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sakon76: (Sakon)
Sitting here munching craisins, working on designing additions to Squiddle's halloween costume.

Last year he was Hiccup. This year, Toothless. (I tossed out Squiddle's beloved Baymax as another suggestion, but Wonderful Husband thought Toothless would be more interesting and recognizable.)

I'm using Simplicity 1765 as a base and modding it as I go along. Not too much - I'm using their back/tail spines rather than designing my own. And I'm leaving off the gloves and shoe covers. But I'm adding hip flanges and side spines and, of course, Toothless' mismatched tail fins to the tail, and I'll be doing some modding on the cowl to make it more recognizable. Though I am not making the armament/riding rig. It can just be sewn on, like it is in every single Toothless plushie I own. Which is at least four.
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So, Saturday Wonderful Husband and I went to see Kingsman: The Secret Service. Which has Colin Firth as a gentleman spy. Can't go wrong with that! The movie was serious in some ways, cheesy in others, and bad in only a few. I recommend it.

Sunday, Wonderful Husband, Squiddle, and I all dressed up in our Steven Universe togs, and jotted down the street to the Anaheim Convention Center for Wondercon!

Wondercon 2015

We got a lot of comments loving our family cosplay, and especially the "tiny Steven!"

Overall, a good time was had. We managed to get into both the panels I found interesting on the schedule, and walked the whole dealer's room. Our wallets came away lighter, our hands heavier, with a couple volumes from Studio Foglio, and a board game called Trekking the National Parks.

I've been keeping myself busy with Piece and Quilt's star block sewalong, writing class has just started again (as have Squiddle's classes), and I've mailed off the gift quilt, so when the recipient gets it, then I can post about that.

For now, to bed. Early morning music class for the Squiddle!
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Quilt is done. Have washed it twice now and can still see the chalk marking lines. Will spray them with Shout tomorrow and wash it again and see if that works.

All three Steven Universe shirts done. Interestingly, the shirt with the double layer of fabric for the star (because it covers a logo that showed though just one layer) rippled a lot less in the satin stitching phase than the other two.

Mending pile of fraying cloth baby wipes and my new-to-me blouse, all done.

Time for more liquid, then bed.
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Wonderful Husband has been watching his way through Steven Universe recently. The show is surpisingly good. And Wondercon is coming up next weekend. So last night I made a suggestion that I make the Squiddle a Steven costume. It's simple enough - sandals (check), denim shorts (check), red t-shirt with a yellow star on it. Only one item to make! Wonderful Husband thought that would be kind of fun, but pointed out that Squiddle doesn't have the hair for it (Steven's hair is dark and curly; Squiddle's is currently like mine, honey-colored and fine). I pointed out that Wonderful Husband does have the hair for it, and upped the ante by suggesting I could make them matching costumes.

So this morning Squiddle and I went to the thrift stores and found a couple plain red t-shirts in daddy and toddler sizes, as well as a yellow one to cut up to make the stars. And I will make Wonderful Husband go buy jeans or denim shorts for himself this weekend.

...If I am truly mean/ambitious, I will go to Michael's and buy a couple pink rhinestones, and then Halloween Club for some spirit gum and glue gems to both their bellybuttons.

Unfortunately there's really not a character for me in the show. I'd want to be Rose, but her costume is more intricate and would take wig styling, and I'm so not into that right now.
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Have just finished Baby's First Cosplay[tm]. Tomorrow the Squiddle will go to Wondercon dressed as Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon. The costume will probably look pretty good, but I keep looking at it seeing what it's not. It's missing the ties at the neck because not having them will make getting the shirt over his head so much easier, and the belt will be safety pinned together in the back because I really, really didn't feel like staying up however much longer it would take to tear apart my sewing area and figure out where the bloody blazes I stashed the velcro.

Also, I have rediscovered how much I hate sewing knits. Which probably means I should sit down and put myself through the paces and sew a garment or two out of the stuff so I get better at it. (Hiccup's shirt is clearly a woven fabric in the film, but I want Squiddle to be able to wear this to ComicCon too in a few months. And babies grow.)

Pix of the costume, and various other things, to come next week. For now, bed, then dance class in the morning, then seeing how the baby does at a convention as opposed to RenFaire. (And, for the record, he did not handle Faire well. But that's a story for another time.)

