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On Friday, I got to take a class with Bonnie Hunter, one of the stars of the quilting world. Which was my first quilting class since the ones I took with my grandmother circa 1992! And I picked up some neat tips and techniques. But, honestly, string-piecing (one of Bonnie's favorite techniques) is a touch exhausting! So I'm just going to do a wall-hanging from the workshop pattern and call it good.

The weather, meanwhile, is turning devilishly hot. As in an expected high of 90 today and 95 the next two days. I'm trying to get as much as I can done in the mornings while it's cooler, and then hauling myself and the boys down to my parents' place in the afternoons. I'm getting close to done with the last cross-stitch quilt block, though, so I think today or tomorrow I need to start hauling the Christmas tablecloth along with me again for my to-go handwork project.
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Meh, it's 90-degrees-plus weather, which usually means Squiddle and I hightail it down to my parents', which, being fifteen miles coastward, is usually about ten degrees cooler than here in Anaheim. Yesterday, unfortunately, that plan was delayed by an entire half hour of successive meltdowns while trying to get Squiddle into clothing.

Fine, I decided eventually, and left him in just his diaper. (A diaper alone not being enough for getting strapped into car seat.) And I proceeded to be productive while he watched Disney videos on the tablet.

Everything but the desks and bookcases got hauled out of the office yesterday and I've done a much-needed deep-cleaning. Still need to put most of it back, but some things, like beating the ground-in dirt out of area rugs, are a two-person job. Plus there are some heavy things I'm not allowed to lift. So I have to wait for Wonderful Husband to come home this evening.

I also pulled in cans of paint from the garage and decanted them into (labelled) quart mason jars for touchups. Seven cans down, either empty and in the trash, or still with some content and to be dropped off at the hazardous waste/paint recycling center today. The various white paints are stacked on the dining table and will be dealt with next week. Bonus: now all the stuff that was sitting on the garage floor, in front of the shelves, is actually on the shelves!

Plus, after Squiddle finally acquiesced to clothing and we went to my parents' yesterday, I cut out three crib sheets and a pair of matching pillowcases, and between churning through cleaning and laundry today, I've got the first sheet and pillowcase sewn. I've had yards and yards of vaguely Dr. Suessish elephants on green and pinky-peach fabric for years (the date on the selvedge is 2005...) which I'm pretty sure I always intended to decorate a nursery with. Well, screw the "pink is for girls" thing. My boys can have cute matching sheets made by mummy. At some point, probably post-Comiccon and post-Costume College, I'll do up a pair of matching dust ruffles, and then figure out what to do with the remainder of the fabric. Quilts seems obvious, or I know someone who's expecting a baby next year... see if there's enough for crib sheets to give to her.

(And yes, a tertiary reason I am using up fabric is in case I find any at the Bargain Bazaar at CoCo that I really really want to buy. Enlightened self-interest!)

For now, it sounds like the last load of laundry has finished, so I'll check on that, and then Squiddle and I will head coastwards again.
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Squiddle got up an hour before Wonderful Husband's alarm this morning. And wanted to come into bed with us, which doesn't happen that often, so okay, whatever. I let him. He proceeded to toss and turn and squirm for half an hour before he finally wanted down and wanted me to come with him.

Sigh. I sense a nap in my afternoon....

Day three of heatwave. Supposed to be the final day for this one. Squiddle and I are planning on retreating down to my parents' again, where I have been slowly cutting up the leftover fabric scraps from the Quilts For Kids group, as well as all the scraps my guildmate gave me.

Should go wake up Wonderful Husband now. And put on shoes and go water the outdoors potted plants.

ETA: Wonderful Husband seen off to work. Plants watered. Stuff from garden harvested to go down to my parents. A few weeds pulled. Dishes washed, dinner defrosting, dessert (raspberry jello with cut-up strawberries in) chilling in the fridge. Time to grab a little bit of sewing time.
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Not much better than a sound night's sleep with a clean body under clean sheets.

It's supposed to be ticking back upwards to "Too Bloody Hot" again the first half of this week, so waking early was a bonus. I can get stuff done while it's still cool enough to move. Planning to skedaddle down to my parents' later, though.

Did the Quilts For Kids meeting yesterday. The tubs of tops and backs and fabric... we couldn't get through them if we had a month of Sundays! But we got about a dozen layered for the guild members to quilt, and several kits done up for other guild members to sew together. And I got all the stuff for running Block of the Month, so sometime this week I need to look through that, consult against the idea spreadsheet I worked up, and do up August's block sample and handout.
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Since it was going to hit the low 100s yesterday (I think Anaheim's high for the day was, in fact, 106), Squiddle and I went down to my parents' place in Fountain Valley for the day. Which was still a touch oppressive, getting up to 96, but better than here. They don't have central air either, so when Squiddle started getting unhappy with the heat, I stripped him naked and let him run around in their shower a couple of times, just putting him back into his diaper in between. Cooler toddler = less whiny toddler. Stayed down there into the evening, when Wonderful Husband arrived from work. We went out to dinner and drove home; Squiddle was asleep before we even got back to our hot house, and barely woke up as I changed him into an overnight diaper and put him to bed, opening doors and windows along the way to let the house breathe and vent out its heat.

