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Ah well. No Comic-con for us this year. Once again Wonderful Husband got let into the sales room only after all badges were sold out.

So, (a) doubly glad we got to attend Wondercon, and (b) we are vowed to do something fabulous that weekend anyway.
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Back in Eastleigh, with my inlaws. Had a FANTASTIC time with [livejournal.com profile] toothycat in Cambridge, as always. Got hailed on in two places (Flag Fen and the Cambridge Botanical Garden) but only drizzled on at the Craeftiga crafts fair at Sutton Hoo, where Wonderful Husband and I purchased some honeycomb (for my father-in-law), some honey (for us), and a handmade vase and wooden bowl (for my mother-in-law's birthday present). The weather, as always, conspired to remind me of why the British have historically loved wool. Also, given that this was at least partially a reenactment craft fair, I'm feeling the medieval costuming vibe again. Probably in linen not wool, given I live in SoCal....

This afternoon we went into Winchester in search of the used bookshops, where I lucked out on a couple cookbooks, some Victorian costuming books (including Norah Waugh's Corsets and Crinolines for seven and a half pounds!) and Mansfield Park in the old red hardback Everyman's Library edition. And a jar of ginger preserved in honey, which Wonderful Husband says I am entirely welcome to.

I am thinking costuming thoughts for when we gt back. We're returning halfway through RenFaire season, so I won't have time to sew anything up for that this year (I should get off my duff and do it in the OFF-season!), but both SDCC and Costume College will be coming up in July. I've had a brainworm about making the Squiddle, with his blue eyes and dark blond hair, a TOS Captain Kirk outfit. And making a science blue matching set for Wonderful Husband. And a red minidress for me to complete the set. Which I could wear at both SDCC and CoCo. And if I have time, I have several lengths of fabric I've earmarked for Regency dresses, but I would need to make new stays for that, so we'll see. I know the CoCo packet will be waiting for me at home. Eager to see what classes will be offered this year. Since I made the executive decision not to teach this year (among other reasons, I burnt out after teaching, and screwing up, four classes last year), I'll be freer than usual to decide what I want to learn.
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Ah, the beginning of January. That magical time of year when everyone reflects on what they accomplished in the last twelve months. Costumers' blogs fill with pics of the beautiful garments they created, quilters' blogs fill with pics of the lovely quilts they made and their "inspiration" word for the year to come... and I sit here in my office chair, trying to decide what the hell I want to sew in 2016.

Big costuming events this year: RenFaire. Well, actually, we'll only be in the country for three weekends of it. But I want to go at least once! Do I want to sew anything for it? Unsure. I need to crack open the book on dressing children for Faire, and decide.

Then, in July, San Diego Comic Con! We'll be doing both Saturday and Sunday. Squiddle can wear his Toothless costume one day, and we can all be Steven Universe again for the other. I'm not terribly feeling the need to sew anything new for the con this year, but we'll see if that changes.

And, of course, Costume College is the weekend right after! I'm currently debating if I want to teach any classes this year. I taught four last year, which was a mistake, and at the moment, I can't think of anything new or interesting to offer as a class. Maybe I'll take the year off of teaching and just attend? I do want to make some new clothing, however. I've found a couple lengths of fabric at thrift shops recently that call out to be Regency garb. So I'll work on that.

Quilting-wise, I'm pretty much just going to go with the flow, work on quilting up tops I've already finished, and keep going on the works-in-progress I have in various stages. I'm playing with my guild and Block Lotto for making new blocks each month, and I think I might use the Rainbow Scrap Challenge to move me along on the 500 Flying Geese blocks I calculated I'll need for the bed-sized strip quilt I want.

Also, as I was having a snack that involved open jars of chili peppers and fermented garlic, Squiddle clambered up behind me and demanded some garlic. And some more garlic. And yet more garlic. Then reached over into the jar of peppers, pulled one out, and despite my warnings, popped it into his mouth.

It took a moment, but he decided no, this is not the new taste sensation and spat it back out, unhappy with his mouth burning.

I mean, it took me until I was a teenager to like the things....