ETA: The other thing the Hiccup costume does not have is boots. Because unlike Prince George, Squiddle goes shoeless. We live in a warm climate and he's not walking yet, ergo.
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The Animal Control people still haven't come out. Wonderful Husband called them back around 6 and they said they work until 9:30 every day, so they still have an hour and a half at this point. He also checked with the neighbors on both sides (each of whom have several guard dogs). Looks like it most likely belongs to Jaime to the west side of our house; his three dogs got out somehow on Monday, and only two came back. The missing one he's had for 13 years, so not exactly a young spritely puppy....

I am put in mind of the Irish Setters we had when I was a very young child. At that time we lived literally in the middle of the woods. And one, who was getting up there in years, just never came back, and we never found him. Do dogs have an instinct to go hide away when they die?

On a less gruesome subject, I've begun retrieving and de-cat-hairing the cosplay costumes from the hallway closet. Two have been tossed in the wash hamper; about half a dozen others have successfully been cleaned if necessary and packed away. Moire is apparently impermeable to cat hair. It just rolls right off. Four costumes (Ovelia, Sofia, Fuu, and Flowery) remain; they are all long and going to be tedious to clean. And there's one or two sets of fairy wings in there to deal with as well.

ETA: Animal Control not coming out tonight. Apparently they only have one officer on duty between 9:30pm and 5:00am, for emergencies only. (Wonderful Husband and I tried to think what "emergencies" might constitute. We came up with rabid critters, and wild animal incursions.) So they'll come out tomorrow. I hope they can spirit the poor critter away; it was hot today and thus our backyard is now honestly untenable. We've been keeping the doors and windows closed.
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In our swing dance class, every now and again I hit a certain stride and have to blink, realizing that Wonderful Husband and I are the most advanced dancers in the class. Which, I admit, doesn't mean much... we're not that good yet. But we've been at this for several years now, so sooner or later most of it sinks in.

Have now finished season two of Avatar. Wonderful Husband and I are pondering whether or not to play catch-up via DVDs or downloads, or just wait until the whole third season is available to purchase. In the meantime, we have the second season of The Muppet Show to go through. ^_^

Transformers: Animated this morning was... amusing. I find the constant visual references to G1 (this episode: Daniel, and Prime's trailer) great fun, and continue to like the writing. I think, however, that the writers don't like Daniel much. :)

Went to Farmer's Market a few hours earlier than usual, and think I shall continue the habit. Much better parking and much less crowded earlier in the day.

Waiting for color printout of costume set I'm doing with [livejournal.com profile] racerxmachina and [livejournal.com profile] aelfsciene so that I can hit up the fabric district and buy mass quantities.... *knock on wood*
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So, a good trawl through the LA fabric district with [livejournal.com profile] hoshikage apparently tends to net several results. One is lunch at Wild Thyme, which is always a good thing. Another is leather in varying blues for her and varying pinks for me, with both of us intending to use it for corsets. A third is being jazzed and re-energized on sewing projects in general and costuming in particular.

Costume babbling and brainstorming )
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Roast pork turned out relatively well last night, though I think next time I'll make extra of the glaze, warm it, and use it as a sauce for serving. Ran through the first round of edits for UM19, and then made up an apple pie from "The Pie and Pastry Bible" by Rose Levy Beranbaum. It didn't turn out perfect--the edges of the crust burned, so I'll need to cover them with foil next time--but it also didn't bubble over or sink the way apple pies tend to. Haven't actually had a slice yet, so will report on its actual taste and texture later.

Got shown the first two episodes of GaoGaiGar while the pie was baking. Was... amused. A good percentage of the dialogue would slot neatly into UM with no problems, and there were definite shades of Transformers influence as well as Giant Robo influence. ^^;; Will watch more and see how it progresses.

Also seem to've gotten myself (voluntarily) shanghai'd into cosplaying from Avatar, a show I haven't even seen. [livejournal.com profile] racerxmachina is putting together a Kyoshi warriors group for Fanime, and [livejournal.com profile] hoshikage was already working on an Avatar Kyoshi costume of her own... and, really, how can I resist the urge to cosplay with two of my best friends? Particularly when I can reuse familiar patterns for most of the outfit....
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I smell funny. Or I keep smelling something funny. Which is kind of funny, because I took a shower after finishing the cooking and cleaning this morning, which means that I should only be smelling of shampoo/conditioner/body wash/face cream.

Dinner is pork loin, currently marinating in apple cider flavored with brown sugar, sea salt, thyme, and garlic. It gets a maple syrup/dijon mustard glaze before it goes in the oven. And is currently scheduled to have baked potatoes and mixed vegetables as accompaniments.

Plots have been made regarding costumes for Fanime, and also for a run to the fabric district on Sunday. I've finished the third of eight flowers on the tea tray cover I'm working on (and have been off and on since my mother-in-law gave it to me a year ago).

