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Having finished my reread of Kanata Kara, I pulled up my unfinished fanfic of about seven years ago. Wanting to compare my transliteration of some of the characters' names, I pulled the translated version of the manga (From Far Away) off the shelf. I remember I gave up reading it in disgust most of the way through volume 1 because of the complete miss on a very simple pun. But rereading it now, it only takes exactly twenty-five pages before I want to throw it away.

In what universe does "oniichan" mean "little bro"?!

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Apparently summer makes me feel like translating. On Saturday I did two episodes of Moebius (thirty-three and thirty-six), another one yesterday (thirty-eight), and am at seventeen minutes out of twenty-four on episode thirty-nine now. I feel productive. It's positively unnatural. Time for bed.


Nov. 7th, 2007 08:10 am
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Being hit with depression like a rock. Not enjoying it.

Almost done with translating UM19... just the next episode preview and the MebiNavi (which for once sounds easy) to do, and a few problem lines (mostly Teppei's, natch) to iron out. Really feeling like I should go back through my Japanese textbooks, though. Fortunately they were among the ones I kept, so I can if I've a mind to.

Turned down costume judging at ALA due to being out of the country at the time.

Need to iron clothing, wash up pots'n'pans, make dinner, and clean up the workroom. And get my groove back, but that may be trickier than any mere physical activities....
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Well, after a rereading and minor smoothing out editing run this morning, I have concluded that what I wrote last night is definitely chapter *four* of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger." *Not* chapter three.


On the other hand, I have the first scene of three, extracted from the rest of the writing and properly relabelled. And I have an idea for where to start on the rest of three. And I've got that jazzed (so to speak) "hey, this is pretty good writing!" feeling that I also had for one but not two. So when I get there I'm going to be easy in my mind about releasing it. In the meantime, more writing. Got to get other characters in my head. Maybe that's why it seems Bumblebee is possessing my radio today, not Jazz... someone wants authorial attention.

Unfortunately that someone may have to wait. I promised Wonderful Husband that I'd finish up the translation of episode 10 of Ultraman Moebius tonight so that he can time it this weekend. Translation first, then writing....


Jul. 19th, 2007 11:26 pm
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Edits for UM6 finished far later than they should've been and sent off to timer/typesetter.

Skipped dance class tonight, but at least the headache has finally gone away.

[livejournal.com profile] hoshikage sent me more TFs G1 ficbit and it was wonderful! Even if ending in her trademark Very Evil Place. She is, after all, the Evil Fanfiction Writer.

Wonderful Husband has proposed going to see HP5 movie tomorrow evening after we go get wristbanded at the bookstore to purchase the HP7 book! For the record, I have no intention of staying up all night to read it. In fact, given that I have the wistful notion of maybe going to see Transformers (again) and/or Waitress this weekend, I may not read it for a while. I should probably read it before SDCC, though, I guess?

Have poked another PoV out in the TFs ('07) movie fic, and need to poke more at and get arranged the (long in progress) TFs G1 fic.... I suspect that seeing the movie again may well help with one or both of these. ^_^
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Was totally done in by dance classes last night, but finished off the latest round of edits for UM4 afterwards and Wonderful Husband incorporated them and sent them out to group members for a last-minute check.

Took my mother over to the hospital this morning for an exam, and came in to work a little bit early. Am determined to get my desk cleared off again today! Then a bit of grocery shopping after work and a subsequent jaunt up to Liz's place for a sewing night. I'm thinking I will probably just take the Summoner dress and work on those last fifteen lacing holes.... This weekend is dedicated to (1) Armida's wedding, (2) maybe a movie Saturday morning?, (3) translations, and (4) baking/making pickles. And next week I pick up steam on the sewing for SDCC.
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Wheeee~! UM9 is done. Nine and a half minutes down on UM10. I go thud now.

Dead Yet.

Jun. 17th, 2007 10:43 pm
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With much help from [livejournal.com profile] sandpanther, I whacked the number of problem lines in UM 4 down from ten to two today. I also cleaned the kitchen (with help from Wonderful Husband), made sun tea, stripped and remade the bed, took care of most of the laundry, baked two pies for my father for Father's Day (baking note: even if it's White Whole Wheat flour, it's still whole wheat and needs some regular white flour to lighten up the crust; still, not bad results), and ran through UM 6. All the way through UM 6. There are currently ten problem lines including the next-episode preview and the MebiNavi. Go me. *thud*
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At work. Today is a data entry day. The nigh-homicidal urges from yesterday have faded somewhat, though I am still in a state of physical discomfort from unknown causes, which does not really put me in a happy place. OTOH, Wonderful Husband and I have been getting to bed on time this week, and have re-equipped the bedroom with the spray bottle to deter the kittycat from meowing and scratching at the door at 5:30am. Consequently I woke up with a modicum of energy today and tacked pots and pans and the various things which get washed by hand rather than the dishwasher. I've even (optomistically) scribbled out a to-do list to accomplish after I'm done here for the day.

