wedding Saturday since my construction shots are not so great) and cracked open the Special Edition disc of Kamen Rider Kuuga.

Episode 50 of Kuuga is a short (five minutes, maybe?) that basically opens with a disclaimer that this is a bonus/omake the cast and crew did just for the hell of it. It is... quite interesting, shall we say. Fortunately for the price I paid for it, the disc also has episodes 1-2 in movie format with the option of subtitling the Grongi speech into Japanese. Ahh, if only the TV episode discs had that option....

So, things I did not get to do today: (1) make pickles, (2) make zucchini bread, (3) garden work, (4) finish translating UM10, (5) iron work shirts, (6) sew other 14-15 eyelets, (7) see any of the current-release movies in my queue, especially Transformers. These all go on tomorrow's list along with "edit UM4." However, I have dance classes tomorrow evening, so at most I'll be able to complete one, maybe two. --#
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Wheeee~! UM9 is done. Nine and a half minutes down on UM10. I go thud now.
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Last night Wonderful Husband and I jaunted back to Long Beach and had dinner with people before they disappeared off to points distant. It was all rather cordial. There was sushi. Then we came home and I hammered the remaining edits into UM4 and went to bed. Wonderful Husband subsequently hammered the edited script into what he'd timed, sent that off to the rest of our merry little band, and came to bed himself. Unfortunately by that point it was 1am, and the cat has, in the last week, begun ignoring the "wakeup/breakfast time is 7am, no sooner" rule. Grr... stupid cat. I was groggy enough that tea did not get made this morning. However, cereal woke me up enough to do a bit more work, so I'm up to 10:22 now on UM9, and hoping to finish it tonight.

I find, oddly, that aside from the "goddammit what the frick are you saying speak clear Japanese please!" moments, translating is actually making me appreciate the individual episodes more. Even ones that initially seemed a bit silly start to gain depth, and some, of course, are made of pure undiluted awesomeness. Is this because putting the effort into understanding them and rendering them in English makes the works feel a little like they're "mine" too? Or is it because I'm more correctly understanding what the characters are saying and thus what's going on? Probably some combination of both, plus a feeling of satisfaction at having completed a task that I assigned to myself. I think actually releasing episodes increases my sense of satisfaction, too... I feel better about the two and a half episodes I've got translated early on in the series, the ones that are currently undergoing editing and slated to be released relatively soon, than I do about the four episodes I have translated later in the series. Since they're so far off, maybe releasing them doesn't seem "real" yet? We certainly didn't have the actual "project" in mind when I did those, and certainly no releasing mechanism set up yet.

Now I just need to figure out whether or not I want the "Green Goddess" dictionary for a birthday present, or an electronic version thereof, to attempt to save a bit of wear and tear on those who edit my scripts. And I need to set one of my kanji dictionaries, the superfluous one, on the Goodwill pile...


Jun. 27th, 2007 11:58 am
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Did not get very much done last night... got Wonderful Husband and younger sister to give me votes on a couple of the fabrics for the Summoner, and made the sleeves work. For one of them this involved piecing the fabric as I was not going back to the store to get more. But they are cut out and sewn and I have the fabric for the red ironed and the pattern piece prepped and ready to cut out when I get home. So tonight I need to sew like mad!

What I did do was my feedback for UM3, which ate up lots of time, since I have to watch the editing version on Wonderful Husband's computer and I have a very hard time typing on his split/ergonomic keyboard, so I had to write everything down longhand and then type it in on my computer... this, combined with the loss of sewing time, made me cranky and nitpicky. ^^;;

Today is Wednesday. Tonight I am going to:
--(make dinner)
--cut out and apply the red to the sleeves
--cut out, sew, apply, and cord the gold trim
--sew in the sleeves and finish them
--sew in lacing holes
--cut out, sew, and sew in the placket
--get Wonderful Husband to pin up the dress's hem for me
--make red and gold piping for the dress front
--pin the finished hem, sew it.
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So this evening, Wonderful Husband made dinner, I hammered out the last ten problem child lines on UM6 (including the next-episode preview and the MebiNavi), tossed it at [livejournal.com profile] sandpanther for a quick beta of the most egregious lines, ironed my work shirts, we put the laundry away, and I ironed Armida's wedding dress, snugged it on a hanger between tissue paper, and tossed a plastic cover over it so that it doesn't get dirty between now and the wedding. Wonderful Husband will deliver it to her tomorrow at work. And tomorrow I shall put up (finally!) some of the construction photos. For now I go thud. And somehow it seems like I did more than this short list, but I cannot think what it is. I do note, however, the absolute lack of any work on the Summoner outfit....

