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I am... mostly okay now. The first couple days were the worst. But I have more deadlines I'm running up against, and little boys to take care of, and a husband who makes sure I'm as okay as I can be at any given point.

When running errands after Mommy-Baby Yoga yesterday, I took said little boys to the pet store. Squiddle always wants to look at the hamsters first. But he's not getting one until he's probably at least eight! What we were there for was to get some ghost shrimp to add to the fish tank. I got six, for a grand price of $.39 each. (Woo, really breaking the bank.) One has died; the others seem to be doing fine. And since we got back from our holiday I've only seen one African Dwarf Frog. (Though I haven't located a corpse for the other.) Still, a replacement each for the shrimp and the frog, and one more set of fish, and I think the tank's good.

(And a few more live plants. Always more live plants)

Unrelatedly, Wonderful Husband has been playing Pokemon Go for months. It's also a wonderful distraction for Squiddle at, say, restaurants. I finally gave in and downloaded it onto my phone while we were up in Washington....
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Up at five a.m. I think I got a couple hours of sleep between two and four? We just got back from a week visiting my sister and niecelet up in Washington, and came in the door to find the cats' water bowl bone dry and Paris collapsed in the hallway and weakly meowing. We spoon-fed some water and wet cat food into her, then I ended up taking her to the emergency clinic. She was severely dehydrated and in critical condition - her core temperature was five degrees below normal. She weighed only seven pounds. I knew she was light, but I hadn't known she weighed so little. She was at least fifteen years old and the vet made it clear to me that even with hospitalization, her chances weren't great. I had to make the hard call to put her down. I've spent hours crying and I don't know how to explain this to Squiddle when he wakes up and asks where she is.

I should have left more water - though what I left was more than my parents' two cats go through in a week when my parents are out of town. Or I should have tried harder to get one of my cousins to check in on the cats. I think Paris just had so little in the way of reserves that everything collapsed. Sushi, who is by comparison quite sturdy, was just able to shrug it off.

I swear that I felt her weight on me while I was lying in bed earlier. Maybe it was her coming by to let me know it was okay, that she's okay. Stranger things have happened. Ask me sometime about my late grandfather showing up in my and my mother's dreams.

I will miss Paris dreadfully. She was the cat who would tolerate Squiddle and Jazzy touching her, only hissing when the former got too rambunctious. She was very vocal, so much so that had she not already been named when we got her, "Cricket" would have been a good name. She had a stutter-meow that let me know when she was bird-watching, and a deep "mur-OW" that told me when she'd found a lizard in the house. She loved sunbathing in the kitchen garden, and slept on the same spot on the back of the sofa.

It's never hard letting go of a pet, and it's one of those things that makes the ephemerality of the universe seem so cruel. But how much poorer would we be without them in our lives?
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I have successfully pissed off my cats twice today. First, by giving them manicures. When I can hear their nails clicking on the tile as they walk across the floor, it's nail-cutting time. Second, by finding a flea on Sushi and subsequently giving them each their first dose of Advantage for the year. They hate having flea stuff applied.

Still, I consider this entirely fair turnabout given that Paris woke me twice last night, at midnight and at 3:30, by meowing and scratching at the bedroom door. Though I dutifully followed her out to the living room each time, I did not discover until much later this morning why she so urgently required my presence. Turns out she (and/or Sushi) had thrown up. Twice.

I'm considering this practice for the squiddle.
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This morning, I went to the Farmer's Market and a couple of estate sales with my new(ish) coworker, who is somewhere around my own age. She's very talkative and extroverted, which is kind of the opposite of me; I only get chatty around people I'm comfortable with. It was okay; I kind of feel like she wants a little too much to be friends with me, and I don't know why. I'm not a particularly engaging person.

I've started on a deep-cleaning of the kitchen, which really needs it. (The whole house needs it, but one room at a time.) The long counter is now looking much better; I just have to do the rest of everything. Also, rescued a lizard from Paris. She is now 3 for 0 this year. Sushi needs to work hard to catch up!

