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A chapter that has been a looooooong time coming. For refreshers:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

And, finally, chapter 5 )
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Am back from England. Had a lovely trip despite never fully adjusting to the time difference, and having a low-grade illness for much of the trip. (Had some of my last batch of salsa last night. Whatever bugs are in me are dying as I type. I find pleasure in this. Dunno if it's the capsicum or all the vitamins in the stuff, but it works.) Especially nice was spending some time with Serge and Morag in Cambridge. ^_^ Got some neat books, discovered one of the antique booksellers in Cambridge has apparently gone out of business, and got in our traditional expedition to the top of Castle Hill, albeit shiveringly. :)

The flight back was mostly uneventful. I finished watching Hairspray, and quite like the movie. The music was not so impressive, but how what I thought was going to be a fluffy piece ended up with a real social revolution commentary to it, was. I knew going in what the story was about, but I didn't think it would pull it off as well as it did. Also watched Transformers again, though not all that attentively. More like read and embroidered while listening to it.

Incidentally, the security people at Heathrow Airport are MORONS. They confiscated my embroidery scissors. The ones with the 1" blade, which is well within legal aviation specs. The same pair I have been flying with for three years to three different continents with no problems. Including having flown both into and out of Heathrow with them before. Wonderful Husband had to walk back down to the Virgin Airlines counter--under escort by Security no less--and beg a cardboard box off of them that got taped up and checked as another piece of luggage. I was upset at the time. Now I'm just pissed.

Slept for twelve hours last night, came in this morning to discover (as expected) my desk buried under undone paperwork and filing, and a ton of cremains out in the cremains room. Thank goodness I was only gone for four days! However, am jazzed on sewing and embroidery at the moment, so shall see how far this creative spurt gets me. I also want to finish Cygnus pretty soon, and Twin Terrors, and then get back to other, more weighty, stories....

And spend time with [livejournal.com profile] hoshikage, who is visiting for the next week!
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Have arrived in Cambridge, am at Serge and Morag´s new place; have written this piece for her. ^_^

*points up again* I´ve given up trying to guess how long this is going to be. Apologies for any typos; Im working on a keyboard with a few quirks, and the screen has a very tiny font. Enjoy!

Into the Woods )
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*points up* This is going to have one more piece at least. My apologies. Not that I think anyone minds the prospect of getting more PT fic out of me.

She was a duck. Not a swan. )
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For those ([livejournal.com profile] aishuu, [livejournal.com profile] toothycat, and most likely others) who would like me to write something in a fandom they know and enjoy (IE, "K-chan, can you write something other than Transformers for a bit?" ^_-)... a PT story. ^_^ From the "Kingdom" arc that contains "Peace of Heart" and "Enchantment."

Hakuchou was late for school... again. )
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I mentioned a few days ago that [livejournal.com profile] serika_san had tipped me off that someone on fanfiction.net had stolen two of my Princess Tutu stories and claimed them as their own. Now, she, [livejournal.com profile] hoshikage and I let ff.net know about this eleven days ago and... they've done nothing. Not pulled the stories, not banned the plagiarist's account, nothing. I don't normally like asking favors of my friends, but this has me really irked because these are my stories and this person is stealing them. I realize fanfiction is only that, and I don't own any kind of intellectual property to Princess Tutu or any of the story sources I've ever written from, but... I worked hard on these stories. Writing is a skill that I strive to polish. I think I have the right to be proud of my work and the pleasure it might give to others. To have someone steal it like this and claim it as their own cheapens my feeling of worth and leaves me bitter, angry, and upset. (Also, those feelings tend to decrease the possibility of me writing more, because I can't write well when depressed. This may be taken as incentive, if you're so minded.)

So, if any of you are so inclined as to also report the matter to ff.net, the person in question's account is here and the two stories she's posted thus far are both mine, posted here and on the Princess Tutu Fanfiction community roughly three months ago and more recently on my personal website. At the bottom of each story there is the option to "Submit Review." If you click on it, it also gives you the option to "Report Possible Abuse." I would appreciate anyone's efforts in getting this matter rectified. I've opened my own ff.net account since this plagiarism came to light (it's Sakon76, for those interested) but I'm probably not going to start posting my stories there until this matter is cleared up. (They're all available on my website anyway, so it's not a threat, merely a fact.)
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Out of curiosity, I just checked on the two Princess Tutu stories of mine that [livejournal.com profile] serika_san let me know someone had posted on fanfiction.net, wanting to see if her and [livejournal.com profile] hoshikage and my reporting the plaigaist poster (five days ago) had made them be pulled. Which they haven't yet. This leaves me still in a slow simmer of anger. But on the other hand, ALL the feedback for them is positive, which I guess is nice. I've made an account there for myself now; maybe after the thief's account is yanked, I'll see about posting my stories there in my own right, just to prevent this from happening again. (Ha, a Pit of Voles account as self-defense; why does this amuse me?)
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Hah. In addition to finishing two stories this weekend, I've also finished polishing four others. "Outside of Time" and "The Dancing Princesses" are both Princess Tutu stories and are now posted at my website, as is "The Education of Fujioka Haruhi," an Ouran Host Club story, and "Lost Magic: The Eyes of a Stranger," a crossover between Weiss Kreuz and MahoutsukaiTai! So now a good portion of my backlog is cleared out and I can maybe go see Superman Returns. ^_^
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Argh, LJ made me cut this into two pieces....