Nov. 15th, 2015 09:06 am
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9am on a Sunday, and my boys (Wonderful Husband and the Squiddle) are having a lie-in. I tried to get Squiddle up at 8 (which I considered a lie-in!) but he didn't want it, so I tucked him into my abandoned space next to daddy. Easier than reclosing all the curtains I'd opened in his room. Squiddle's been having a phlegmy cough the last couple days, but no fever, so maybe some extra sleep will help.

And as I type that, he wanders into the office, fully awake, no daddy in sight.

Yesterday at this time we were in the virtual waiting room for Comic-con. And, unlike last year, we were actually able to get the tickets we wanted! Woohoo! Saturday/Sunday FTW.

And now Wonderful Husband is up, so I should go scare up brekky. Later!

SDCC 2015

Jul. 14th, 2015 10:20 pm
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We managed our single-day ComicCon experience quite well, I think. This was helped by printing out beforehand a map of the (massive) dealer's hall, finding where our must-hit sellers were, and marking them down so we had a plan of attack. Our main purchases were at the Studio Foglio booth (newest volume of Girl Genius, a couple patches, and a couple prints), Chris Sanders' booth (Sketchbook 3, which we were missing, the first Rescue Sirens novel, and an autograph on our Blu-ray of How To Train Your Dragon), and a board games booth (I forget the vendor name) where Wonderful Husband found a game he thought sounded interesting and I bought it for his birthday in two months' time. (We will probably play it before then.) We lunched with one friend, met up briefly with another afterward, and I caught half a panel about ideas and writing habits. Then we watched 2/3 of the Masquerade playback, and called it good.

Since we could only get tickets for Sunday this year, we decided to day-trip the con. We got up at half past five, left home at half past six, stopped at Krispy Kreme for our traditional drive-to-San-Diego donuts, and parked about six stops down the trolley line from the convention center. It was all very neat and tidy and smooth, save for the drive home, but then that's always miserable. I do feel like it's slightly depressing, how we only have three friends going to SDCC any more, but that's understandable for many reasons.

So, generally, we had a good day. All the same, I would really like to go for two days again next year. I would have liked to go to more panels....
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Well, Saturday memberships for SDCC sold out again, so it looks like we'll only be doing Sunday of SDCC this year. Maybe we'll do both days of Wondercon, then....

SDCC 2014

Jul. 28th, 2014 12:17 am
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Saturday kind of felt like life, the universe, Comic-con, something, was extending me the metaphorical middle finger.

The morning rush and kerfuffle with cars meant Squiddle's Hiccup costume accidentally got left in the car we didn't take. We realized this an hour down the road. An hour of traffic (both directions) which we usually miss because we usually head to San Diego at ass o'clock. Despite Wonderful Husband's offer to turn around to go get it, or to drive back and get it that night, I made the decision to cut our losses. A costume was not going to be worth the extra two (or four) hours of driving. Though it did mean that I didn't get to show cute baby Hiccup to Chris Sanders. Ah well.

After getting to San Diego, we finally got to the convention center around 1pm. We went to the dealer's hall and got some of the Hasbro toys friends wanted ("some" because one item was already sold out, and we had to go back on Sunday to get the third iteration of another item), which were huge, so Wonderful Husband lugged them back to the hotel and checked in. Saturday was full of panels I wanted to attend, so meantime I did that. Or tried to. And discovered strollers aren't allowed in the panel rooms.

One, I'm not comfortable leaving an expensive and very necessary bit of equipment like that out in the hall. Two, unhooking all the baby stuff and taking it in with me takes up two more seats. Three, a ten-month-old cannot be trusted in a folding chair, and if I sat him in my lap, I would become a climbing frame and he would be happy, loud, and distracting to everyone within earshot. IE, the entire room.

So no panels for me.

At least Saturday ended on a high note, meeting up with friends for dinner. And today was better; a good day. We got rained on, which has never happened to us at SDCC before! And I've even got bugs in my brain about a costume or two for next year, should my tiny lord and master allow me sufficient sewing time.