Saw The Lorax at the $2 theater. It was a little heavy-handed on the "hey, this is an environmental movie! in case you missed that!", but overall not bad. I did tear up toward the end. And somehow the Lorax's tack reminded me a little of Adam, toward the end of Good Omens: the only way people are going to learn not to kill whales, is if they have to deal with dead whales.

Went to the gym (612 calories burned! most of which while watching Britney Spears music videos, which were preferable to Faux News on another screen) and used probably the last of the garden-grown snow peas in a quite yummy stir-fry for dinner. And now, bed....
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The cats HATE having their anti-flea treatment applied. Hate it as in, sometimes I've had to have Wonderful Husband help me corral and hold them down for it.

Yesterday, though, I cheated a little. They want attention and will follow me into the bathroom demanding attention? Let's make use of this....

Easiest time I've had dealing with a pair of reluctant cats. I will have to remember this methodology.

Hopefully they will not.
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The weather cracked and has been crawling down into the range of "can do things outdoors without passing out from heat stroke" levels for the last week, so we spent some time working on the yard and house this weekend.

We now have five fruit trees in pots (orange, tangerine, nectarine, apricot, and pear), all the hoses got repaired (requiring a total of three trips to Lowe's), varying things got put into larger pots &/or rearranged into their correct locations, both lawns got mowed, various trees got trimmed, a dead rosebush got pulled and a living one of the same variety put in its place, two dead tomato plants were yanked, as were two or three volunteer squash plants taking over the herb bed (I left one, which has already set two pumpkins), the latch for the hallway cabinet got finished, the freezer got reorganized to make room for the ice cream maker bowl, an inordinate amount of strawberries, squash, and tomatoes were harvested (and tonight at least some of the strawberries will become ice cream), compost got turned, everything got watered, and in general Stuff Got Done.

Of course, there were about half a dozen items on the list that didn't get done, but I'm hopeful that most if not all of them can be accomplished this week. Things that didn't get done included any writing on Deus Ex Machina; it will probably be more than a one-week interval to the next chapter. Though given that the chapters have been getting steadily longer, perhaps that should not be a surprise.

I took Paris back into the vet this morning for her second antibiotic shot, and hopefully next Monday's visit for urinalysis will be the last she needs for a while.
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Vet called with Paris' test results. The bloodwork was fine, but according to the urinalysis she has an UTI. They recommend three weeks' worth of antibiotics for it, and she got a two-week shot when I took her in on Monday, so I guess in two weeks I'm taking her back for a one-week shot, then taking her back again a week after that for another urinalysis.
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The vet seems to think Paris just scraped herself against something to cause the hair loss. Which is good; I don't have to panic. And while we were there they took some blood and urine for an older kitty type checkup to make sure everything's functioning okay.

While I was at the vet's, the appraiser came by the house, so now we wait and see what rate we can get with refinancer #2 and how the only semi-functional bathroom affects things. I have the feeling we'll end up going with the people who are currently holding our mortgage; the rate difference, really, is minimal, and we're preapproved with them.

Yesterday Wonderful Husband and I did a bit more running about to look at tiles and tubs and other such fun things but were ultimately defeated by the heat. Prior to surrendering, however, we got tickets for the 9pm 3D showing of Dark of the Moon tomorrow night. And discovered a pimped Bumblebee in the theater parking lot. ^_^

After it cooled down a bit, I shanghai'd him (Wonderful Husband, not Bumblebee) into helping me with the garden. As the devil grass seems to've finally been defeated, we moved the compost bins back into place, filled one of the bins from where we'd been piling things while dealing with the grass (half of the pile still needs to go into the middle bin), chopped down the demon bougainvilla's newest respawn attempts, pulled the no-longer-flowering turnips, harvested pea seeds and tore down those vines, watered everything, weeded a bit, and harvested a big bowl of strawberries.


