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Whee! Did a half day at Faire. Warm with bright sun, thus requiring sunscreen. But fortunately not too hot! Lots of walking, not much watching shows - between an active Squiddle, one stage having wonky audio equipment, and those straw bales being much harder to sit on than I remembered, we caught a bit of the bellydance show and a bit of Moonie and Broon. But we windowshopped, and bought a few things. I am, for whatever reason, amused that our RenFaire haul consists of: honey, tea, and pickled garlic. Still, as was pointed out to me, better spending money on those things than on the games booths. The savoring of them will last a good while longer.

And, as I do every year, I am making a renewed vow to get us all at least semi-properly kitted out for Faire next year. Ha. I can dream, right?
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Squiddle's class )

Quilty stuff )

And, meantime, a bit later today, we're going out to the Renaissance Faire! I need to look in my drawer of teas and figure out what I need to restock.
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Ah, the beginning of January. That magical time of year when everyone reflects on what they accomplished in the last twelve months. Costumers' blogs fill with pics of the beautiful garments they created, quilters' blogs fill with pics of the lovely quilts they made and their "inspiration" word for the year to come... and I sit here in my office chair, trying to decide what the hell I want to sew in 2016.

Big costuming events this year: RenFaire. Well, actually, we'll only be in the country for three weekends of it. But I want to go at least once! Do I want to sew anything for it? Unsure. I need to crack open the book on dressing children for Faire, and decide.

Then, in July, San Diego Comic Con! We'll be doing both Saturday and Sunday. Squiddle can wear his Toothless costume one day, and we can all be Steven Universe again for the other. I'm not terribly feeling the need to sew anything new for the con this year, but we'll see if that changes.

And, of course, Costume College is the weekend right after! I'm currently debating if I want to teach any classes this year. I taught four last year, which was a mistake, and at the moment, I can't think of anything new or interesting to offer as a class. Maybe I'll take the year off of teaching and just attend? I do want to make some new clothing, however. I've found a couple lengths of fabric at thrift shops recently that call out to be Regency garb. So I'll work on that.

Quilting-wise, I'm pretty much just going to go with the flow, work on quilting up tops I've already finished, and keep going on the works-in-progress I have in various stages. I'm playing with my guild and Block Lotto for making new blocks each month, and I think I might use the Rainbow Scrap Challenge to move me along on the 500 Flying Geese blocks I calculated I'll need for the bed-sized strip quilt I want.

Also, as I was having a snack that involved open jars of chili peppers and fermented garlic, Squiddle clambered up behind me and demanded some garlic. And some more garlic. And yet more garlic. Then reached over into the jar of peppers, pulled one out, and despite my warnings, popped it into his mouth.

It took a moment, but he decided no, this is not the new taste sensation and spat it back out, unhappy with his mouth burning.

I mean, it took me until I was a teenager to like the things....


May. 11th, 2015 09:55 am
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Thursday we had overnight rain, just upwards of half an inch here in Anaheim. It's very unusual to get rain so late in the year! It drizzled a bit more on Friday, but then dried off. Fortunately.

Because Saturday, we went to the RenFaire! This is the first time in many years that I've not gone in garb, and it felt decidedly odd. I think it's much more fun to be "playing", and intend to return to that next year. But the weather, oh, the weather was perfect. Coolish and overcast. Wonderful Husband actually said that if the weather was like this more often for Faire, I'd be able to drag him there more often.

One of the fun things at RenFaire is playing costume bingo. Because there are certain cosplays you can always find: Jack Sparrow, hobbits &/or Gandalf, and, more recently, Game of Thrones. I suspect there were also Outlander cosplayers there this year, but that's sufficiently below my radar that I don't know what to look for. I saw a man in a blue/green great kilt, so I'm wondering if he was dressing from that show. I didn't see any Monty Python costumes this time, but! There was a Bill, Ted, and Rufus trio wandering around, along with their phone booth set up in the food court. ^_^ Plus we drove through San Dimas on the ways to and from Faire.

