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First post at Dreamwidth! Not much going on, but a few amusing things to share. Squiddle, ever more articulate, told me the other day that "The moon is a planet made of cheese." And Wonderful Husband came up with the idea that the little mermaid wasn't really walking on knives and glass, just no one had told her not to walk on the Legos.
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This morning, Squiddle and I went out to wave at the second of the three garbage trucks (yard waste, trash, recycling) that comes around on Tuesdays. We always do this - the driver recognizes us and waves and honks at the cute kid on the front step with his mummy. We've been referring to the garbage trucks as "kaijuu" since pretty much day one.

When suddenly Squiddle says to me "That not kaijuu. That a big truck!"

Oh, what a tangled web we weave...? :)
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While Squiddle and Jazzy are napping, I am working on a replacement wing for Squiddle's Toothless costume. (The original was lost at Comic-Con, and we're going to a Halloween party tomorrow.) And musing on the quilt I'm working on getting quilted. I finished the top nearly fifteen years ago, and I can see every single mistake in it. But I'm not taking them out and fixing them because I don't have interest in doing that, and if I tried I'd just shove it back into the storage box and NEVER finish the thing.

There's a saying "finished is better than perfect."

And somehow that saying is getting tangled up in my head with Soundwave from the original (1980s) Transformers movie: "Soundwave: superior. Constructicons: inferior."

I now NEED to make something that says "Completion: superior. Perfection: inferior."
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Mastitis round two, all better. (Touch wood.) And Jazzy is now big enough that he no longer fits newborn outfits, so I'm starting to go through those and pull the gender-neutral ones to go to my sister. He has also finally bested Squiddle's sneeze record! Ten in a row. O.O;

SoCal has been in a heat wave the last couple days, so I've been taking the boys down to my parents' place. Tonight my parents are seeing Ringo Starr in concert. Squiddle was listening earlier as my mother relayed this information to my sister. He perked up and said "Rainbow!" Erm. Ringo. Rainbow. Much the same thing, really? ^_^;;
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In the great world of crossover possibilities, one of the burning questions in my mind is not "What Hogwarts house was Mary Poppins in?" but "How did Eglantine Price miss getting her eleventh-birthday owl?"
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Yesterday, in the course of running lots of errands, we pulled up next to a very nice, probably very pricey Porsche. I indicated it to Wonderful Husband, asking for confirmation that it's what we would term a "midlife crisis car." He agreed.

The thing about midlife crisis cars is, there's no backseat. Or at most the barest suggestion of one, which wouldn't actually fit any passengers. Therefore, we cannot purchase any midlife crisis cars until our boys are out of the house and off to college. Which is 18 years away!

Therefore, logically, we are at least 18 years off of being middle-aged. :)

Given that I'm coming up on a significant birthday later this week, the thought is oddly cheering.

(Plus, if I can't hit midlife until I'm 58, that means I'll live to 116, right? ^_^)
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...somewhere in Starfleet there is a vessel named "Spacey McSpaceFace."

(The Vulcans were appalled.)

(The Vulcans were outvoted.)

Off to SDCC in about half an hour.
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Sometimes Squiddle surfs onto Teletubbies episodes on Youtube. Sometimes this happens while Wonderful Husband is within earshot. The end of one such episode concluded that "Teletubbies love Tubby Custard. And Teletubbies love each other, very much."

Wonderful Husband: "Tubby Custard is Teletubbies!"

Me: "Well, that would explain why there isn't a pink Teletubby...."

Sometimes we are very disturbed people. :)

(And, no, this is not an April Fool's Day thing. I LOATHE April Fools' Day.)
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So what does it mean when you're pretty sure both you and the other person have the same wish, and the wishbone breaks so that neither of you has a long piece?

And then the second wishbone does the exact same thing...?
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Attended my uncle and aunt's annual Fourth of July party today, which was as always quite nice. Went into the pool with Squiddle for a little bit. He initially didn't like the water wings his Nana got him, but got used to them.

In the evening, after the local fireworks display ended, and the street ones were mostly over, we headed home because it was already past Squiddle's bedtime. And managed to time it so that we were driving past Disneyland as their fireworks were going off.

I kid you not, there were two solid miles of cars pulled over to the shoulder of the 5 freeway, emergency blinkers going, all of them watching the fireworks display.

Wonderful Husband and I could not stop laughing.

And of course it is now legal in Anaheim for people to sell/buy/set off fireworks (I voted against it), so this year it won't just be the yobbos down the way illegally setting them off until three in the morning. It'll be everyone. Including, apparently, our neighbors two doors over.

Joy. At least we have double-glazed windows.
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Signs that you may be a parent: the ability to recite large chunks of Dr. Seuss books from memory.

Signs that you may be a parent: the possession of large numbers of Dr. Seuss books.
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Something I want to exist: tiny padded manacles attached to the sides of changing tables, so that you can lock the toddler's arms more or less in place before you unfasten his diaper and his fingers beeline for his poop-smeared crotch, and then directly to his mouth.