Over the last couple weeks of vacation, I've finished reading four books (the reason I'm still up, rather than in bed!), so I'm now six behind on my book reports for here, but they're going to have to wait one more week. I have lots of prep still to do on the class I'm teaching at Costume College next weekend. So for now, to bed. And tomorrow, to sewing!
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We were supposed to be on our way to San Diego and Comic-Con an hour ago. Instead I am posting this from the parking lot of Pep Boys. This morning, with Wonderful Husband's car packed and ready to go, we discovered it wouldn't start. Okay, my dad had commented it was having battery troubles. So we put my car on the trickle charger, which I really should have done once we got back from vacation, but figured I'd wait to do until after the con. That was taking too long, so we called AAA far a jumpstart. And the guy came, checked the battery and said if we turned the car off we might not be able to get it going again. And that not only did he not have the battery for my car (a 2008 Honda Fit), but that they don't make them anymore. So here we are.

...And Wonderful Husband just came out with the Pep Boys guy and said they don't have my battery either.

No, wait, they do after all. Hallelujah!

ETA: Pep Boys guy checked everything, said battery is sound and the car just had a loose cable. No charge, they even topped up the tire pressure, and we're on our way only an hour and a half late. Very not impressed with the guy AAA sent.
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Yes! Wonderful Husband and I each waited on our computers in the SDCC prereg wait room for an hour and a quarter this morning until his purchase session opened and he was able to snag Saturday/Sunday registrations for us. Comic-Con, here we come! And this year, unlike last, I won't have pregnancy problems interfering with my attendance. (And, yes, we will be bringing Squiddle with us. But until he turns 12, he doesn't need to pre-reg.)

I sigh and remember the days when we used to just drive down and buy tickets at the door. Of course, I also remember when family/friends could accompany a traveller to the gate at the airport. These will be the "I went to school barefoot in the snow, uphill, both ways!" stories that I tell my kids and they never believe.

Granted, an advantage to buying the tickets ahead of time was that I could nurse Squiddle while doing so, which would be a bit harder while standing in a physical queue.

Meanwhile, under "things that have me excited," the trailer for Ernest and Celestine looks really, really good and has several moments that Wonderful Husband and I dubbed "Ghibli-esque":

And I've finally squeezed out some time to start reading books again!

Title: Battle Magic
Author: Tamora Pierce
Length: 440 pages

Review )

Title: The First 12 Months of Motherhood
Author: Susan Hassebrock
Length: 209 pages

Review )
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The good: Back at home again. The cats were sta-a-a-rving. You'd think I hadn't left them a couple days' worth of food or something. Wonderful Husband is back from SDCC, and seems to've had a good time despite coming down with con crud.

The mediocre: Went and saw Epic today with my mother. It... failed to grip me. Ferngully did pretty much the same story much better. And, does William Joyce write anything where the main characters are not named after his kids? That said, the state of MK and Nod's relationship at the end of the film intrigues me. Fortunately, others on AO3 have written stories that ease this itch, so I don't have to.

The ugly/infuriating: Unfortunately, I have received an e-mail from SDCC which looks like a cut/paste job from a policy document. It includes the flat blanket statements: "Only those that have purchased a Comic-Con 2013 4-day attendee or 1-day attendee badge AND retain their actual badge will be eligible to participate in 2014 online preregistration." and "Those that did not attend Comic-Con 2013 and/or did not retain their 2013 badge can participate in the general badge sale that will occur later in 2014." I... am NOT happy with this, and am not sure if the person who responded to my e-mail even read so far as my second paragraph which listed legitimate medical reasons. [livejournal.com profile] dragondancer515, I may ask for your help in a week or two (once you're recovered from the con) as far as someone to escalate this to.

Meantime, I'm heading to bed since I have to get up an hour early tomorrow to go get all my blood sampled....
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ComicCon has just sent out an e-mail which basically boils down to "save your 2013 badge because otherwise you cannot preregister for 2014."

Guess who here is Not Happy about this? That's right. Me, who cannot go and pick up my 2013 badge because of Actual Medical Reasons.

I've fired off an e-mail to the con outlining why I cannot physically attend and is there any way my husband can pick up my badge so I can at least preregister for next year?