Dead Yet.

Jun. 17th, 2007 10:43 pm
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With much help from [livejournal.com profile] sandpanther, I whacked the number of problem lines in UM 4 down from ten to two today. I also cleaned the kitchen (with help from Wonderful Husband), made sun tea, stripped and remade the bed, took care of most of the laundry, baked two pies for my father for Father's Day (baking note: even if it's White Whole Wheat flour, it's still whole wheat and needs some regular white flour to lighten up the crust; still, not bad results), and ran through UM 6. All the way through UM 6. There are currently ten problem lines including the next-episode preview and the MebiNavi. Go me. *thud*
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At work. Today is a data entry day. The nigh-homicidal urges from yesterday have faded somewhat, though I am still in a state of physical discomfort from unknown causes, which does not really put me in a happy place. OTOH, Wonderful Husband and I have been getting to bed on time this week, and have re-equipped the bedroom with the spray bottle to deter the kittycat from meowing and scratching at the door at 5:30am. Consequently I woke up with a modicum of energy today and tacked pots and pans and the various things which get washed by hand rather than the dishwasher. I've even (optomistically) scribbled out a to-do list to accomplish after I'm done here for the day.

Yesterday I worked on transcribing/translating episode four of UM. I got about thirteen minutes in (out of just under twenty-four), with about half of it translated, before my ears and brain just couldn't take any more. Not too bad for one day's work. Don't know if I'll get any more done tonight, or if I'll start in on it again tomorrow morning. There's a lot on that to-do list.... I also read Wonderful Husband's first volume of translated Hayate the Combat Butler while waiting for him to come to bed. I finished the book before switching over to translating Kamen Rider Kuuga text doujinshi. It... is not my particular taste, shall we say. But this brings the bedside book stack down by one.
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Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] koshka_the_cat's always-amazing productivity, I spent this evening cutting out a chemise out of the cotton batiste I bought a while back. This involved locking the cat in the downstairs laundry/bathroom. Fortunately she didn't spend the entire time making a fuss about it. If I can pull this off, eventually I can use the undergarments both for historical costuming and for cosplay. I have Emma costumes in mind... (that is, the anime/manga of the name, not the Jane Austen novel or any adaptation of it).

I put on DVD episodes 29-30 of Ultraman Moebius to be soothing background noise while I worked. This didn't work quite as well as hoped, as I chanced to glance at the screen and was immediately captivated. I've never really appreciated the differences in video quality until you start getting down into nth-generation VHS copies (a sad thing for the daughter and granddaughter of television engineers to say), but all I could think was "My GOD, it's so clear!"

But it is well past my bedtime and Wonderful Husband is actually abed before me, so off I go. Tomorrow I shall recount to you all the tale of The Work Computer That Worked Fine When I Left Thursday Afternoon But Had Somehow Become A Paperweight Come Tuesday Morning. 'Night~~!


May. 2nd, 2007 08:21 am
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... *muffled sobble*

Just did a browse through the Ultraman Moebius actors' blogs. They're currently doing a stage show in Nagoya set at some point after the series, and have been posting pictures from the rehearsals. Hirata-san (Konomi's actress) posted a picture of a fountain across the way from the place where they're doing the stage show. I stared at it and went I recognize that. I've walked past that! and it made me morose because I am in another country, and will not get to see the stage show and, failing a script ever turning up on Yahoo Japan auctions, never know what happens in it. (Should a script ever turn up, I expect it to be the center of a frenzied bidding war/cooperative effort between [livejournal.com profile] sandpanther and myself, with the winner tacitly agreeing to photocopy it for the loser. Because we are sad, sad fangirls that way.)

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