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Finally pulling out the edits from my class for the first ten pages of Queen's Choice and starting to work my way through them.

The opening has always been weak. Evocative, yes, but lacking a real "catch." I've got that somewhat better now. Not perfect, but this is revision 1.0. And somehow the first page has expanded to become the first two and a bit pages. -_-;; Given that I'm at least 12K over target length, this is progress in the wrong direction.

Still. If you picked it up off a bookstore shelf and weren't sure if you wanted to buy it or not, would the following opening paragraph catch your eye?

Ariss, queen of Estellia, the last of her line, stood on a parapet facing the sea. She was dying. Beneath her fine sleeping gown her body was wasting away. But she knew the disease that consumed her would not take her yet. She had struck a bargain with gods, and they would not allow her die before she had fulfilled her half of the pact.

ETA: Saying no, that this is an uninteresting opening, will not offend me. As I said, this is just the first revision. And suggestions are welcome; I have a target date in mind for completion, so it's time for me to start working more seriously on this.

Le Sigh.

Jan. 18th, 2012 09:48 pm
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Had writing class. Got shredded in feedback. Some days it just doesn't pay to gnaw through the restraints.

I know I'm getting better at this writing thing, and also that Maralys has a tendency to target us speculative fiction writers in her class (which tendency she is aware of; I have discussed it with her). But, honestly, the things I expect people to jump on me for routinely never are the ones they do.

For instance, not a single person brought up the helix of the ear and asked WTH I meant by that....

Oh, but [livejournal.com profile] toothycat? They loved your drawing. ^_^
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--On day six of my normally three-day cycle. Hoping this is just my body (heavily) clearing out the last of the meds I'm not on anymore, and that it will be back to business as usual from now on.

--Wonderful Husband and I bit the bullet and purchased two years' worth of gym memberships. If we go three times a week, it works out to about a dollar a visit. Corollarily, I have also purchased a few pairs of shorts. How did I not have any shorts? Planning first torture session visit for Friday.

--Getting more novel edited in class tonight. Preparing myself for shredding and my teacher's constant casual disregard for the fantasy genre.

--Worked on the next chapter of Deus Ex Machina last night. Got it roughly a third done. Too many amorphous thoughts and notes for points I want to hit in the story. Tunguska Event may get booted to another fic.
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I'm not going to do the irresponsible thing and start another book until I've finished the one I'm writing. I am, however, going to participate in the following format:

My novel (Queen's Choice) is currently at 80,492 words. My goal for November is to average at least a thousand words a day, bringing it to 110,492 words. If I manage to exceed this to the NaNoWriMo goal of writing fifty thousand words (an average of 1,666 words a day) and achieve 130,492 words, I will buy myself the good pair of pearl earrings I have been coveting. Alternate to this sum is if I find the story wraps itself up before 130,492 and I finish the novel, I still get the earrings.

(Baen wants 100-130K. DAW wants 80K+. Mira wants 90-100K. Luna wants 90-120K. The other publishers I know of in the field don't list their specs on their pages, but I assume they'd be in a similar range.)

I will post daily writing totals (and commentary, probably along the lines of "X got to Y," "grr character Q is being a pain," and "huh. didn't expect that to happen") here so that my friends can keep me honest and motivated. And, if I utterly crash and burn, hopefully you all will at least be polite about me being a failure.

This means I have four days to find my desk.

Oh. Fisk.

Mar. 13th, 2009 10:19 pm
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So I haven't written on my novel in a long time. A LONG time. This was because I'd hit plotblock. I knew more or less who my characters were, and was basing the main four off of certain legends and fairy tales. Well, "basing" in that I kept them in mind, not that the characters' arcs were to be based off of them. Except I'd never really figured out Terren's myth-base. Well now I have. Epiphany in traffic on the drive home. This means that I know exactly what the complete arc of the novel is. And its sequel, if that ever happens.

*eyes file*

It also means a lot of revising to get started on....
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A video link for myself to watch later on a computer that has sound. Since Max in the novel'verse has been going on in my head recently about cooking bugs.

Ah. And an article to go with the video.
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for those interested )
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for those interested )
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for those interested )
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Have a blister/spot/painful fluid filled thingy on my right thumbpad. Fortunately this is no big deal for typing (typing using the side of the thumb), but for activities like sorting papers it hurts every time the thing is touched. Expect me to be a snarly hate-filled K-chan until the owie goes away.

