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At The Borders
by K. Stonham
first released 18th January 2013

The two teenage boys meet at the borders of their seasons. One used to be older; both used to be mortal. Neither lets that rule them.

One looks largely as he used to; his hair still an earthy mortal brown, but his eyes are now a tawny amber, and red leaves are frequently caught in his messy hair. He wields a paintbrush, an artist in death as he was in life. Fog shrouds his wake.

The other boy was more changed by death; he has frosty white hair and ice-blue eyes. He carries a shepherd's crook, and the blustery wind dogs his heels like a faithful wolf, only ever semi-tame.

The boys play like lovers, for that is what they are, through the late fall and early winter. Jamie colors the leaves gold and red; Jack knocks them from their branches in a magical fall. Jamie laughs at the bare branches and hides among the trees. Jack paints the ground with frost, seeking his hiding companion.

Whoever pounces the other first gets to pin them to the ground and kiss them sensible. It's a difficult thing for either, sensibility. The kissing sometimes takes a long, long time to get to that point. And when the loser is sensible (or dazed; they seem to look quite similar), the winner begins the chase anew, disappearing to the next region south, leaving the other to pursue.

There's a rabbit who guards spring, who covers his green eyes and moans that the two are at it again. There's a big man wearing red, who merely clasps his belly and laughs. There's an iridescent fairy, who swoons over young love and shining teeth. There's a man made of dreams, who sometimes gives the pursuer hints and sometimes misleads them; either gets him smiles. And there's the moon, shining silver-white down on the chase. If he looks somewhere between amused and befuddled at what he has wrought, well, none of the others can really blame him.


Author's Note: I've seen a couple stories where Jamie ends up as a/the spirit of autumn. This is my (silly/cute) take on the idea.

Date: 2013-02-19 05:17 am (UTC)
eerian_sadow: (auron-my story)
From: [personal profile] eerian_sadow
aw, that's adorable!

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