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I'd been going back-and-forth about Botcon. On one hand, it's local to me this year, and I'm not going to be experiencing health complications to keep me home like last year. On the other hand, being a SAHM, I have no income, and the money in my personal savings account has to keep me in writing classes and entertainment until Squiddle and any possible siblings are ideally in elementary school. The Minicon membership (which two of my friends have offered to let me tag onto their Primus memberships) is $110. Which is not a lot until you realize it's over a month's budget for me. Plus I'm breast-feeding my son, and my cousin is getting married on the Saturday of the convention, so I'd only be doing a half-day then at most....

So I was waffling. Then [livejournal.com profile] okami_myrrhibis called, and in passing mentioned one of the GoHs.

SUSAN BLU. Not only did she voice Arcee, and Stormer in Jem and the Holograms, she voice-directed Transformers Beast Wars, Transformers Animated, a chunk of Transformers Prime until her wife's death caused her to take time off, but also both seasons of Dreamworks Dragons. Basically, every cartoon series that I've truly enjoyed in the last ten years has gone through her hands. I have been wishing for Botcon to get her as a GoH for YEARS.

I am SO going to Botcon!

And, as a treat for those who've stuck with me through this evocation, some new (to me, anyway) fan designed Transformers shirts....
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Wonderful Husband and I are updating our giftlists, and he happened to come across The Covenant of Primus.

Any of my TFs friends know exactly what this is?
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Apparently wandering planets like Cybertron do actually exist!
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This post on CNN's website amuses me. I snorted aloud after reading the first sentence: "Frank Welker's name may not immediately ring a bell to you..." Like hell! Anyhow, it's a voice actor article including an interview with Cullen and Welker. I'm intrigued by picture #11... wondering if that was taken at the opening of the ride at Universal Studios. (Which I still haven't gone on/to. I'm not masochistic enough to do any SoCal amusement parks in the summer.)
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Since he has to be up for work for another couple hours while processes are running, Wonderful Husband is currently putting the second coat on the bathroom ceiling. ^_^

Myself, I have just got back from my writing class (moved to Tuesday this week because of Halloween). My classmate Bob, who writes literary short stories, got reviewed tonight. We were universally dissatisfied with his newest, wherein the main plot thread did not get resolved. He said he was using the piece to test us. Dorsey and I, sitting on opposite sides of the room, said in perfect unison "I feel like a guinea pig." Broke us up laughing, at least.

And now, looking at the paint sample card for the bathroom walls, I notice that the shade lighter is "Sea Air," and the shade darker is "Sea Wave." The latter of which makes me think, hmm, maybe I should look at paint chips when searching for Transformers OC names....
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Trawled through both Transformers categories on ff.net tonight. Over ninety percent of the fanfics are Mary Sues. (In this, I include the "What if Sam was a girl?" works, because I'm pretty sure none of them have "Samantha" as an unpopular, awkward skateboarding lesbian with a crush on Mikaela. Which I totally need to write someday.)

When did the fan-twits abscond with my fandom?
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Saw a couple of jaw-droppingly lovely cars this week. As I pass by the Lamborghini dealership on the way to work each morning, I admire their stock. The G1 Transformers fan in me squees over the red and gold ones. I raise a quizzical eyebrow at the neon orange and neon green ones. The black ones remind me of Toothless. The deep sapphire blue Lamborghini, however, is my favorite; gorgeous car, gorgeous color. But this week there was a new contender! A pearly white Lambo of infinite beauty. Then, on the drive home, I paced what is possibly the sleekest Porsche I've ever seen, a pristine white Carerra S4. Oh the eye candy. Had I but infinite funds and a larger garage....

A Porsche actually is my "had I but money enough" sports car (though I would want to test-drive a Lambo just for the fun of it). Wonderful Husband goes slightly more exotic and slightly more affordable by having a Lotus at the comparative spot on his list. For a more conservative choice, he also would like a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow (aka a Bentley T).

Then there are the classic cars of my daydreams....