Sunday Wonderful Husband and I went to see Avengers 2. I liked it, but not as well as the first one. It felt more cramped. Though I do wonder if the musings on evolution and things not lasting forever were Joss Whedon trying to head off at the pass fans' grumblings about lineup changes....
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This week I shipped another 207.5 ounces of breast milk off to the milk bank. Yay for having freezer room again!

Baby Pix. )
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Philosophy: Some days are spit-up days, some days aren't. And as soon as you think it's the latter, it turns out to be the former. Which is why Squiddle has spent a good deal of his time wearing a bib. It's a lot faster and easier to change a bib than to change a whole outfit.

Wonderful Husband has taken the last couple days as family leave days, and proceeded to use them to bulldoze through the metaphorical stack of stuff to be done. His desk is clean (mine still looks like a war zone), our taxes are done, two more fire alarms got installed, our tickets to the UK this winter (Dec. 6 - Jan. 9) are booked, the hazardous waste got taken to the recycling center, and we've completed and submitted the paperwork for Squiddle's US passport.

And tomorrow, we do the RenFaire! Though I've made Squiddle a Faire shirt and cap, for the first time in years, I won't be wearing garb. The reason is quite simple: we're planning to be there more than two hours. The baby will need to be fed. A Faire bodice is not conducive to breast-feeding. Oh, it could be done if I wanted to unlace and relace each time. Which I don't. Once a day is quite bad enough. So tomorrow I will go in civvies, and next year our family can be all matchy-matchy with new garb, etc.
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*falls over mostly dead*

*fends off the scavengers going through her pockets looking for loose change*

Went to Faire yesterday afternoon with Wonderful Husband. For the second and last time this year, since the last day of Faire is the day we get back. I need some new garb for next year (new bodice, one new skirt, and a coif) and have determined that this year I will finally get around to making Wonderful Husband proper Faire garb as well. We'll see how that vow actually holds up over the next eleven months. ^_^;; But we had a good time - caught the falconry show, and Moonie and Broon's last (NC-17) show of the day, and the drum jam.

Before Faire, and through all of today, we've been powering through a deep cleaning housecleaning session and all the laundry that entails. And, I am happy to say, the house is finally clean. So at least we won't be stepping off the plane to come back to a filthy house. ^_^ Only two more loads of laundry to go, and the washing will be done as well! My cousin Emma will be taking care of things for us while we're gone, and she came over today and we went over what we need her to do, so hopefully it will all go smoothly. *knocks on wood*

Now we just need to decide what type of clothing to pack, as my inlaws have told us the weather recently has varied from sister-in-law getting a sunburn to a hail storm turning their yard white. ^_^;;
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Got up first thing this morning and went to the annual Anaheim compost giveaway, pt. 1. (Part 2 is next Saturday.) The back of my cute little Fit, once the seats were lowered, held six plastic tubs plus a trashcan of compost. ^_^v Tomorrow is therefore likely to be at least partially a gardening day.

After that, I assembled my garb while my mother drove up to Greenwood, and then we set off for the Faire. It was pretty much perfect weather today - overcast and a little coolish for SoCal. I made do with what I had, but definitely need to make myself a few new items. The bodice with the bones popping out survived one last outing, but where did my second skirt go??? Maybe in the Goodwill pile at some point? Fortunately, I have a lot of maxi skirts, and one of them was able to fill the role today. One of the nice things about my garb is that with the style of chemise I favor, my only exposed surfaces are my hands and head. And I wear a hat to protect the latter. I do not favor, and do not suffer from, bodice burn. ^_^

The Faire itself was good fun, as always. There were several new vendors whose wares I found intriguing, a few not there this year that I miss already, and several long-time booths that got moved to new locales, making walking the Faire something of a treasure hunt. Spice Traders was there, and got rather a lot of my money as I stocked up on a year's worth of teas. ^_^ I also got a neat new windchime with a moving dragon as part of it. The trick is going to be figuring out where to hang it... our back patio has a few hooks, but the wind doesn't circle there, so it's not an ideal spot for chimes. And the garlic booth was back this year, and I have a weakness for (a) pickled things, and (2) garlic....

