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It's been a very long day, and so as an improvement method, I'm posting fic that I've been holding onto for a little while. Because nothing picks up people's moods like porn, right?

Hierogamy, part 4: Crazy on You
by K. Stonham
first released 15th March 2013

Apparently, Jack thought in distant, whirling shock, literature and higher maths weren't the only things Jamie had been studying at college.

"'Other guys'... 'some girls'," he managed to say between the harsh pants of his breath. "Should I ask about numbers?"

Jamie laughed, a rich, low sound, from where he lay against Jack's back. "Probably not?" he guessed. "How likely are you to get jealous and go freeze them?" His hand was warm, flat against Jack's stomach. His erection was hard, hot against Jack's ass.

He felt as floppy as cooked spaghetti, but somehow Jack managed to turn over and look into Jamie's eyes. "Freeze them?" he asked. "Maybe thank them...."

At that, Jamie laughed again, amusement sparkling brilliant in his eyes even after Jack swallowed his laughter into a kiss.

Jack's stomach was still trembling with the force of his orgasm, as was the hole Jamie had so thoroughly explored with his tongue and fingers, and the nerves deep inside that those same fingers had teased to the point of making Jack incoherent. Jamie hadn't even touched Jack's cock.

He hadn't needed to.

The mortal looked smug when he drew away from the kiss. "I wrecked Jack Frost," he said.

"And yet you still haven't fucked me," Jack pointed out.

Jamie's smile was soft and fond as he ran fingers down Jack's narrow hip. "I want you to love it like I do," he said. "Not everyone does. But it's such a fucking amazing feeling, Jack."

Jack hesitated, then ran his fingers down Jamie's hip, mirroring his lover's path. Delicate frost bloomed under his touch, melting almost instantly from Jamie's body heat. Jamie sucked in a breath. Jack watched his face carefully, looking for any hint of pain or too much. He didn't see any. "Is that all right?"

Jamie nodded, biting his bottom lip.

Daring, Jack trailed frost across Jamie's stomach, then... lower.

Jamie gasped, eyes going wide and glassy, at Jack's light touch. "Keep that up," he managed, "and I'm not going to be able to fuck you."

Jack grinned wide, but obligingly skirted his fingers elsewhere, up Jamie's chest. Frost bloomed around ochre nipples like silvery flowers. It danced across Jamie's shoulders like an Olympic skater's trails on the ice. It swooped and swirled down his back like the path of the wild winter wind. Jack didn't let up, didn't stop frost-silvering his lover's body until Jamie was shivering.

And not with cold, either.

The college student growled and fastened his mouth to Jack's, swallowing the winter spirit's laughter.

And Bunny thinks he's the only one who can paint, Jack thought, then let the thought go in favor of fumbling for the bottle of hand cream Jamie had set atop the minifridge at the head of the bed. He found it, pumped once, twice, squirting lotion into his hand. He slicked Jamie's cock, pumped once, twice.

The kiss broke off, Jamie hissing through his teeth. He was tousle-haired and wild-eyed, and absolutely perfect. "Jack--" He broke off, took several deep breaths, calming himself. Then he shifted, their legs tangling for a minute until Jack was on his back, Jamie above him. Jamie bent down, pressed a sweet, light kiss to Jack's mouth. "I'm going to make love to you," he promised, "until you can't think of anything else. Not Guardianship, not winter... nothing but me."

Jack's breath hitched at the promise. Jamie brushed another kiss to Jack's lips, then pushed up. His hands slid to Jack's hips. Jack's legs wrapped around Jamie easily, naturally, as he felt the head of his mortal lover's cock press up against his entrance. And then Jack was lost in sensation, hard again already as Jamie slowly, torturously, magnificently pushed inside.

Jack's voice cracked like winter ice as Jamie filled him, heat like an iron branding him from within. Oh. he thought, surprised. He had never known he wanted this. He had never known he needed this. There was a moment's breath when Jamie was in him all the way, a pause where they both gasped for breath, shocked blue meeting desperate brown.

And then Jamie started moving like the tide surges of a winter sea, and it was all Jack could do to grasp Jamie's arms and hold on for sanity.

