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Wednesday was my last day at work. So now it's official: I am a SAHM, homemaker, domestic goddess... whichever term you prefer.

Today I connedpersuaded Wonderful Husband to do some yardwork with me. He put rubble into the trash bin while I trimmed tree suckers and yanked weeds, then put those in the yard waste bin for me. Squiddle, meanwhile, was happily lying on a blanket in the shade, examining these fascinating "tree" and "sky" things.

This morning, the baby successfully took his paci out of his mouth, shoved it back in (!), took it out again, then spent the next several minutes hitting himself in the face with it. My assumption is that he was trying to repeat his triumph, but that his aim needs work. Today he also did his first rollover from his front to back. Has not repeated that yet either, but I can see him trying.

In slightly less positive news, he has a rash on his tummy, which I'm keeping an eye on, and I've been getting morning and evening headaches the last couple days. No discernable source, and ibuprofen hasn't been having much effect on 'em. :(

ETA: Acetaminophen does seem to work on the headaches. Thank god. Hooray for Tylenol!
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I gave my notice at work yesterday. I'm going to be a stay at home mom. Which is kind of terrifying. I haven't been without a job/income for nearly twenty years. But even though my dad has been FANTASTIC at caring for my son, Squiddle deserves a parent to raise him, and Wonderful Husband and I deserve to not have our stress levels where they've been for the last month. One person staying at home and handling housekeeping and meals, not to mention us not having to hit the road running every morning to drop Squiddle off, will help with this.

Me being a homemaker will, of course, involve financial reassessment. Neither Wonderful Husband nor I want me to give up all external activities, like dance class or most especially my writing class. But I'll need to be cautious of our money from now on. Conventions may end up being curtailed.

So, starting a new stage of life. Equal parts elated and scared. We'll see how it all turns out.
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Day 1 back at work wasn't too bad. Day 2, however, is permeated with the distinct feeling of burning the candle at both ends. How do people do this? Deal with a baby's overnight fussing, then do a ten-hour (including commute) workday? Wonderful Husband took care of Squiddle yesterday, and says he now has increased respect for me doing it. The feeling, now that I know what baby + workday is like, is mutual!
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Last night, my parents took Wonderful Husband and I out to Claim Jumper for a slightly belated dinner. I got my Sheriff John birthday song for the year. (With slightly less burnination going on than in that linked video....)

Today, the temperature was again just slightly on the warm side of tolerable, so Wonderful Husband and I kept plugging away at the kitchen and chores list. Cabinets all reorganized! Wonderful Husband brought out one of my dolls and a blanket and said "swaddling pop quiz!" Which we both kind of failed until we realized that our failure was due to the blanket being too small. So I re-tidied my sewing area, cut three 45" squares of flannel, and hemmed them for proper-sized swaddling blankets.

Tomorrow, unfortunately, the temperature is supposed to spike again, and then even higher through the rest of the week. I knew there was a reason I wasn't going to stop working until I have to. My workplace... well, the aircon works downstairs, and regardless the building is much closer to the ocean and thus the sea breeze than home. I'm planning to give the cats fresh water before I leave. Possibly consisting half of ice cubes. And the portable aircon unit is supposed to arrive on Wednesday, so hopefully that will make the house more tolerable during the days of utter misery.

I'm finally experiencing the pregnancy joy of swollen feet. I think it's one part being so close to my due date (Thursday!), and one part the weather. Because believe you me, I'm staying off my feet as much as possible....
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This year, my boss is taking every employee out for lunch. I missed my day due to, well, being in the hospital, and didn't really mind, having other things on my mind. Eventually Scott rescheduled for yesterday, and we went to a pretty good Mexican restaurant.

When we got back, I went up to my desk. To discover that the patio outside my office area was decorated in pastel streamers and balloons and a cake and baby-themed gift bags....

So, now I've had two baby showers. ^_^;; And confirmation that my coworkers (and mother, and husband...) are sneaky wossnames.

Unrelatedly, this, a generally off gardening year for me, is the first year I've really been able to successfully grow carrots. The trick is in keeping them constantly moist while they sprout and for a while afterward. And I've been noshing on them at work for lunch since I ran out the big bag of organic carrots that usually lives in the crisper drawer. But tonight Wonderful Husband suggested matzo ball soup, to which we add chicken and whatever veggies we have on hand.

And these homegrown carrots? Shine in the soup.

I think carrots are getting bumped up into my regular growing rotation.
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Got off work an hour early yesterday due to the holiday-eve thing and also slowness at work. The patio right outside my work area has been being torn apart this week and rebuilt, so I've been having to keep the door closed so I can hear to answer the phones. That said, the workmen have been pretty fast. The new Trex flooring was complete by yesterday afternoon, and they were setting the walls back up by the time I left. Hopefully the second crew, who will be putting up the new patio cover, will be as efficient. But what this mostly has meant for me is the extensive use of the little red office fan I bought a month ago.