Feel like I'm in gridlock. Or in limbo. I want to stop feeling like I'm spinning my wheels and start feeling like I'm accomplishing something. Grrr.


Nov. 7th, 2007 08:10 am
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Being hit with depression like a rock. Not enjoying it.

Almost done with translating UM19... just the next episode preview and the MebiNavi (which for once sounds easy) to do, and a few problem lines (mostly Teppei's, natch) to iron out. Really feeling like I should go back through my Japanese textbooks, though. Fortunately they were among the ones I kept, so I can if I've a mind to.

Turned down costume judging at ALA due to being out of the country at the time.

Need to iron clothing, wash up pots'n'pans, make dinner, and clean up the workroom. And get my groove back, but that may be trickier than any mere physical activities....
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Went over to Liz's this evening for a bit of sewing. She pinned the hem of the Summoner dress for me, so I can start proceeding further on that now. I also tried on the Regency stays she's making (Mantua Maker pattern) and apparently size 20 fits me like a glove with a 1.5" opening in the back. Have borrowed the pattern. ^_^ We arranged for her to come down to my place on either Saturday or Sunday and we'll make a gala day of sewing and fitting things to one another. I think it's a good thing, though, that while I was rereading Couture Sewing Techniques today, I found myself constantly thinking "Huh. Nice. Interesting. Not for this set of outfits, though!" There is a time and a place for couture techniques, and hall costumes that really don't need them to look good are neither the time or the place. Doing the thirty lacing eyelets by hand was quite enough of a couture touch. Nonetheless, the read was a nice refresher and brought several ideas for future possibilities into my head. For now, though, it is time for bed....
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Was totally done in by dance classes last night, but finished off the latest round of edits for UM4 afterwards and Wonderful Husband incorporated them and sent them out to group members for a last-minute check.

Took my mother over to the hospital this morning for an exam, and came in to work a little bit early. Am determined to get my desk cleared off again today! Then a bit of grocery shopping after work and a subsequent jaunt up to Liz's place for a sewing night. I'm thinking I will probably just take the Summoner dress and work on those last fifteen lacing holes.... This weekend is dedicated to (1) Armida's wedding, (2) maybe a movie Saturday morning?, (3) translations, and (4) baking/making pickles. And next week I pick up steam on the sewing for SDCC.
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Happy Freedom From Our Evil British Oppressors Day! Except for me, who is kind of married to one and actually likes being conjugally contractually bound to him. ^_^

So today, having gotten something like a blissful eight and a half hours of sleep, I woke up and translated HICBC's summaries for UM episodes 1-3, and then decided I should start doing what I actually needed to be doing today. Which was baking two berry pies, washing and putting away what seemed like a metric ton of dishes, making jello, making salsa, washing more dishes, and bleaching the kitchen sink. Then Wonderful Husband and I went over to my uncle's for a Fourth of July pool party (this being the destination of the aforementioned pies). Not having a swimsuit, I took along the Summoner dress and quite contentedly sat there in the shade, sewing the first fifteen lacing eyelets while everyone else splashed about. I also got an object lesson in why one does not mix inhaling marijuana with drinking vodka. I came home before the fireworks started, dropping my mother at home along the way (no, she was not the aforementioned object lesson, she was merely not feeling well), put away laundry, purchased a wedding present for Armida (yes I know I still need to post pix of the wedding dress... I'm kind of holding off to see what pictures I can take at the wedding Saturday since my construction shots are not so great) and cracked open the Special Edition disc of Kamen Rider Kuuga.

Episode 50 of Kuuga is a short (five minutes, maybe?) that basically opens with a disclaimer that this is a bonus/omake the cast and crew did just for the hell of it. It is... quite interesting, shall we say. Fortunately for the price I paid for it, the disc also has episodes 1-2 in movie format with the option of subtitling the Grongi speech into Japanese. Ahh, if only the TV episode discs had that option....

So, things I did not get to do today: (1) make pickles, (2) make zucchini bread, (3) garden work, (4) finish translating UM10, (5) iron work shirts, (6) sew other 14-15 eyelets, (7) see any of the current-release movies in my queue, especially Transformers. These all go on tomorrow's list along with "edit UM4." However, I have dance classes tomorrow evening, so at most I'll be able to complete one, maybe two. --#
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...Well, as I should've expected, I am not going to be a Summoner at AX. Guess I'll be one at SDCC.