Yesterday I worked on transcribing/translating episode four of UM. I got about thirteen minutes in (out of just under twenty-four), with about half of it translated, before my ears and brain just couldn't take any more. Not too bad for one day's work. Don't know if I'll get any more done tonight, or if I'll start in on it again tomorrow morning. There's a lot on that to-do list.... I also read Wonderful Husband's first volume of translated Hayate the Combat Butler while waiting for him to come to bed. I finished the book before switching over to translating Kamen Rider Kuuga text doujinshi. It... is not my particular taste, shall we say. But this brings the bedside book stack down by one.
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As some of y'all may know, I've gotten involved in a fansubbing attempt for the really really awesome show Ultraman Moebius. This results in things like weekly summary translations, helping my Wonderful Husband now and again when he has a question about the text line matching the audio (he's currently timing the movie), nigh-daily chats with enablers fellow fans/translator, and somewhat more incidental things like fanfics popping up.

I've finally gotten off my duff and centralized things a bit by setting up the lj community [livejournal.com profile] fushigichan. My fellow translator [livejournal.com profile] sandpanther and I have inaugurized things by starting to translating the most recent blog entries for the five actors who have blogs (Igarashi Shunji, aka Mirai; Nishina Masaki, aka Ryuu; Watanabe Daisuke, aka George; Saikawa Ai, aka Marina; and Hirata Misato, aka Konomi). Probably I'll move the weekly summaries over there as well (though *sniff* there are only five more...) and we'll post about translation progress and where to get the episodes and movie from, once we actually get something to release state. The fanfics will probably stay here, though.
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Gacked from HICBC's website, proofed by [livejournal.com profile] sandpanther, and actually ON TIME this time, here is

Moebius 45 )
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Again gacked from HICBC's website and as always edited by the [livejournal.com profile] sandpanther, this time with a whole sentence contribution by her, here is

Moebius 44 )
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Right knee stopped being tweaky today, so of course now left arm is taking up the slack. I can't figure out what I did to either one, either, so it's intellectually annoying as well as physically irritating.

Finished the Regency dress tonight, finally marking and stitching up the skirt hem. Poked at the patterned silk noil I thought I had eight yards of (ie, just enough for two dresses if I did everything right and pieced the linings) and discovered I in fact have just seven yards. So plans for that fabric will have to go under consideration for a while. If I'm good and remember it, I'll get Wonderful Husband to take pics of me in the Regency tomorrow and post them. For now I'm calling it a night.

Oh. Have not done this week's Moebius summary yet... um. Will do it in the morning, missing the "hasn't aired yet" deadline. Tired and brain too fragged to do translation right now.
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Again gacked from HICBC's website and as always edited by the glowing-eyed [livejournal.com profile] sandpanther, here is

Moebius 43 )
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Again gacked from HICBC's website and as always edited by the feral, wheeling [livejournal.com profile] sandpanther, here is

Moebius 42 )
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Squeaking in just under the "it hasn't aired yet!" wire, gacked from HICBC's website and as always edited by the inestimable [livejournal.com profile] sandpanther, here is

Moebius 41 )
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Did not, in fact, get any writing or sewing done last night. I blame this on my having the bright idea of writing down a list of things-to-do and actually doing them. Of course, as is the nature of such projects I only got through about half the list. But still... last night allllllll the laundry got put away! (And more got put in the washer/dryer, but that's another item on the list.) And better yet I conned convinced Wonderful Husband to help me with tidying the bedroom. There's a floor in there now! And it's been vacuumed! *swoons in shock and amazement* Our CDs are even all put away in the CD shelving, and eight duplicates have been weeded out to go to the Goodwill. And I did the translation for Moebius 41 and sent it over to [livejournal.com profile] sandpanther for a beta'ing, so hopefully I'll have it up before the actual episode airs in Japan.

Tonight is ALA dinner with people attending that con (note to self: remember Hikari Saga burns to hand to [livejournal.com profile] luidaeg for her to hand to [livejournal.com profile] sandpanther), and tomorrow is a run with Liz to Farthingales LA, and Sunday is taking Wonderful Husband to the airport for his trip up to San Jose. Somewhere in there, hopefully, the rest of the list will get done, the mockup finished, and more written on the novel. And that is the state of the K-chan.
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Gacked from HICBC's website and edited by [livejournal.com profile] sandpanther.

Moebius 40 )
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I was out of town (hell, out of the country), and on computers that did not read Japanese. This is my lame excuse for the tardiness of these. Summaries gacked from HICBC's website and edited by [livejournal.com profile] sandpanther.

Summary for 37 )

[livejournal.com profile] sandpanther's Summary of 38

Summary for 39 )
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Unedited, but fresh from the good folks at HICBC,

Ultraman Moebius, episode 36: Mirai's Little Sister )

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