The fan is a Vornado. Every time I look at that name, I can't help but think, Miles. It does so sound like a nickname someone ought to have given him at some point during the series. Though I suppose parenthood and loss seems to've slowed him down just a tad in the last couple books.

After work, I spent half an hour at the UPS store sending various packages off to various people, and then ended up at home, wiped for the rest of the day. Having some minimal energy now (not helped by Wonderful Husband's work calling him to put out a metaphorical fire at 5am, and the cats loudly wanting food at 6am), I should proceed to Do Things before we head to the family party this afternoon. Where there will be a pool that I am (still) not allowed to swim in. :/
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I've been back at work two days now, and so far so good. *knocks on wood*

While I was in the hospital, we had received in the mail a flier saying that the Joann's Fabrics branch which is right near my work (and on my driving route) is closing down. So I made a point of stopping in there today, to see what the sale was like.

I will note for the record that I was very good and got no fabric and no patterns.

I did, however, snag yarn and spools of silk thread as well as a ginormous cutting mat....

Alas, they were already out of all the sizes of crochet hooks I went in there hoping to find.


Jun. 21st, 2013 01:00 pm
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The ob/gyn thinks I can go back to work after another week of resting. She's not happy with me going up and down the stairs a lot, though, nor with me spending much time on my feet, so in a bit Wonderful Husband is going to have A Talk with me about what I am to tell my boss I am allowed to do or not do. Unfortunately, his (and probably the boss') preferred suggestion of shifting my desk downstairs is not going to work. Because there are other people downstairs, and I cannot answer the phones with background noises of printers running, fax machines receiving, and people talking going on.

Alas, though, going swimming in the gym's pool is still out. :(
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Finally bit the bullet and told my coworkers. They were enthusiastic. The highly religous coworker, however, made me very uncomfortable by praying over me and saying that she just knew it would be a healthy, strong baby to serve the Lord.

I do not mind other people being religous. Some of the best people I know are. I do mind, however, when someone else's faith is forced on me. But I was polite and bit my tongue and didn't say any of the myriad things that I wanted to. Analogies to kicking a puppy, for instance, come to mind....

Also, in probably a case of my seamstress' bias showing, over the weekend I went to Macy's because my mother had told me they were having a maternity clothing sale. To put it mildly, I was appalled at the offerings. Ugly, made of cheap fabric, definitely not designed to make pregnant women look or feel beautiful or appealing.... The only interesting things I saw in the store were a name-brand designer skirt and blouse, not on sale, not in the maternity section, and not in my budget. $120 for a skirt and $50 for a blouse is ludicrous!

Also, if anyone on my flist in the Bay Area is interested, I'll be up in the Walnut Creek neck of the woods on Saturday during the day. I'm driving up with my parents Friday afternoon, so unfortunately I won't have my own transportation, though.
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Today at work, I happened to be downstairs, where all my coworkers' desks are, and one, David, was talking to another, Iris, telling her he was surprised that she ate/liked sushi. After all, it was rotten. (As in decaying, not as in his opinion of it as something he didn't like.)

At this point, I made a comment defending sushi, which I love.

Dialogue went back and forth about how could you be sure it wasn't diseased, and licenced sushi chefs, and then David made, in complete sincerity, a comment that flabbergasted me:

"How can you trust them? They're the people who bombed Pearl Harbor."

I barely managed to respond, pointing out that in retaliation we nuked two of their cities and that it is all, at this point, history anyway.

I don't get how anyone can think like that. To distrust an entire ethnicity of people on the basis of a war that was over and done with before my parents were even born? I can't comprehend how a bigoted old white man thinks.

I also don't think he realizes that our coworker Diana is Japanese. She could hear the conversation completely clearly from her desk in the back office, and thanked me later for standing up to him.


Feb. 6th, 2013 10:29 pm
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Maralys actually remembered what she said last week and those of us who hadn't double-submitted got reviewed first. AND I got pretty solid reviews on this entry, just a word change suggestion here or there. I skimmed a few of the copies I got back and was amused by the one asking why I was even in this class. Yay for an approaching-pro-quality ten pages?

Then I came home and turned in my two Costume College class proposals. I usually do three, but I got nuthin' for number three this year. Just my usual hand embroidery class, and making last year's felt-and-rickrack-flowers demo into a workshop. We'll see if the College ends up choosing to offer either.

Both of these make a pretty good cap to what's been a remarkably hectic week. For some reason, we are REALLY busy at work. And given I work in the funerary industry, we generally don't have a "busy season." Plus we met with our lender to see about modifying our mortgage, and I have a dental checkup in the morning. In preparation for which, I really should be going to bed now....
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Over the flu. Or whatever it was. Mostly. Still coughing once in a while, but I went back to work today and no one died who wasn't dead already. [/gallows humor]

Another entry for the Things That Are Awesome category: Share It Maybe. Because Cookie Monster is always awesome.
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Discovery of the day: golf balls only come in boxes of twelve. Which, given I needed maybe two, is kind of ridiculous.