Fortunately the temperature dropped overnight, so we slept with the windows open. The portable aircon unit makes it hard for me to sleep when we use it, as it cycles up and down all night long. Right now the house is quite pleasant, but it's probably time to shut it up for the day. It's supposed to still be hot, but not nearly as bad as yesterday. And we're going to my parents' again today, if nothing else then to collect the kitten whom we get to kitten-sit over the next several days while my parents go visit their boat. Half the time Squiddle likes petting and playing with Rey, half the time he's upset by her chasing him....
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First true hot spell of the year. Supposed to hit around a hundred today, with even higher temps the next couple days. Wonderful Husband, sensibly, plans to work from his air-conditioned office this week. Squiddle and I... I am debating the mall, or heading fifteen miles coastwards each day to my parents' house. Not that it will necessarily be cool at their place. But cooler, certainly.

Getting things done in the relative coolth of night or early morning. Wearing sarongs. Daily showers, and sleeping atop the lightweight quilt until I wake up somewhere near cool enough to slip under it. All the fans going, curtains blocking out heat/light, and windows opened only at night. Wonderful Husband has pulled the portable aircon unit out of the hallway closet and set it up in the master bathroom.

No full-house aircon, but making do the best we can with passive heating/cooling methods.
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Yesterday was cool and drizzly. In SoCal. In June. Unnatural to the point where I (who have lived here 25+ years) literally cannot remember the last time we got precipitation in June. And yet some people deny that climate change is real.

But the precipitation was nice.

Today is kind of a blarg day, though the sun is out. Starting the day with the news of the Orlando massacre kind of... set the tone. And made today's Oglaf strip (warning: NSFW) particularly ill-timed. Plus the head cold lingers on.

Nonetheless, I've been plugging away at getting caught up with all the housekeeping that's fallen to the wayside while I've been out of it. And Wonderful Husband sorted through his side of the closet and determined that he needed another couple work shirts, so we went and did Requisite Retail Clothes Shopping. Which for me consisted of socks and undies, since most other things I get at thrift shops. Yay for my semi-Bohemian style. Squiddle got nothing, since his clothing bureau is currently full to bursting.

I'm now at 28 weeks pregnant, which means I get to start doing kick counts today! How long does it take Jazzy to kick me ten times? Let's find out. :) I also got back the results of my blood glucose test, and they were a little high, so I'm expecting my ob-gyn to want me to take the three-hour test. I avoided gestational diabetes the first time. Time to start applying a bit of discipline and see if I can avoid it this time as well.

But for now, while the malefolk are napping, I should go water the potted plants.

(A husband and two sons. I'm going to experience testosterone poisoning starting in about ten years. I've forewarned Wonderful Husband that come that point, I am going to start putting doilies on everything. EVERYTHING.)
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New computer in working order: hooray!

Bathroom remodel: done.

Health regained: mostly.

This year's promised El Nino rains: still awaiting delivery.
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Rainy day. (Hallelujah!)

Wonderful Husband painting bathroom. (Yay!)

Sick toddler ensconced on sofa, watching animated movies. (Currently How to Train Your Dragon; this morning was Lilo and Stitch.) At least he is lethargic rather than fractious. He wanted hot dogs for lunch, but we're out so he made do with a couple of chicken taquitos.

The rest of us had tuna fish on toasted sourdough for lunch. Probably going to do breakfast-for-dinner with buttermilk pancakes and sausages.

Feeling like I ought to be doing something productive, but the bathroom's honestly small enough that two people painting would be a hinderance rather than a help, and it's wet enough that I don't want to do gardening. Probably I should work on the round robin challenge for my quilt guild, now that I have my sew-jo back.
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The thing about reading each new volume of A Bride's Story is that it ends all too soon and I'm left to mourn the fact that it will be a whole year until the next comes out. ;_;

It has been raining here. 1.2 inches on Tuesday, .7 inches yesterday, and another .9 overnight... leading me to do calculations of, if we get rain gutters on the house next year, how many rain barrels would be optimal for the back half of the house? (My odd fact for the week is that there's 231 cubic inches in a gallon of water.)