If I end up being penalized because I cannot go, I am going to be So. Pissed. Off.
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I did not get a hotel room for SDCC. Wonderful Husband, OTOH, did. And it's even at our first-choice hotel!
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Things that have improved: SDCC's hotel reservation system. Now to wait and see if we actually got a room at any of the hotels we requested.

Things that are both amusing and disturbing: being at a stoplight behind a car that has about five of those creepy little bobblehead dog figurines in its back window. Realizing that the doggies are nodding their heads in time to the music on your radio.

Things that grate me the wrong way: someone (formerly) on my friendslist, who routinely rages about how people don't read the words she posts, unfriending me because of what she thought I posted. Which, reading her summary before she unfriended me, was not in fact what I posted.
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I'm not sure if my memory is faulty or not, but it seemed like there were a lot more religious protesters at SDCC this year. They're regulated to doing their sign-carrying across a fairly wide street from the convention center, but since I've outgrown my taste for the food available at the food court, venturing outdoors is something I do. Mixed in among the protestors are advertisers giving out freebies. Comics, cards, etc. The two most brilliant advertisements I was given were Bates Motel soap (handing out soap at a convention! sheer genius!) and Carrie matches. There are also amusing cardboard counter-signs promoting Cthulu and FSM. But the thing I liked absolute best was the handouts-girl who was cheerfully saying "Stan Lee 3:16. With great power comes great responsibility."

Thinking on all that, it has occurred to me that if the protestors are truly interested in converting the geekish masses, they need to learn to tailor the marketing to the audience. Instead of signs saying athiests go to hell, which only put up people's backs and make them hostile, why not, say, have signs with quotes from a couple of the Indiana Jones movies? "The penitent man is humble; he kneels before God" etc. Or riff on Star Wars, or Avatar, or Narnia. Something that the audience will like, identify, and engage with. I don't really go with the whole "Superman died for your sins" thing (IIRC, nothing of the sort was involved in that event), but I'm sure there's plenty of speculative fiction that could be mined for appropriate pithy quotes.

As it was, I doubt their whole weekend of energetic protest and in-your-face sign-waving won the protestors a single convert.

(As a footnote, I have NOTHING against Christians. I have people I love and admire who adhere to that faith. And I do not count myself as an athiest. Yet I simply find it extremely rude that someone who doesn't even know me feels it imperative to tell me that I'm going to hell.)


Jul. 16th, 2012 02:18 pm
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So we did two days of ComicCon. After last year's glorious four-day stretch, that felt cramped and rushed. As Wonderful Husband put it, we could do all the things, or meet up with people and not do all the things. And we don't get to see the people that often, so the people win out. Always.

Highlights: the Holiday Inn did not screw us over this year. Trust me, that was much appreciated. We got to meet up with all the people. I went five for five on the autographs I wanted (Dan Gilvezan, Seanan McGuire, Eoin Colfer, Christopher Paolini, and Chris Sanders). Wonderful Husband bought the couple of Homestuck books he didn't have and Andrew Hussie signed them. We also got the two sketchbooks I wanted, volumes of various webcomics, and I picked up six art prints that speak to me of Estellia. Also got a Mikaela poster. I went to four panels, all about books and writing, we ate at some good restaurants, and generally had a good time.

Next year, if we have sufficient vacation time and available funds, I want to go for four days again. And I want to do us each up a cosplay outfit for at least one day. But given we have other large "WANT TO DO" items next summer, we'll see how all that goes.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled Costume College prep panic....
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*gives LJ the hairy eyeball* DDOS attacks over yet...?

So, neither hotel nor con had my badge the last morning (hadn't expected them to, but it was still worth a try). We ended up paying $12 for a one-time badge replacement, which is... well, better than what I was expecting, actually. And then we tried to get pre-registered for next year, but the line was already capped, so depending on how the feeding frenzy goes when the other half of tickets go on sale online, we may not be going again next year. We're also taking thought on what to do about hotels if we do. One friend suggested booking through AAA rather than the convention... rates not quite as good, but maybe they'll be less likely to displace us? Another set of friends (and my uncle/aunt/cousins) rent apartments for the week, which, who knows, if we get another pair of friends to go in on it with us, might be affordable.

