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Read volume seven of Rozen Maiden last night while waiting for Wonderful Husband to come to bed. Bad things happened, and good things happened, and light purple doll #7 is as insane as dark purple doll #7 from the anime was, thus far with even less reason. But, oh, the section with Jun and the online doll clothing auction...! The root of his trauma has been one of my favorite parts of the storyline, and I'm happy to see it being dealt with in this way. I hadn't really expected Mi-chan to be a useful character in that regard, partially since they never met in the anime, I guess? But looking back, it was all there and I'm so glad it is. ^_^

I e-mailed Costume College last night inquiring if they'd like a couple of my costumes for display in the costume exhibit... and checked my mail this morning to find a response that, yes, they'd like Sophia and Rhapsody in Gold! I think the person I mailed was one of the people at WorldCon who told our group that we should teach a class on wingmaking. ^_^;; Maybe if I can ever tempt [livejournal.com profile] hoshikage to attend again, as I've only made wings once.... In any case, this means I need to remake Rhapsody's crown before then, since it got broken backstage.
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And the insane crossover finally has a title! Just in time for the epilogue, too. ^_^

The Epilogue! )
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Well, my dance instructor liked the new skirt. And I have to admit, coupled with the strappy heels I wear to the ballroom dance class (and should probably wear to the swing class), I felt quite elegant for a change as we foxtrotted, merengue'd, and tango'd. Of the three, I have to admit that the tango is my favorite. It has friction in it, sparks, love/hate relationships... and it reminds me very much of Fakir and Ahiru's relationship. I need to find a way to write it into the third story in the "happily ever after" arc when I get to it. As it is, I'm still pondering how to shoehorn in the Alice theme.

I started reaming out the costume closet tonight. Finished costumes on this side, works in progress on this side, and the tubs of scrap fabric/fabric to be used/other works in progess out onto the floor of the workroom. Which has massively diminished the available space at the moment and I /still/ haven't found the Victorian corset pieces I was looking for. Grr. But I did find my half-finished pink-brown-and-cream horizontal striped surcoat, so I've ironed the pieces for that and reconsidered some details of construction. It's cut across a 60" width of fabric, so it's going to be pleated in at the neckline and I'm considering possibly leaving the side seam open... maybe just brief ties at the bottom of the sleeve openings? Because with the center front and center back pleating having decorative lacing up the sleeve openings seems kind of silly. But I don't believe I have enough extra fabric for side gores.... Not that this is going to be remotely period, of course. *rolls eyes at self* Peri-oid, maybe. Ah well. For my next trick maybe I'll finally make a period construction white linen underdress for this era. And figure out veils, wimples, and coifs.

Oh, and my eleven-year-old cousin has apparently discovered EGL. And begged me to make her some new clothes. I countered with an offer to her father: she has ice skating lessons Saturday mornings, I'll take her Saturday afternoons and teach her how to sew. Because while I have no objections to making her some clothes, I'd much rather she help me with them and eventually learn how to make things for herself. It's a useful skill. And, hey, maybe this means I can interest her in a Hinaichigo costume....
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I think, at this point, there's only the epilogue to go. But it's way past my bedtime, so bed calls.

ficcie! )
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Been a while since I've written on this, but today I decided to transfer the two scenes I had on my portable drive onto the main file, and then I just started writing....

As a note, the Kenshin in here is borrowed from [livejournal.com profile] hoshikage's story "Brothers in Arms" which explains a few things about (1) Kenshin, and (2) his resemblance to a certain fox spirit, and brings the former reasonably and explainably into the modern period. Unfortunately since her site is down I can't link to said story at the moment. And I haven't actually got her permission yet... ah well, I'll ask when I pick her up in about an hour, and if she says no, I'll rewrite. That's what the backspace key is for, after all.

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There are some pretty good reasons I work ConOps at Fanime. Namely, my friends. At the moment, though, I'm feeling my annual Fanime depression setting in and am wondering just why, exactly, I do this every year. Of course, I can count off the reasons I'm feeling this way right now: three kimono, two half-finished kimono, two hakama, two obi, plus anything I want to get done on Fuu (because, y'know, I'm a cosplayer and having a new costume this season might be nice) or remaking Shinku (currently in pieces)... not to mention planning the freaking panel I was stupid enough to volunteer myself for because it seemed like a good idea at the time....

So, not a happy K-chan.

And none of it's going to go away.
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Finished the top for my Fuu costume last night. With luck (knock on wood) the rest of the costume will go easier. There's a pair of pants with minimal trim, a lined dress with trim around the hem, and a belt with a bow in the back. And, if I wanted to get technical, a pair of Arabian-esque pointed toe shoes. But those will depend on other projects because I can substitute black ballet slippers if time requires. Because I have to put Shinku back together and make at least two kimono (Wonderful Husband will be helping with that, we went and bought our fabric last night) as well in the next month. So, speed cosplay, which is not my norm.

Finished rereading the Earthsea trilogy and am feeling the need to purchase the other books in the universe. Also finished reading through my new Threads magazine and am feeling like making some summer wear. But projects first!