Heat was a thing that affected other people, not Jack Frost. It never even touched his skin; he radiated cold. But now the heat, human heat, was inside him, and it was thawing things he hadn't even realized were frozen. He gasped, he mewled. His blood pounded hot and high, rushing in his ears. He begged.

Jamie grinned, and stopped. Jack tried not to swear. "Arms around my shoulders, Jack," Jamie instructed.

It took Jack a long second to remember how his arms worked. When he did, Jamie put his own arms around Jack's waist then sat up, pulling Jack up with him.

Jack's eyes nearly crossed. He'd thought Jamie was in him deep before. It was nothing compared to this.

"Good?" Jamie asked. His voice was light, almost teasing.

Jack growled. "Jamie," he said, "fuck me."

Jamie laughed, and his hands moved back to Jack's hips. Somehow--where did he get the leverage?--he did, pistoning into Jack like he was born to do it. Every movement hit the exact right spot. Jack's cock rubbed slick against Jamie's stomach, the sensation making his toes curl. Jack gasped for breath, couldn't seem to find enough--

The world suddenly went white. He came cold between their bodies, shaking like a leaf in a winter breeze.

Jamie gasped. "Oh, fuck, Jack--" His hips were pistoning harder than ever, still hitting that one perfect spot. Oversensitive, Jack mewled, his cock sliding slick in his own come.

It seemed like forever. It was only a half-dozen strokes. Then Jamie, buried more deeply than ever, stilled, his hands bruising on Jack's hips. His voice broke on unintelligible words.

Heat blossomed, liquid and impossible, deep inside Jack.

Jack bit Jamie's shoulder to silence the scream of pleasure. His fingernails bit into the skin of his lover's back. His cock spurted again, almost painful, as he clenched tightly around the pumping rod inside him.

He couldn't move. He couldn't breathe. He couldn't think.

Jack Frost went away.

He came back to himself sometime later, laying atop Jamie, their bodies still connected in a way that sent slow echoes of pleasure rippling through Jack. He resisted the urge to moan. Jamie's hand was in Jack's hair, softly stroking. Jamie's eyes were closed. Except for the constant petting motion, Jack would have thought him asleep.

It took two tries before he could speak. "Jamie?"

Brown eyes opened, fastened on Jack's face. Jamie smiled. "I think you've ruined me for any mortal lover."

"I've ruined you?" Indignant, Jack tried to sit up. Which was a mistake, because, even spent, Jamie's length inside him made Jack's breath catch. This time he couldn't help the moan.

Jamie's own breath stuttered out between his teeth. His hands went to Jack's ass, coaxed him to scoot forward. Slowly, Jamie's cock slipped from Jack. Jack took a moment to appreciate the loss, then collapsed by Jamie's side.

It took a moment, but he found words again. "Some people don't like that?"

Jamie grinned. "Beats me too." He paused. "I wasn't imagining it--you came twice, right?"

Jack blinked. "That's... not normal?"

Still grinning, Jamie shook his head.

Jack flushed. "It felt really good when you came inside me. All hot...."

"Wait... you have a temperature fetish?" Jamie's eyes grew wide, his expression delighted. He started giggling.

"What--I do not!" Jack protested. "You do!" Jamie didn't stop giggling.

After a moment, Jack grinned, and joined in the laughter.

(They would later find that both accusations were correct. And that if they actually wanted to spend a night sleeping together, they both had to wear pajamas. Otherwise, one or the other would end up slowly rutting against their partner's thigh, waking in the middle of the night with a moan and a need.)

(For now, however, Jack and Jamie just held onto one another, laughing.)

Author's Note: Obviously set shortly after the end of chapter 2. Written for Rahar_Moonfire on AO3, who asked for a full bottom!Jack smex scene. Hopefully this satisfied? And, for anyone who got the sense that Jamie was maybe a wee bit promiscuous during his first year and a half of college... yes. Yes, he was. Which kind of stops cold (forgive the pun) at this point.

Date: 2013-03-16 06:19 am (UTC)
eerian_sadow: (auron-my story)
From: [personal profile] eerian_sadow
aw, that was sweet and adorable and hot.

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