In any case, the Warner Brothers booth was the holy grail of swag this year, possibly primarily for the foam Sword of Omens they were giving out (getting into the ThunderCats panel was the other holy grail; I didn't manage either). But I got a few little things in the dealer's hall and Wonderful Husband got some books and graphic novels and an Optimus Nerf gun. We managed to meet up with several people, somewhat by chance, but it was good to see them. I attended a few panels, mostly on writing and psychology, and wish I'd attended more, but que sera sera.

And then, finally, the convention was over with, we said our goodbyes, went back to the hotel and trekked north, the normally two hour drive taking, as every year, three. :/ Still faster than going to John Wayne airport and flying down.

Things we tried this year: we borrowed an ice chest from my parents and stocked it with milk, juice, cheese, salami, pickles, and fruit. This took care of us for breakfast; our usual evening snack, however, didn't tend to work out so much. Not sure why. If we do this again next year, we'll likely buy a new ice chest with wheels and maybe an inset tray, for ease of getting it from car to room. The convention bag this year had an alternate rigging design where you could set it up to be worn backpack style, which was a godsend. That said, I was carrying too much weight in it. I may need to think up some sort of padding for my shoulders if I don't plan better next year.
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Met up with [livejournal.com profile] dragondancer515 yesterday and got to spend time with her, which was fun.

Finally managed to get a ticket for the Hasbro booth today (this involved getting up at 5:30 since today also involved changing hotels; our room here is next to the elevators and ice machine; Hilton On The Bay has earned itself a place on our Will Not Stay Again list) and got things for other people, discovering in the process that the one thing I wanted for myself (Hasbro artists sketchbook) was already sold out and is a true show exclusive, not available anywhere else. The last time they did a sketchbook, two years ago, the same thing happened. Being on the bad side of the hormonal cycle and sleep-deprived to boot, this set off several actual crying jags through the day. Mostly better now.

Got a few sketchbooks from the dealer's hall (pretty much the sum total of my purchases), watched the Masquerade in the Sails Pavilion with some friends, and discovered upon arriving back at the hotel that my badge is gone. Neither the program book nor Comic Con's website give me any idea what their policy is on such things, but it definitely throws off all plans for tomorrow. Given that Wonderful Husband got two separate inquiries while we were questing for lunch about if he was still going to use his badge and if not could the person have it instead, I'm not holding out hope it's going to the lost and found. Too drained to care ATM; going to sleep and dealing with it tomorrow.
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Loooong day. We were up lateish last night, packing and minimal cleaning of the3 house, then got up at 5:30 this morning, finishing up that which had not gotten done and heading out.

Only to hit some fairly nasty traffic. :(

Waited our way through that, got to our hotel, checked that we were allowed to check in at 3pm, and toddled off to the con and picked up our badges. Attended a couple panels, perused a small bit of the dealer's hall, failed on meeting up with people, went to check in to the hotel.

Were told they were overbooked.

So instead of being at the Holiday Inn a mile away from the convention, we're at the Paradise Point resort six miles away, which is not on the shuttle routes. And we're here for two nights, then switching back to the HI on Saturday night.

To be fair, they're covering our parking and the cost of one day of our room here, as well as comping us for parking at their hotel for the entire con. Still, not a fun thing to discover, and it means we can't easily go back to our hotel midday for snacks or a lie-down. And while the individual bungalows style of this place make me feel like it's out of our price bracket, so far as I can tell we're not actually underdressed compared to the other guests.

Looks like getting tickets to buy stuff at the Hasbro store may be difficult, but we'll see how my shopping for others goes. Anyhow, it is late and I am tired, so I should shower and sleep soon. Day 2, again in comfortable shoes, comes tomorrow....


Jul. 7th, 2011 12:00 pm
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Reminded by [livejournal.com profile] seanan_mcguire's Guide to Comic-Con post, is anyone else going to SDCC in a few weeks? And would potentially like to meet, geek, and hang?

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