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You know you're having fun writing a story when you get to drag lines from both David Bowie and Walt Whitman into it. ^_^ Not in the same scene - the latter's going to wait for Mirage's PoV to come up. But Bowie I've written into the first scene, which follows on directly from the end of chapter 8.
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So at some point in Simulacra'verse, I've mentioned Red Alert playing lots of Minecraft.

I suspect this may be one of his more whimsical artistic endeavors. :)

I note there's a button and some redstone circuitry by the left foot; I wonder if he moves or anything...?
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Okay, two awesome things.

One, [livejournal.com profile] hoshikage has finally started posting fic again! So please go read the first part of her story Hidden Agenda and help me convince her that she's a wonderful writer and needs to write more! (She's known me long enough that my pleas get somewhat tuned out.)

Two, [livejournal.com profile] femme4jack has used my Simulacra'verse story Stigmatic as a springboard to write her own Sam/Bumblebee/Mikaela story titled "Unglued." Go read part one here and part two here, and help convince her that she's a wonderful writer and needs to write more!

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