My mother was far more circumspect in her purchases, and only got a few types of tea for my father. Who is still confuddling me by having, post-knee-replacement, suddenly started drinking tea. Not a bad change... just an unexpected one.

We caught several shows, including dancers, acrobats, actors, and, for the first time in several years, a joust. I think I might've enjoyed the latter more if I could've heard more clearly what the players were saying. Perhaps I'll sit somewhere different next time, as I want to go once more this season....

For now, though, I want to go sit at my sewing machine, and then probably go to bed earlyish. Lots of around-the-house stuff to get done tomorrow, and the Costume College packet stuffing session is tomorrow as well.
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So even after switching out the hook-and-eyes for tie closures, his good Renfaire shirt (the linen one, with heavily-embroidered blackwork cuffs and collar) no longer fits Wonderful Husband. Which is a mystery to both of us, as (1) it fit when I made it, (2) his added weight since then isn't in the areas it doesn't fit, and (3) linen doesn't shrink that much in the wash! Which, I guess, means that I should try it on and see what adjustments would be needed to make it fit me.

This also means that, after Costume College, I get to buy more linen, re-measure him, and make him a new shirt. With new collars and cuffs! And since by the end of it I got sick of the embroidery pattern for the old shirt, I want to find a new period pattern to play with. (I used the central/major motif from the cuffs of the Holbein portrait of Jane Seymour; after a while I took to calling it the "crosses and tombstones" pattern.)

After consulting my (two) blackwork books, I came across the Jane Bostock sampler (third one pictured; click on it for a larger view) which has a couple patterns that seem suitably intricate without being overwhelmingly feminine... now I just have to find large enough views of the patterns that interest me, and chart them.
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Yesterday I did Faire for the third and final time this year. I kind of wish I was there today, just to see what-all happens when the eclipse hits this afternoon, but c'est la vie. Despite shopping-ish intentions, I only ended up getting four tins of tea from Spice Traders. There was a lovely, lovely tassel belt that I am kind of in love with, but it was $150. I'm not enough into bellydance yet to warrant that outlay. Unfortunately, though, my mother (Faire companion of the day) ended up having a bit of an allergic reaction to something and her eyes wouldn't stop bothering her. The dust? The smog? The sunscreen? Who knows.

So we ended up leaving before Faire was done, and came home and had chicken sabzi, which I'd put in the crockpot that morning. Forgot the peppers, but Wonderful Husband probably liked it better for that. Mom departed for home, Wonderful Husband did the laundry, and I sat down and finally finished the green petticoat!

Right now, I'm watering the garden beds and taking the waistband off a skirt. It's a lovely burgundy-with-black-embroidery skirt that has never fit me due to the fact that it's a size 20 and I'm not. I've been procrastinating on resizing it for long enough; time to man up and do it.
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RenFaire'd today with [livejournal.com profile] dragondancer515. A good time, I think, was had by all.

New skirt got finished in time, and in fact looks quite spiff. I discovered, however, that while my waist is X number of inches normally, once I'm in my bodice (not a corset, just a bodice), it's more like X-4 inches. So I should probably take the waistband off the skirt and redo it.

Somewhat more pressing is the fact that my bodice has decided to throw in the towel. The bones are making a break for freedom in a couple different places. To be honest, this is possibly for the best - it's always been a bit short at the waist and a bit low beneath the arms. I've pulled fabric for its replacement off the shelves and, as it's never been washed, tossed it into the laundry basket.

I know what I'm going to be sewing this week. :/
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The Renfaire was awesome. I actually kind of like the new layout, which gives it far less of the "long single winding street" feel. Unfortunately, one of the vendors I was planning to stalk and purchase from, the Gilroy garlic booth, was not there. :( But, Sound and Fury's new show "Hamlet and Juliet" is just as great as "Testacles and the Sack of Rome," the one-man show "The Wit of Will," which I think has gotten renamed since I last saw it, was likewise great in its attempts to make Hamlet more approachable, and Wonderful Husband and I ended up walking out with Circa Paleo's entire CD catalogue. The Poxy Boggards were also good, though they weren't projecting very well during the performance we caught. And I go again this weekend, and next!