(I don't actually require golf balls so much as something small, hard, and spherical that I can roll back and forth under my feet to tighten the tendon. Golf balls were simply the easiest, cheapest thing meeting these requirements to source.)

Also, I have assessed my phone manners at work and pretty much decided I am cool, calm, and graceful on the telephone - far more so than my coworkers. Yay, skill level up or something. Unfortunately I don't think "Pwns phones" is something I can put on my resume. Not in those words, anyway.

I have begun the slow seductive process of entering Homestuck fandom. In this case, the gateway hit was fanfic. And maybe a few fanarts. I am as yet digging my heels in and resisting. It took me a whole week to read through PHD Comics. And Homestuck is much, much longer... and not getting any shorter.
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The office has a new Keurig coffee maker. I am suspicious of it. It looks sufficiently Bay-ish that I am waiting for it to transform and start shooting up the office.

I have my eye on you, coffee-maker. You will not distract me with your hot chocolate possibilities.
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So, yesterday. Yesterday evening I had my final writing class of the term and now we're off on our summer break. Which for some of us is going to include a writing retreat weekend next month, and possibly a couple of us continuing to get together and plough through critiquing one another's work over the summer. And on the last class, we all bring in snacky things and do a potluck of sorts. Which was good.

Except for the part where after his class and mine, Wonderful Husband and I walked to where I'd parked my car. Where I have been parking my car for two years. And it wasn't there.

Apparently sometime in the last week, the medical facility across the street from the community college has changed their parking/towing policy.

So we called the number on the sign. No answer. Called the police, who confirmed my car had been towed by the company. Called the company again. Still no answer. Gave up, started walking home. (Fortunately home is only a mile from the campus.) Enroute we got called back by the company. They gave Wonderful Husband the amount and their hours (9-5) and hung up on him. They then returned my call, and I managed to get the address before they hung up on me too.

When we went this morning to get my car, it took forty-five minutes. They didn't answer the door; we had to call them. We were never allowed into the office, the guy disappeared with Wonderful Husband's credit card and driver's license for ten or so minutes, and he looked them up on the Better Business Bureau website and determined that the "BBB Approved" sticker by their door was, in fact, a bald-faced lie. "Night Star Towing" should perhaps more accurately be named "Fly By Night Towing."

Fortunately Jazz-car seems undamaged.

When I finally got into work, I discovered the aircon unit in the office (which the manager had guys working on last week) had malfunctioned overnight. It's positioned over David's desk area. It was apparently leaking water onto his work area all night long. David was the one who yelled at me in front of customers a few months back. Karma?

In other news, magenta petticoat done and tucked into petticoat box. ^_^
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I am sensing a theme to my work week.

Tuesday I get an irate call from the manager of our financial office, berating me for not faxing up on Friday a copy of the FedEx shipping label for the contracts. I pull my copy out of the drawer, tell her I faxed it just after 11am on Friday. "Well, you need to stand by the fax machine and make sure it goes through, because we never got it!" I go downstairs, pull the fax machine report from Friday, call her back, tell her what I'm looking at, and that our machine report says it went through to hers, no problem. "Well, we never got it!"

I fail to see how her fax machine hiccups are my fault.

Today, I get a first call, determine it's not one of our contracts, fax it over to the Neptune that (1) is affiliated with the office that issued the contract, and (2) actually covers the area the hospice was calling from. Three-quarters of an hour later, I get a call from the hospice asking for an ETA, relay the information, give them the number to that office. Not ten minutes later, I get a call from that office, demanding what's going on since I never called them back about it. I tell them I faxed the information to them. "Well, the fax machine is in [person]'s office, and we can't go in there when she's not here!"

*facepalm* Again, their lack of planning and foresight is not my problem, not my fault.

One and a half more days to the weekend; let's see how many more variations on this theme I can collect....
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Got a call from a hospital, asking if we cremate (amputated) body parts. In this case a foot. The rest of the person is still alive.

I had no idea, so I passed the nurse(?) onward and upward to the assistant manager. But first I asked (she said she'd been working at the hospital for six years) what they do with the parts otherwise. She said actually, she didn't know. ^_^;;

Which leads me to the question: if a part of you got amputated, what would you want done with it? For myself, I think cremated and then scattered at sea because I wouldn't exactly want to keep it on the mantel or anything....
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Phone call at work, caller asking our price for cremation.

Him: "It costs X hundred dollars? She only weighs eighty pounds!"

Me, thinking: "I'm sorry, sir, but we don't have a price-per-pound...."
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Just to see what potential employers might be able to dig up about me, I Googled myself.

The first two links were for Facebook. I don't even have a Facebook account!

I went five pages into the search, and almost all of the links were to costume groups I have participated in. One link to a story chapter on the Pit of Voles. And that's it.

On one hand, not really anything to worry about. Not much to clean up (I'm going to go through my stories and clean up my name to be K. Stonham... which could be either me or my sister-in-law). On the other hand... wow. I'm nearly a non-person on the internet. Not sure that's so good for the ego.

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