Unfortunately, though, I have been sick, so not as able to enjoy the rain as well as I'd like. I've caught the head cold that's been floating around the family. And I think I've possibly got it worst of everyone. Right now my throat feels like it's been sliced vertically by razor blades. Lots and lots of hot tea. Little to no speaking. And a general musing on the unfairness of the universe that being a SAHM means I can't take a couple days off to R&R at home....

Ah well. This too shall pass.


May. 11th, 2015 09:55 am
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Thursday we had overnight rain, just upwards of half an inch here in Anaheim. It's very unusual to get rain so late in the year! It drizzled a bit more on Friday, but then dried off. Fortunately.

Because Saturday, we went to the RenFaire! This is the first time in many years that I've not gone in garb, and it felt decidedly odd. I think it's much more fun to be "playing", and intend to return to that next year. But the weather, oh, the weather was perfect. Coolish and overcast. Wonderful Husband actually said that if the weather was like this more often for Faire, I'd be able to drag him there more often.

One of the fun things at RenFaire is playing costume bingo. Because there are certain cosplays you can always find: Jack Sparrow, hobbits &/or Gandalf, and, more recently, Game of Thrones. I suspect there were also Outlander cosplayers there this year, but that's sufficiently below my radar that I don't know what to look for. I saw a man in a blue/green great kilt, so I'm wondering if he was dressing from that show. I didn't see any Monty Python costumes this time, but! There was a Bill, Ted, and Rufus trio wandering around, along with their phone booth set up in the food court. ^_^ Plus we drove through San Dimas on the ways to and from Faire.

Sunday Wonderful Husband and I went to see Avengers 2. I liked it, but not as well as the first one. It felt more cramped. Though I do wonder if the musings on evolution and things not lasting forever were Joss Whedon trying to head off at the pass fans' grumblings about lineup changes....
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To anyone who does not believe in climate change, I submit the following: it has been snowing in Los Angeles, and raining in Cambridge. L.A. should NOT be colder than England.
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It's 94 Fahrenheit inside the house, and I haven't got much done today. I am also refusing to cook dinner. Today is one of those days I think we should have gone for central air, but OTOH I hate air conditioning. I also like the fact that our electric bill hovers around $40/month. With ceiling fans on and knowledge of passive heating/cooling strategies, Squiddle and I can stand a week of heat. At least the Santa Ana winds have stopped blowing.

Tuesday night I went to the local quilt guild meeting (I was pleasantly surprised to find it was only about two miles from home), and quite enjoyed it. I donated a whole bag of old quilting magazines I'd culled from my collection to their library, as well as donating the maximum number of strips to this month's block drawing. Next month is an actual block, though, and I quite like the pattern... I'll do up the maximum number again just to get stuff out of the house, but at least that one I won't mind if I win them. I also think that next month I'll become a member and make it one of my regular social things. Is it kind of funny that I have more of a social life now that I'm a SAHM than I did when I was working full-time? I have bellydance class (Saturdays) and writing class (Wednesday nights), both of which I had before, but now I've added the Mommy Matters group (Wednesday mornings) and Mommy & Baby Yoga (Thursdays).

Story from about a week ago: I went to close the sliding back door so we could go to bed. It wouldn't shut all the way. I tried a couple more times, examining the track to make sure it was clear. Wonderful Husband tried closing it. Eventually we figured out that a lizard (at this point an ex-lizard; insert Monty Python sketch here) had tucked itself in the jamb where the two doors meet when closed. Eventually we figured out that the only way we were going to get the lizard out of there involved lifting the door and taking it out of its frame entirely, fishing the lizard out, then replacing the door. Bloody hell but double-paned glass is heavy!
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I overslept by forty-five minutes yesterday morning. And it was GLORIOUS. Saturday, of course, means that I can sleep as late as Squiddle will allow me, so I feel caught up on z's at the moment.

An odd thing he's started doing this last week: at his first nursing of the evening, he takes an initial moment of licking and mouthing the nipple, as if re-establishing its differences from the artificial nipple he's been feeding from all day.

We were going to hang the outdoor Christmas lights today... so of course it's raining. I won't complain; we need the rain. Badly. So I've put my patio plants under the dripline and am concentrating on indoor things today. One of which is the sourdough bread I have rising ATM. The most recent issue of Mother Earth News had an article about it, so I got starter going again and am giving it a try as a non-bread machine endeavor. As I don't have a good deal of practice with kneading and such, we'll see how it goes.


Oct. 9th, 2013 10:10 pm
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Squiddle was quite the social butterfly today. First he was adored by everyone at my dentist's office, then by his grandpa, then by my coworkers, then by his nana and her coworkers. Busy day today! Also, hallelujah, rainy!

I count today as a good day; I was able to get something like five hours' uninterrupted sleep last night, and thus able to run around fulfilling commitments and get dinner on the table without assistance.