Saturday morning I did my usual round of estate sales. One was sufficiently "how the other half live" that I felt uncomfortable (and poor, and badly dressed). On the other end of the spectrum was the sale that was a packrats' house. Where for the first time ever I ran into canning supplies that scared me. Picture this: in a dark shed on the side of the house, canning jars in water-rotted boxes, their lids coated thick with dust, some with preserves floating inside, some empty. Visions of botulism dancing through my head, I backed away quickly. That said, I did come away with half a dozen 1950s sewing manuals, which are proving to be absolutely fascinating reading!


May. 5th, 2012 11:02 pm
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Finally pulled my garb out of the closet to check it for faire tomorrow. Should have done so a week ago. Not that it would make a difference since my sewing machines are down.

I have no skirt. The old one had shrunk lengthwise in the wash so I gave it to Goodwill months ago. I was going to make a new one. This never happened.

Gnar! I guess tomorrow I go to Faire in civvies. And keep prodding at sewing machines to see if I can fix this skirtless state before next week's excursion with [livejournal.com profile] dragondancer515. :/

A Good Day

May. 15th, 2011 09:49 pm
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Went to Faire today after all; the morning rain must've scared people off because we got fantastic parking even though we got there later than I usually do. Got a bit more crowded in the afternoon, though. The weather was, in fact, just about perfect for a day at Faire. I picked up various teas at Spice Traders, and various garlic products at the Gilroy booth. We watched various shows and chatted with [livejournal.com profile] ren_wench at her booth for a bit. All in all a good time and turkey leg were had by all, even if the feet ended up hurting. Somehow Wonderful Husband ended up sunburnt but I didn't. :/

After we got home, there was enough daylight left that I got to do more garden putterings. The lavenders and blueberries have been put into larger pots, the onions from yesterday have been mulched, and the jalepenos have been planted. I actually have a bit of Peter Pan going about that last one; I bought four jalepenos, but in each pot were two healthy plants that I carefully teased apart, so I ended up with eight. "Oh, the cleverness of me!" And then the pots got used to upgrade four Persimmon tomato plugs.
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Finally got out to Faire this year... next weekend is the last of the eight-week run, for reference. And I went in civvies, having no complete Faire garb ATM. But it was good fun. Wonderful Husband and I saw a few performances by acts of varying quality, found a few new booths, including one from Gilroy (Garlic Capital of the World) where we dropped some tender on a few culinary items to try.... I also picked up a cheapie glass pretty from one of the glassmakers' booths and chatted a little bit with [livejournal.com profile] ren_wench at her booth's new location. All in all a pretty nice day at the Faire where even if it wasn't overcast like everywhere else in SoCal, there was a nice breeze that kept everything cool. And now, as always, I'm contemplating whether or not it would be worthwhile working it next year. In the meantime, I shall settle back and read my new book on blackwork embroidery.
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Finally, a weekend that felt like a weekend.

Yesterday, Wonderful Husband and I polished and released a fansub episode, went to see Monsters Vs. Aliens in 3D (which, BTW, we've decided is a format that is Not Really Worth It and have decided to avoid in the future; the fact that it cost at least half again as much as a regular movie may have helped this decision. The movie itself was good, if not great), then went to see The Dead up at The Forum. Wonderful Husband claims that it was his first rock concert since he was in-utero, and seemed to enjoy it. I also enjoyed it, but would it would have been better if I wasn't fighting sleep deprivation at the time. The drum set was fragging awesome and what Rainforest Cafe only wishes their fake thunderstorms were like.