Jun. 25th, 2011 05:07 pm
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Went to look at (expensive!) home type showroom. ($70K kitchen was very pretty.) Everything there was totally out of our price range.

Came home. Wonderful Husband washed dishes while I started dinner going. Cleared off table. Wandered over to backdoor to open it for a breeze in the house.

Noticed that Paris (B&W kitty) has a huge chunk of missing hair on her chest.

Vet is closed for the day and not open tomorrow.

Praying it's just something like a heat rash. Trying not to panic.
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One of the downsides to going away for a couple of weeks (other than coming back with intercontinental flu) is that upon our return, the cats are rather needy.

Specifically of attention from me, since I'm the one who mostly interacts with them, Wonderful Husband being mildly allergic.

"Meow! Meow! Meow!" is the frequently heard refrain, along with the occasional pawing at any door I happen to be on the opposite side of from them.

But now I have finally convinced them, though undoubtedly only for now, that my lap is indeed big enough to hold two kitties....

Ow ow ow...

Oct. 7th, 2009 10:43 pm
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Sliced my index finger on the lid of a can of cat food. Soaked through the first bandaid, am now onto the second. Fortunately the bleeding seems to've slowed mightily at this point. This had the unintended but macabre side effect of Sushi ending up with a red fingerprint on himself when I picked him up to shut him in the bathroom. (Fingerprint has since been mostly washed off of him.)

Wonderful Husband and I are getting minorly consternated by Sushi's changed behavior. I'm currently going on the theory that he does not in fact have FIP, as since changing his diet to wet food he's gained the lost weight back and is not only occasionally hyperactive again, he's also demonstrating alpha behavior. Which means eating first and pushing Paris away from the second food bowl as well. I much preferred it when Paris was the alpha cat, as she's much more relaxed. So to try and minimize this behavior, I think Sushi is going to be fed in the bathroom while Paris eats her fill; also, he's probably losing workroom lap privileges.
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Sunday I let Paris out into the backyard for a while. She disappeared. I sighed in resignation and hoped she'd come back when she got hungry. A couple hours later Wonderful Husband had the smart idea to go ask our neighbor Alex (he who has the two guard dogs) if she was maybe in his yard... turns out she had been, and had been up in his lemon tree striking at the noses of the dogs whenever they got in range, drawing blood. Alex had caught her in a box and let her loose out front of his house where we found her huddled catatonic under one of the cars in his driveway. Amazingly she got off with only a small scrape on her hip, but she's been thoroughly traumatized and is only now starting to get back to normal.

Sushi... I took Sushi in to the vet again on Saturday since he still wasn't eating much, and they took samples for bloodwork and urinalysis and gave me some very rich food to mix with water and squirt into his mouth 4x a day, of which I'm only managing 3x around having to work. They gave me a call back today and it looks like he has FIP. I've been crying off and on all day ever since.
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I've taken to letting the cats out into the yard while I'm working on the garden. It means I can keep half an eye on them, make sure they don't escape through the missing boards on the gates, etcetera.

This morning, while I was transplanting the last batch of corn into one of the new beds and planting bean seeds around it, Paris decided to try out her tree-climbing skills, and proved that while she can go up, the concept of down is much more problematic....

Took pictures, laughed at her, got Wonderful Husband up to help with ladderal things, rescued her. Funnily enough, had no problem convincing her that it was time to go back inside.
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Well, the kitten is healthy, disease-free, dewormed, and has been given his shots. Consequently he now has the free run of the house. Paris, I think, took to the upstairs landing yesterday evening to escape him for a bit. Since I'm not sure that Sushi's yet figured out that pesky "stairs = going up" thing.