Except that really wouldn't look good to non-parents, would it? So I guess I should be wanting a second, retractable pair of arms like Stitch's, to handle the problem.

And things from the other side of the coin, that I want not to exist: incest pairings in fanfic. I got really tired of scrolling past Elsanna tags for Frozen, and I'm getting to a similar point with Hidashi tags for Big Hero 6.
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Ah, Election Season. That magical time of the year when half of my mail goes automatically into the recycling bin.
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One-year-olds are like cats in that when you are going into the bathroom to use the toilet, they wish to accompany you to make sure you're doing it correctly. And if they're not allowed to accompany you, they will stand before the closed door, occasionally making interrogative noises to elicit responses that assure them that you're doing fine and do not need any assistance.

One-year-olds are, however, vastly more likely to unspool the toilet paper....


Sep. 8th, 2014 03:13 pm
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Things that are funny: when you've just typed your home phone number into the baby's playphone... and the phone actually rings.

(No, it wasn't him on the other end of the line. But still! ^_^)
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Is it irony if a tow truck gets rear-ended?
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It's 94 Fahrenheit inside the house, and I haven't got much done today. I am also refusing to cook dinner. Today is one of those days I think we should have gone for central air, but OTOH I hate air conditioning. I also like the fact that our electric bill hovers around $40/month. With ceiling fans on and knowledge of passive heating/cooling strategies, Squiddle and I can stand a week of heat. At least the Santa Ana winds have stopped blowing.

Tuesday night I went to the local quilt guild meeting (I was pleasantly surprised to find it was only about two miles from home), and quite enjoyed it. I donated a whole bag of old quilting magazines I'd culled from my collection to their library, as well as donating the maximum number of strips to this month's block drawing. Next month is an actual block, though, and I quite like the pattern... I'll do up the maximum number again just to get stuff out of the house, but at least that one I won't mind if I win them. I also think that next month I'll become a member and make it one of my regular social things. Is it kind of funny that I have more of a social life now that I'm a SAHM than I did when I was working full-time? I have bellydance class (Saturdays) and writing class (Wednesday nights), both of which I had before, but now I've added the Mommy Matters group (Wednesday mornings) and Mommy & Baby Yoga (Thursdays).

Story from about a week ago: I went to close the sliding back door so we could go to bed. It wouldn't shut all the way. I tried a couple more times, examining the track to make sure it was clear. Wonderful Husband tried closing it. Eventually we figured out that a lizard (at this point an ex-lizard; insert Monty Python sketch here) had tucked itself in the jamb where the two doors meet when closed. Eventually we figured out that the only way we were going to get the lizard out of there involved lifting the door and taking it out of its frame entirely, fishing the lizard out, then replacing the door. Bloody hell but double-paned glass is heavy!


Jan. 21st, 2014 07:33 pm
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Wonderful Husband brought home a CVS store brand version of the Excedrin Tension Headache. Oh gods I love this medication and want to marry it. Except that would be bigamy. Now to see if the dose lasts a full six hours or not....

Last week I bought a used copy of The Shipping News by E. Annie Proulx because I liked it and wanted to reread it. I pulled it out of my bag and showed it to Wonderful Husband. The title took him places that are clearly internet-derived. Which I kind of expected. :)
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Language is a funny thing.

On my drive home, I pass what is sometimes euphemistically called a gentleman's club (as Wonderful Husband notes, the term means something entirely different in Britain and no real gentleman would be caught dead in one of the American ones). Yesterday their sign advertised $10 dances. Sadly, I do not think they mean the Viennese waltz.

From the Department of Redundancy Department: while flipping through a seed catalogue, I noticed that for a fake (theoretically bird-scaring) snake they recommended that the purchaser "periodically move it around from time to time."

And, finally, "loaded" is a very volatile term. A loaded baked potato? Wonderful! A loaded diaper? Less so. And, when you get to humans, it's just plain confusing. "He's loaded" can mean either money, or blood-alcohol levels. Or, I guess, in the case of Tony Stark, both.

Welcome to my brain.
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I had an appointment at 8am today to do the second part of my root canal retreatment. So I set the alarm for 6am, figuring an hour to do the up-dressed-breakfast part of things for Squiddle and I, and an hour for the commute-and-dropping-Squiddle-off-with-my-Dad part of things.

Squiddle, of course, had his own schedule and wanted up! and changing! and FOOD! at 5:15.

Le sigh. Probably going to feel very, very burnt out by the end of the day....

But at least the appointment went well and I'm scheduled in for part one of the crown replacement tomorrow.

Meantime, things that are curious, awesome, and fun: following your husband home after picking up his car from the shop. Knowing that you two are listening to the same classical station. Watching him rock out to the William Tell Overture. ^_^

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