I sewed the red onto the sleeve, and it doesn't work. The black underneath ends up all ripply and warped. I don't know why, as I cut them from the same pattern piece. What this means is unpicking three seams on one sleeve, one on the other, unpicking both underarm seams, applying the red to the black while they're both flat, and resewing the sleeve seams. I'm too detail-oriented to do bad sewing anymore, so I can't just ignore this and go on.

Realistically, this is probably a good thing. It means I can actually do things like wash dinner dishes, cook and clean, keep up on translations, and continue my attempts to reform my body to a reasonable bedtime. Unfortunately, this means I won't have a new costume to wear to AX, and won't get to do a photoshoot with [livejournal.com profile] hoshikage. Because while I might have the dress done by AX, there's no way I'll have the cloak or the headdress ready.

Que sera sera.


Jun. 27th, 2007 11:58 am
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Did not get very much done last night... got Wonderful Husband and younger sister to give me votes on a couple of the fabrics for the Summoner, and made the sleeves work. For one of them this involved piecing the fabric as I was not going back to the store to get more. But they are cut out and sewn and I have the fabric for the red ironed and the pattern piece prepped and ready to cut out when I get home. So tonight I need to sew like mad!

What I did do was my feedback for UM3, which ate up lots of time, since I have to watch the editing version on Wonderful Husband's computer and I have a very hard time typing on his split/ergonomic keyboard, so I had to write everything down longhand and then type it in on my computer... this, combined with the loss of sewing time, made me cranky and nitpicky. ^^;;

Today is Wednesday. Tonight I am going to:
--(make dinner)
--cut out and apply the red to the sleeves
--cut out, sew, apply, and cord the gold trim
--sew in the sleeves and finish them
--sew in lacing holes
--cut out, sew, and sew in the placket
--get Wonderful Husband to pin up the dress's hem for me
--make red and gold piping for the dress front
--pin the finished hem, sew it.


Jun. 25th, 2007 12:59 pm
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Still aching in all the "gardener's butt" places, but feeling remarkably good. Why, you ask? Because the wedding dress is done. I'm stitching together a dry-cleaners sample (for any dry-cleaners Armida needs to take it to to practice their chemicals on first to make sure the dress won't melt) and tonight I'm ironing the dress, and tomorrow Wonderful Husband is delivering it to her along with leftover fabric and a spool of ribbon for lacing. But it's done, it's done, it's done, with nearly two weeks until the wedding~!

The Summoner dress is largely constructed. To do on that:

cut out a mockup of a sleeve and make sure it'll work
cut out, trim, and sew on the actual sleeves
lacing holes for the back
a placket to go behind the lacing
hem the dress
make and sew on red trim lines for the front (match to the sleeves?)
make and sew on cross-lacing trim (match to sleeve/cloak trim)

Then I get to make the cloak and the headdress! ^_^
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So I woke up this morning, somewhat later than usual (which I attribute to going to bed somewhat later than usual) and started to go about my day, only to discover I ached in places I don't usually ache unless I've been gardening or cutting out fabric on the floor. It is a testament to my fuzzy state of mind that it took until I was ironing seams flat on the Summoner dress before I realized that the reason I was aching was because, yes, I did cut out the Summoner dress yesterday.... I am not the swiftest on the uptake most days.

In any case, having reached a point of impasse yesterday, having to wait for the glue on the boning tips to dry before I could proceed with the wedding dress, I started in on my AX costume. For reference, AX is on Friday. We'll see if I can make it, especially since, having now finished said skirt seams, I'm back to the wedding dress.
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Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] koshka_the_cat's always-amazing productivity, I spent this evening cutting out a chemise out of the cotton batiste I bought a while back. This involved locking the cat in the downstairs laundry/bathroom. Fortunately she didn't spend the entire time making a fuss about it. If I can pull this off, eventually I can use the undergarments both for historical costuming and for cosplay. I have Emma costumes in mind... (that is, the anime/manga of the name, not the Jane Austen novel or any adaptation of it).

I put on DVD episodes 29-30 of Ultraman Moebius to be soothing background noise while I worked. This didn't work quite as well as hoped, as I chanced to glance at the screen and was immediately captivated. I've never really appreciated the differences in video quality until you start getting down into nth-generation VHS copies (a sad thing for the daughter and granddaughter of television engineers to say), but all I could think was "My GOD, it's so clear!"

But it is well past my bedtime and Wonderful Husband is actually abed before me, so off I go. Tomorrow I shall recount to you all the tale of The Work Computer That Worked Fine When I Left Thursday Afternoon But Had Somehow Become A Paperweight Come Tuesday Morning. 'Night~~!

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