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Jul. 9th, 2013

sakon76: (Sakon)
The funny thing about being in the hospital, and on enforced medical rest, and worrying about the state of your uterus and the little person inside of it, and, oh, by the way, the very real possibility that you might at any time suddenly start bleeding to death... is that you don't really feel like writing. All your energy is focused inward, yes, but in an entirely physical way, as opposed to the cerebral way that wants to know "What would happen if...?"

Last night I started writing again. Not much, just a scene and a half of Jamie lost in the woods, but oh it felt so good. It felt right, it felt like I'm finally getting back to normal (or at least what passes as normal for me).

I hadn't realized just how much I'd missed the movies playing in my head, and fitting the right words together so that others could see them too.

No promises on fanfiction delivery dates, but hopefully soon.
sakon76: (Sakon)
Not the fic I was working on yesterday. But I remembered this one had been languishing, mostly done, for rather a long time, and took a hard look at it. I think I managed to fix most of the reasons I'd never posted it, but if anyone cares to give me feedback as to if it works, and why or why not, I'd be appreciative.

Warnings for slight gore, possible trauma, and character death.

Click for fic. )

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