And Princess Princess. ^_^
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Ah, I'm finally starting to approach the end. And I've passed 100K in file size... currently at 106. ^_^ Although I think I'm telegraphing again. Ah well.

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Only one scene tonight, I'm afraid....

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A note: I refer to Soiseiseki as "she" despite the fact that Soiseiseki is a /boy/ doll because he/she/it is referred to by the other dolls as Suiseiseki's "imouto"--younger /sister/, not brother. So maybe all dolls are inherently female. Or maybe Soiseiseki is a crossdresser. Or maybe all dolls are genderless so it doesn't matter anyway! ^_^


Mar. 7th, 2006 08:46 pm
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Argh, f*ckf*ckf*ck no!

Working on nameless fic. It wants me to go into Muraki's PoV.
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All I had time to type up tonight. More later.

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As promised, the translations of the captions for [livejournal.com profile] racerxmachina and myself:

Suiseiseki )

Sophia )

Neither of us got big photos in the layout, but we're amusingly the only "big" (coming through the aisles, everyone please stand back, beep-beep-beep...) costumes aside from the Al. And, hey, in one of the shots of the store, that's my Wonderful Husband in the center of the photo. With his back turned, granted, but still. ^_^


Feb. 28th, 2006 08:00 am
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Went to the local Kino yesterday, found they had one copy of Cosmode 11 left in stock, purchased that for [livejournal.com profile] racerxmachina, and ordered another for myself. Am amused at the comments for both of our pictures (will translate after work today) and mildly tworked that though they transliterated her name fine, I am now "Kristy" in katakana. Ah well. Should've transliterated it myself for them, I guess, but I didn't think of it, especially as I've seen them print Romanized names before.

They also had Kun-Kun dolls at Kino! But I'm not paying $33 for a 10-inch plushie, especially not after I just bought the fabric to make a scaled one for myself.

And it's raining again today. ^_^
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At some point I'm going to have to figure out what to call this thing.

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More fic.

Feb. 10th, 2006 11:32 pm
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Not much to comment today. Mentioned to my dad last night that I have to use a typewriter at work. He muttered something about buggy whips. ^_^ He and my mom left for vacation in Jamaica tonight.

Pleased that I could get a cameo in here, and also that I found a new angle on the Sakurazukamori rite of succession, and also that I actually address Subaru's dual nature somewhat better. As well as descrip on onmyoujutsu (visuals borrowed from the first Onmyouji movie because it's cool like that) and figuring out just how paranoid (very) the Sakurazuka ancestor who started this whole thing was. Now I just need to figure out if a certain character is going to show up or not....

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Have decided that after I get this all finished, I need to go back through and trim all sections that are from Subaru's POV. Because the domestic thing, I can handle. The dating Kaoruko thing I can handle. Even the aesthetic moonlit thing in the Tree of Evil I can handle. But the Subaru being verbose thing? A bit too weird for me. Also, need to go back into bunraku research and figure out what play the Tachibana school is putting on. And, incidentally, this thing is at 61K now on four days' writing. The entire last fic (the WK/MTT one) is only 56K and that's with a ton of notes appended into the file. So let's see if this ends up anywhere near Bloodstone which I think is my current longest stand-alone at 120K. Also, I'm having fun with this again now that I've remembered my Prime Directive for writing: "Go where the pain is."

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Um. Let's see. Meg's song is the version from the manga because that's what I had on hand while writing. Did I mention I'm writing this at work? I may not have a computer, but I have a typewriter. (The Dark Ages, I know.) Domestic!Subaru started because someone needed to make breakfast and it sure as heck was NOT going to be Tsuzuki. And it's his kitchen anway. And because, well, I have this theme going in the Ramen Stall stories where Subaru's not frozen anymore. He can do things. He can grow and change if he chooses. But I can also tell I've been reading too many DC Comics fanfics recently, particularly Batman and his Robins, because of Subaru's sleep patterns. Also, I refuse to go the fanon "sentient sakura tree" route. And now Aya's demanding that he feature in the next story. Grr. He just got the last one! (albeit, not in this universe)

Also... I'm not used to writing a story where I know the plot beforehand. I usually make it up as I go along. This time, though, I /know/ what's going to happen. It's freaking me out and making me very nervous because I can't tell if I'm telegraphing what's coming or being more boring/transparent than usual. If I am, PLEASE tell me. You'll still get more fic, I promise, and maybe it'll be better written for it.

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Le'sigh. Ended up with Yami no Matsuei in here after all because it fits the plot. But hey, I like Hisoka and Tsuzuki, so I guess I can be happy with them if not Muraki. Um, spoilers for Kyoto-hen. Also, episodes 8-9 of Ayatsuri Sakon. And a couple of notes: yes, y'all are not misreading one particular line, it is indeed a bag on the shinigami of Bleach who, at least at 20-some-odd episodes in haven't left the best of tastes in my mouth. Also, in the Character Book for Yami-Ei, there's a couple pages from Matsushita's sketchbook. The one on page 84 on the lower left has a note that "If Hisoka had become an adult, he'd probably be like this." Me-ow! (Just sayin'.) *evil laughter, fades into the bg*

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