And, of course, every Transformers fan has a short (or long!) list of what characters' vehicle modes they would like to, and maybe someday will, replicate! G1 Jazz is high on my list. It would also be fun to do any of the Datsun trio (though I suspect a Prowl replica, like a Barricade replica, would actually not be street legal) and Tracks. But my other main fantasy replica would actually be Bumblebee from Bayverse. The 1976 Bumblebee. Except, you know, with non-custom-faded paint.... :)
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Have Jazz-car back. The bumper looks better than when I bought the vehicle! Caliber Collision does good work. Next, Jazz-car gets to go in to my uncle/mechanic for an oil change on Monday. Next week's writing class has gotten switched to Monday again. Timing may be tight; dinner may not happen until after class.

Wonderful Husband mentioned he had seen a gray Pontiac Solstice with the "Solstice" decal removed and a "Jazz" decal in its place. (Win!) Thus, I am now pondering getting in touch with a Honda dealership in the UK and getting a "Jazz" decal from them and figuring out how to swap it out with the US-only "Fit" decal....

And, to end the TFs riff, happy birthday to Megan Fox! Love to Mikaela; BV Carly simply does not exist. (DotM, in its entirety, does not exist. Also, Michael Bay does not exist.)

Changing topic, I work in the funeral industry. I have a terrific sense of gallows humor. One has to, or at least one develops it. That said, there are two things I have trouble parsing. The decals in the back windows of vehicles, with "[name], [birthyear] - [deathyear]". Why do people get those? And, also, twice now I've passed carwashes being held "In Remembrance Of [deceased]". I'm assuming they're to defray funeral expenses, but, just... somehow it doesn't quite compute.

And I must be more careful about where I leave mostly-pinned petticoats. I may see the giant green amoeba on the floor; Wonderful Husband may not, and thus step on a pin.... :(
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My mum-in-law has let me know that my new car, a Honda Fit, is called a Jazz in the UK.

You hear that? That is the sound of naming possibilities falling into order!
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Since I have an awkward split of medical appointments today (10:45am, 2pm), I am taking today off of work to get them done. I don't really feel stressed about them, but given it took me two and a half hours to fall asleep last night, and I slept badly at that, I suppose I must be.

But the first appointment was lightened somewhat by going into the exam room and seeing two Transformers movie posters and a Transformers calendar. ^_^
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A suitably oxygenated atmosphere. Water. Food.

(I write sci-fi fanfic. Yes, I think about these things. ^_^)
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It's not just a sewing machine, it's a Transforma!

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So at some point in Simulacra'verse, I've mentioned Red Alert playing lots of Minecraft.

I suspect this may be one of his more whimsical artistic endeavors. :)

I note there's a button and some redstone circuitry by the left foot; I wonder if he moves or anything...?
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Whee all warm and tingly from another hour at the gym! Which had seven screens of football and one of The Office. Blehhhh. OTOH, what I saw of The Office was less offensive to me than the episode of Big Bang Theory I watched last night at the gym. My sister-in-law loves BBT, though, so there must be something to it. Maybe I just got a bad episode?

While coming down from the endorphins (my limbs feel all loose and clumsy at the moment so I want to wait a bit before going to deadhead the very thorny rosebushes), I've cracked open Transformers: Exiles. By the same author (Alex Irvine) as Transformers: Exodus. Which I didn't give a good review to. But I collect Transformers novels, so I bought it.

Oh my Primus, has Irvine actually learned how to do characterization?! If what I've read so far (29 pages) holds true for the rest of the book, this is going to be a very happy read.


Aug. 19th, 2011 06:47 pm
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Wonderful Husband just showed me a well-choreographed trailer for TrackMania 2. My main thought was "Why are these cars not Autobots? Why has there never, to my knowledge, been a Transformers racing game? Where if you fall off the track you have to transform and climb back up to it to continue?"
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So, apparently NASA scientists think that we may be aliens.

I find this highly amusing because, well, I wrote about this three years ago.

So, where are the giant alien robots hiding in plain sight, again?
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Two T-shirts for next Botcon:

One that says "I accept Primus as my Lord and Savior" with a logo for CoC: Church of Cybertron. Because, really, I've been to too many conventions where religious zealots/wingdings try to convert/save the fannish masses.

The other shirt, I'm thinking simple black, would have blazoned upon it the words "Ironhide Shot First." Bayverse reference, obviously, though it would work equally well for the G1 movie.

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