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We Knew It!

Jul. 1st, 2014 10:38 pm
sakon76: (Optimus)
As has long been suspected by the fandom, Transformers scriptwriter Ehren Kruger has basically admitted that the franchise doesn't care about little things like continuity, logic, or, oh, making sense.

Read all about it.

Shocked. I am truly, truly shocked. /snark

Haven't seen 4 yet, probably will once it hits the $2 theaters. And given what some of the good folk on my friendslist have been saying, I may feel that that price is too much.
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For those of my Transformers friends who might be interested, Fabric.Com is having a sale on cartoon character fabrics today. Which includes three different (Bayverse) Transformers fabrics.
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A golf ball rolling across a hardwood floor sounds remarkably like some of the Cybertronian sound effects in Bayverse.
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Why, yes, I am trying to do a fic a day. We'll see how long I can sustain the momentum.

fic )
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Had brunch this morning with out of town friends who were attending Blizzcon. Repotted various plants that needed it. Went to the gym.

Where, once again, there was a Bay film showing. Seriously, does TBS have "Michael Bay Sundays" or something? Except this time, lucky me, it was the first Transformers film! (I note TBS cut out the "lubricating" bit.) But I will swear that an hour at the gym has never gone so fast, save for the drudgery of commercials. I now have the opening to the next chapter of Deus Ex Machina. And yet again, after the complex competent awesomeness that is Mikaela, how could I, Sam, or anyone ever be content with Bay'verse Carly?
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...a slew of new characters and concepts to play with in fanfiction
...the ability to spot a Pontiac Solstice from 200 paces
...fantastic visuals and a true spatial conception of Cybertronian to human size ratios
...the ability to spot a Chevrolet Camaro from 500 paces
...the fervent desire to never, EVER watch another Michael Bay film ever again
...a whole online community of fantastic, intelligent, creative friends
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Okay, I have to make a confession. While writing Toy Soldiers, I was crying. This is not a big deal; I've written a few stories before that had me touch-typing because I couldn't see the keyboard through my tears. But since finishing it and doing a few post-posting tweaks... it actually kind of leaves me cold. Like leaving a room and turning back and discovering the door locked behind you so all you can do is look in through the windows. I can't get back into the story; I can't identify emotionally with it anymore.

Yet, going by comment count, it's arguably the most popular thing, both here and on ff.net, that I've written in rather a while. There's an amorphous cloud of LJ people whose screen names I recognize from the fandom as being those people who will and do comment on my writings... and something like a third of the comments are from people outside that pool. I've never run into these individuals before; why are they suddenly commenting on this story? @.@; (No offense to said individuals, of course. It's just a bit bewildering to be "discovered" by a whole bunch of people at once, particularly when I post fiction fairly regularly.)

I suppose I'm just going through a touch of cognitive dissonance or dissociation or something. And writing what the entire fandom is feeling this week. But from the inside, it's a weird experience.

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