TV program stuff. )
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Another two episodes into Grimm. I like the continued reversal of expectations in The Three Bad Wolves (though I remain befuddled on who can/can't tell instantly that Nick is a Grimm, and why/how/not...), and I love how the Rapunzel story was carried out in Let Your Hair Down. A happy-ending episode, even if what happened nine years ago was explained perhaps a little too subtly.

Wonderful Husband and I went on a field trip today to an "actual" Babies 'R' Us (as opposed to the hybrid store a mile from our house), which was somewhat disappointing, given that we went there specifically in search of cloth diapering products. The sales associate WH asked, in fact, hadn't even heard of such a thing! But we got a couple items we needed, and are probably going to order what we were looking for from their website. I do give the store props, though, for having changing tables in both the men's and women's restrooms, plus a room set aside specifically for nursing mothers.

Meantime, the Santa Ana winds have been blowing and turning my life into an arid headache. A while back, Wonderful Husband got a couple temperature/humidity sensors for the house, and apparently the Santa Anas drop our ambient humidity by twenty percent. Ugh!


Sep. 7th, 2013 06:51 pm
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Dropped a whole bunch of cardboard boxes off at the recycling center, and went to a different mall to walk a lot more inside some air conditioning. The weather forecast says it's going to be about ten degrees cooler starting tomorrow; my response is best phrased as "pleasepleaseplease..." Walked until I felt nauseous and my feet hurt. Also discovered that I don't need to go to South Coast Plaza to feel poor; looking at the cost of a new pair of sunglasses will cause the same effect.
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During what is probably the hottest birthday weekend I've experienced in decades, today it hit 93 degrees inside the house. Wonderful Husband and I are drinking lots of liquid (particularly me, as while I am looking forward to Squiddle being an external rather than internal phenomenon, I do not particularly want to share my birthday), sitting under fans, and taking the housework we intended to get done this weekend slowly, bit by bit. And ducking into the shower for a cool rinse-off whenever our sweat tolerances become exceeded.

(Yes, whine whine whine first world problems. This is still the reason we are agreed that we will never move further inland, no matter how cheap housing is in Riverside or Temecula.)

Birthday dinner was at Lucille's. Yummy! Every time we go there, I order a half-plate of fried okra. And every time, I have to remind myself that no, I don't want to grow okra next year. If nothing else, I lack a deep fryer. And I'm not going to get one, either, because that's a slippery slope that leads inevitably to deep-fried Twinkies and other county fair food.
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Came home yesterday and it was 89 Fahrenheit inside the house. Opening the doors and windows made it drop to 87 by the time we went to bed, and it was a comfortable 82 when we got up this morning. Got home today and it was 90. Temperature has not dropped at all yet. :/ Wonderful Husband is making his annual noises about getting a portable aircon unit. :)

While I was doing a stop-and-shop on the way home today, I saw another heavily pregnant woman, and given that I'm at 39 weeks out of 40, I'm trying to figure out why I don't look as pregnant as her and a lot of other women I've seen. (As in, when we were having dinner with my uncle last week, he was surprised that I was as far along as I was.) I suspect part of it's to do with body proportions - I have never been a skinny little thing since I hit puberty. I've always been lushly figured; the rest of my body is not so dwarfed by my belly as a thinner woman's might be. Also, I haven't gained a whole lot of weight during my pregnancy, only about 14 pounds. And, finally, I don't dress in the clingy knit fabrics that every other pregnant woman seems to. (I did, once, a few weeks ago. One of my coworkers touched my belly without asking. Given that the clinginess of the fabric seems to highlight the condition, I have deliberately not worn that dress again. I do not like people seeming to think that my being pregnant makes my body public property. It is not.) In fact, slightly consternating my mother, I haven't bought any maternity clothes at all! I tend to wear loose, flowing garments anyway, so the only real change to my wardrobe was leaving off trousers several months ago.

Slightly frustrated at Man of Steel fandom writings. The Pit of Voles hasn't separated it out into its own continuity page, so searching for stories there is frustrating. AO3, however, has, and every story there seems to be either turning Lois into the minimizing role of The Girlfriend, or slashing Clark with Bruce Wayne. Or Jor-El with Zod. Which, okay, on an intellectual level I can understand the pairings. But seriously, all the things to play with in this new version of the mythos, and that's the best that fandom can do? As with Pacific Rim, the lack of exploration of the possibilities in the universe makes me sad, and makes me scurry back to RotG fandom. Where, at least, there is some seriously creative stuff going on.
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SoCal heatwave fun! I spent most of yesterday either at home improvement stores looking at bathtubs, or here in the office at home, sitting under the ceiling fan, working on crochet projects and reading Thor Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki, which is a good book to reread every decade or so. I discovered I had a copy of it in a "bag o' estate sale stuff," which kinda-sorta makes up for missing the film version in theaters.

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