Life. Don't talk to me about life. )
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...Kitty ate all her food again. Usually she leaves some in the bowl. Since the only thing that's changed in the last few days is the cat grass, I'm going with that it really is good for her.
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Still stalking the community garden. Neither my coworker (who is also interested in a plot) nor I have been able to catch anyone there yet to answer questions. I got off an hour early today and went by again... and the ground of one of the plots was still wet, freshly watered. I missed someone being there by ten minutes, probably. Dammit. Am formulating Plan B, which involves e-mailing the city, since they own the land, and asking them whom I should be getting in touch with.

Have introduced the kitty to the two pots of cat grass I've grown for her. This... seems to be working. As in I haven't caught her nibbling at the thyme since (the twigs get stuck in her throat and make her vomit sometimes), and she ate more of her food than usual yesterday. I think I may need to get pots of the stuff started on a biweekly basis or something. Have also put sugar snap peas into the ground as replacements for the pole beans which either got killed by the cooler weather, the cat nibbling on them, or both. Let's hope they make it!

Tomorrow is an estate sale in Costa Mesa, stopping by the community garden again hoping someone might be there on a weekend morning, then the LA Fabric District. If I have the time and energy afterwards, I hope to begin attacking the weeds on the area of her yard my mother said I could have for tomatoes, do a harsh prune on my out-of-control rosemary bush, and probably replant said bush in the back understairs corner of my little patio garden. Wish me luck. For now, I go to pierce holes in the corset-in-progress and put grommets in them.


Jul. 21st, 2007 11:44 pm
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Cat = on slag list.

She's recently figured out how to open the sliding screen door. To keep her inside, I latched it.

I came down a couple hours later to find a cat-sized hole punched through it....

Not happy with her at the moment.
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Took the kitty in to the vet this morning since she's been throwing up the last couple days. Took forever. She got a couple of anti-nausea and anti-vomiting shots and I got some take-home more of the same for her. The odds seem likely that she ate a couple of leaves out on the patio that didn't agree with her, as they were among the first things she threw up. Overall she seems in good spirits, her vitals were okay, and the doctor didn't feel anything hard in her stomach or anything. She ate a little bit earlier, and hopefully this will run its course soon. If it doesn't I'm going to take her back to have some bloodwork done up....

Unrelatedly, found Kaim Tachibana's website thanks to one of the doujinshi I spent rather a lot of time looking for in Japan. Unfortunately the site seems to be on hiatus (if I'm reading it correctly) for a few months. And possibly more annoyingly, in reading the author's notes to the last volume of her Charm Point doujinshi series, it seems there is indeed a volume 3.5. Which I could not find. Grr.
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On the list of things that please me are

(1) having finished the rough translation of 30 last night when [livejournal.com profile] sandpanther helped me hammer out the last few lines,

(2) having gotten her translation feedback on 29 this morning, so I can work on smoothing that out tonight,

(3) curious kittens,

(4) napping on the sofa yesterday with /my/ cat,

(5) and the fact that I'm up, dressed, conscious, and playing on the computer with plenty of time before I have to go to work.
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Well, the cat (Paris) has sharpened her claws on the sofa corner to the point where stuffing is starting to drift out. I finally hit on an idea of how to block her from it, and as a result my cutting/layout mat is currently positioned around both sides of the corner, with the new scratching post positioned suggestively in front of it. Hopefully she'll get the hint. And if she decides that my cutting mat is a better sharpening surface, well, it's cheap and easy to replace.

Haven't finished the new tiers of the white petticoat mostly due to (1) me not realizing I'd have to do three tiers, not two, and thus not slicing up all the white silkessence I've got, and (2) sewing machine (Lilo 2) throwing a hissy fit about "you want me to ruffle how many layers how tightly?" So I ripped stitches out and ruffled less tightly and it all worked out well. But I've got one tier done, three-quarters of the second pinned, and am feeling the weight of time on my eyelids, so it's to bed for me and I'll deal with the petticoat and Fuu's jacket and everything tomorrow after work.

'Night, y'all.

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