Today, I finished making my Mother's Day present for my mom (an apron which, this being the first time I've used this particular pattern, needs to be redone since apparently the pattern was designed for a skinny twelve-year-old or something, but Mom seemed to like the general idea of it) and then went up to RenFaire, which despite it being a half-day low-key thing with me in civvies again, I really enjoyed. I caught a few shows I've been meaning to for a while, and a few more that I just happened across, watched the court ladies play games for a while, chatted with some of the boothfolk (one of them a casual acquaintance/friend), and generally... relaxed. I'm usually not too good with crowds or people I don't know so when I make steps toward bettering that, I tend to notice it. Stopped by my parents' place to give my mother her card and gift, and admired what they've done with their garden space this weekend.

Now to go shower off the 'Faire dust and the concert marijuana haze, and then get to bed....
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Went out to the RenFaire yesterday for the first time in a couple years (last year I wasn't able due to a few factors, a commissioned wedding dress being among them). The weather was perfect, and toward the end of the day I was actually wishing for a cloak. I let Liz talk me into a Friends of Faire membership this year, and I've decided it was well worth it. Saw a few new acts and caught a few old favorites and was pleased to discover there's an actual costuming booth this year (as opposed to costume rental or only-vaugely-historical clothing booths). Yes, I'm a bit of a costuming snob, but only in regards to what I make myself. Anyone else can wear what they like. All in all it was very fun and relaxing and even though I don't think they've changed the layout that much since the last time I went, it felt much less like a single long lane.

Hmm. Since I wasn't able to find it at Costume Con or at the booth at 'Faire, though I have been given suggestions to inquire at Hedgehog Handiworks and at Alteryears, anyone have any ideas on where I might be able to obtain a copy of Drea Leed's The Well-Dress'd Peasant: 16th Century Working Woman's Dress? There's an excerpted article on her site, and I'd dearly love to have the entire volume.
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Under "Reasons I Love My Striped Fustian": when used to line a corset, it makes sewing straight boning channels not only a beauty but a joy as well. ^_^
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Sewed some on the Elizabethan corset last night, which finally feels like I'm moving in the right direction as far as the whole getting something done thing. As I am not so good at saying "well, I am 3/2x as tall as the Effigy Corset and 2x as wide" and working it out so that I don't have shoulder straps that go around my whole body twice over, I modified Simplicity's Shakespeare in Love pattern to be somewhat more like the other extant Elizabethan corset, and added tabs since I really hate things cutting into my waist. After cutting 4" out of the center back the only real problem I have left with it is the inevitable "this probably needs a fold or pleat here" excess in the armhole. *sigh* I don't have the time to fiddle with it, so I'm just going to sew it and bone it and hope the extra stiffness and thickness of the boning will help alleviate the problem somewhat. In any case, it will be good enough for this year's RenFaire (if I go...) and I will have a purple silk corset, which is good enough for me. Reevaluation will happen next year, by which time some weight loss will hopefully require a new corset anyway.

One of the local junior colleges is having an evening drawing class this summer. I've taken it once, the better part of a decade ago, and lost most if not all of what I learned since through disuse. I'm considering taking the class again. It's only $95 for eight weeks, but the problem is that it's Monday through Thursdays, 6pm through 9:10pm. Which means that I'd go there pretty much directly from work, go home afterwards and maybe get to check e-mail and kiss my Wonderful Husband before going to bed. It also pretty much rules out taking any dance classes over the summer, as the teacher for those usually does them on Wednesday or Thursday nights. So... drawing versus dance, for two months. Any thoughts?
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Have registered Wonderful Husband and myself for Saturday and Sunday of SDCC, and discovered that every single hotel on SDCC's list is booked out for Friday and Saturday nights.


Perhaps doing the registrations was premature...?

Need to decide about Renaissance Faire tickets for this year by the end of the month. Would like to go, but really don't have anyone to go with, and I end up depressed if I go by myself. Wonderful Husband only goes as a courtesy to me, sister and mother don't appear interested, and sewing friend is eternally shy on money to do things.

Plus apparently next year's Costume College memberships will be done by lottery rather than by first-come-first-serve of purchase. This is the point at which I footnote that while I am a lucky person, my luck all goes into things like having a loving family, Wonderful Husband, relatively good health, decent income, and nice climate; my luck does not go into lotteries.

I'm going to bed now. With luck, tomorrow will be better.

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