the rest of the story here )
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At last, 'tis finished. Or at least draft-finished. This is a sequel to Peace of Heart.

longish fic here )
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Right. Having discovered that I have royally screwed up and sewed the skirt stripes so they're slanting the wrong way, I have to rip out all the stitching and redo. Fortunately I discovered this before sewing them all. However, I've got the bangs on the wig finagled (hairsprayed and glued and drying), the inner side of Edel's floating sheets of hair sewn and glued and drying, and have decided that as I did not get to sleep until one in the morning and have suffered all day due to it, I am quitting for the night and going to bed now.

I have also printed out the second Princess Tutu story (possible title Enchantment) on our lovely new printer so that I can stare at it in solid form and yell "You! Text block! Merge and conform!" and wrangle a few discrepancies into shape. I have the feeling that once they're done the end will flow smoothly. And I have smoothed the first part of Princess TaTu into lovely yuri shape. Any takers for beta'ing? I haven't written lemon, let alone yuri, in years so I'd like votes of confidence (or not) before I post it here.
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Two wefts done, two more setting and I've finished my first tube of caulk. Fortunately I have a second. Also have sewn shaping wire to my two foamcore sheets and painted one side of each green. Wig is on its stand clamped to the dining room table and I picked up a bunch of clips today to make dealing with it easier. So progress is being made. Slowly but surely.

Have also discovered today, while attempting to map the plot of "Princess TaTu" and figure out when to set it, that I have lost the ability to PWP. A simple lemon fic maps itself out in my head to be an "episode" (the way The Dancing Princesses did) and then expands to a second episode which... whoo boy. PLOT! All over the place! I just need to find the beginning point of the story.

But for now, to bed and then early to rise and work more on wefts and painting, hopefully, before I have to go to work.
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*rereads Mytho-POV section she wrote today*

I will not slash Mytho and Fakir I will not slash Mytho and Fakir I will not slash Mytho and Fakir until I write "Princess TaTu" I will not slash Mytho and Fakir... no matter what red rose symbolism there may be in-series.

*goes to caulk wig wefts*

(Progress report on costume: trousers done, vest done, choker done, sleeves done. Skirt and wig remain.)
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I have my pot of tea. I have ambient weather. I have Edel's front panel done and just need to sew the matching velco strips to the inside of her vest and I can move on to the next piece. I've also finished editing on The Dancing Princesses so whenever I get around to html'ing it I can post the finished version on my site.
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Since I lacked any handwork to take in and do during "lunch" today (I did Edel's collar flower yesterday, entirely by hand, and am quite pleased that it fits on the black velvet collar I also use for my Three of Hearts costume), I wrote instead. 2,968 words later, I've actually finished a scene that I've been keeping in the back of my head for the second Princess Tutu fic but been blocking on writing. Oh, and dumped more angst on Fakir while I was about it. Me, predictable? Naaah.
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I still have to (1) make and attach the tassels, (2) put in the zipper in the front, (3) make the front chest panel, and (4) possibly tack down the collar in the back so it doesn't flip up weird. But the body of Edel's vest? DONE. It's raw silk for the fashion fabric and lining, with a cotton duck cloth interlining, and a poly/linen blend for the collar. I'm being actually economical here--all of this was fabric I already had. And, as with the scent of linen while I was making the hoopskirt (and Greenberg and Hammer could ship my order now. Really. Any time, guys...), I've gotten to like the scent of raw silk while working with it.

So tomorrow I plan to finish 1-4 above and hopefully start ironing and cutting for Edel's skirt trim.


Jun. 18th, 2006 10:10 pm
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Went to see Cars today. I liked it very much and want it when it comes out on DVD. I kind of want to re-watch it in the theaters, in fact, but will have no time for a while. The film also reaffirmed the desire I've long had to someday take a trip all along Route 66. But Wonderful Husband and I laughed when we came out of the theater and the first thing we saw was a cardboard standee for The Fast and the Furious 3. Because it's all about the drift. Really.

Worked on Edel's vest today and finally it's cooperating. Of course, even after four mockups, I still had to have Wonderful Husband stick voodoo pins in me for where to take in the side seams and a bust dart. But that's in the morning, and maybe putting the zipper in as well. And tomorrow after work I'm making a quick stop at JoAnn's to pick up embroidery floss for tassels (since, even though I've inherited like a billion skeins of embroidery floss, they're all different colors) and three 1" styrofoam balls to use as the tassel bases.

So for now, I'm in bed so that I can wake up early and actually get some work done before going off to the salt mines of Kessel....
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For the Fairytale challenge on the [livejournal.com profile] tutufic community.

This would be set... mm, probably /between/ Chapter of the Egg and Chapter of the Chick. And I know there are only eleven girls in Ahiru's ballet class, at least as they're shown in episode 10, but... well, maybe there was one other girl out of class that day? In any case, enjoy.

The Dancing Princesses )

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