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Aug. 24th, 2013

sakon76: (Sakon)
My uncle (the one whose surprise 60th birthday party I went to earlier this year) was in town last night, so Wonderful Husband and I had dinner with my parents and him, which was quite a good experience all the way around, I think.

Today, however, housework prevails. Wonderful Husband is Frankensteining cardboard together to create shipping boxes for the stuff he picked up at SDCC for other people. I've been cleaning out, wiping down, and putting new shelf liner into the kitchen drawers and reorganizing them. While having a dishwasher is novel and good, it means that we have lost a cabinet and its drawer, so a certain amount of winnowing down and reorganizing is in order. Miraculously, though, I think I'm getting everything to fit in the available space. Thus far.

I've also spent this week starting to go through my decades of collected magazines, winnowing them down as well. Certain titles are sacrosanct - my Threads collection, for instance, ain't going nowhere. But, say, the quilting magazines I'm just copying out the few things I want, and then passing them on to a friend, who will eventually pass them on to Goodwill. Mother Earth News is getting put on the table at work for my gardening-minded coworkers, and then will likely also end up at Goodwill. I've been clearing out various back issues at the rate of about a dozen a day; sadly, this seems on the order of drops in the bucket, but que sera sera. If anyone wants to claim back issues of Fine Cooking or Cuisine at Home as I work through those, just let me know!
sakon76: (Sakon)
Poking around the Intarwebz this morning, I found this piece of RotG/HTTYD fanart, and somehow it inspired fanfic....

Click for fic. )

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