It is now October. I decided a few weeks ago that October is going to be a writing month for me, meaning that my goal is 2,000 words a day on The Novel before I let myself do anything else*. Which includes fanfiction, my current embroidery project, any sewing, and getting the house cleaner than it currently is. I am doing this in hopes of finishing the thing off finally (it's been stalled at 72,000 words for months now) so I can start on a new writing project for NaNoWriMo.

*let it be noted that "anything else" excludes dinner, showers, sufficient sleep, and watching my way through "Heroes" season one at the rate of an episode a night because that doesn't belong to us so we really should forward it on soon.
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As far as writers and writing goes, I generally think I'm fairly sane, title of "Crossover Crack Queen" aside. I mean, I accept that the "voices in my head" are in fact merely reflections of my own subconscious process. I don't think I'm transmitting the words of anyone, or am the reincarnation of anyone, or am in fact describing the events of something happening a few parallel universes over (though I do accept the possibility that anything might happen in a parallel universe, up to and including the things I write). So, generally, the only things that come out of my head are things that were already in there.

That said, once in a while something happens and I take a step back and look at the stories and characters I'm writing and realize what it is in me that I'm writing about. This is part of the reason I haven't worked on The Novel in several months; I'm not ready to handle what I'm writing about in there. And, just over last night and today, I've realized what the hell I'm actually writing about in HBFS, why Prowl and Jazz are my main characters, why they have the problems and attitudes they do, and, in short, what is actually going on in my head. I also realized why I've started cross-posting my works, and why (other than issues of being pissed off at plaigarists) I've gotten and started using a ff.net account.

If I drank, I would so be getting plastered right now. Unfortunately I don't, and burying my sorrows in sugar would only make me feel worse afterwards, given my weight issues. Retail therapy is also out since I'm shy on the funds right now, and most of the things I want at the current time aren't within my reach anyway for varying (some temporal, some geographical) reasons. So, in the end, what route am I left to take the pain out? Only writing.
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Well, this weekend has been... semi-productive. Probably would have been more so if I hadn't been pretty much dead to doing anything yesterday.

I'd cut out a Civil War chemise on Tuesday and I finished it today (Simplicity 7215), experimenting along the way with Guterman's 100% cotton thread. Nice stuff, if very fine. I used some lace I had (probably polyester, but at least not egregiously shiny) and an old card of celery-colored silk ribbon for trimming. It's currently in the dryer together with the last of the laundry. Unfortunately it looks like I took the corset pieces from the same pattern and cut them out of something, which means they're probably buried in the WIP pile on the futon. I also tightened the bolts on the fourth stair up today, which tends to come loose and rock every now and again; Wonderful Husband knocked off a rather goodly chunk of the shopping list (braving CostCo on the weekend in the process); and together we got the house cleaned up to near pre-Fanime levels of tidiness. I still need to run the vacuum over the floors before I go to bed, but otherwise I'm satisfied with the weekend's doings. Tomorrow (now that the table is clear) I lay out the fabric for Armida's wedding dress and start in on that.

I've also been poking this weekend at Afterwards 14.5. A word to the wise: sometimes when you tell your characters "Just give me the final chapter already and I'll go back and write you smut!" they take you up on it. I have no problem with writing smut: it's fun, and sometimes it can be very revealing of the characters. In more ways than one. ^^;; I'm slowly discovering that what goes on inside Godai's head during sex is very slightly different from what goes on in most characters' heads during sex. His mental place is an interesting visit....

Somewhat relatedly, my only purchases at Fanime were in the Artists' Alley. I picked up prints from two different booths, some of which I purchased specifically because they cast me in the mind of The Novel. I don't have them pinned on the wall by my desk yet, but they seem to be working because I've already realized that something that I thought was a throw-away line is in fact Incredibly Significant and it's all pieces of a puzzle starting to come together....
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Did not, in fact, get any writing or sewing done last night. I blame this on my having the bright idea of writing down a list of things-to-do and actually doing them. Of course, as is the nature of such projects I only got through about half the list. But still... last night allllllll the laundry got put away! (And more got put in the washer/dryer, but that's another item on the list.) And better yet I conned convinced Wonderful Husband to help me with tidying the bedroom. There's a floor in there now! And it's been vacuumed! *swoons in shock and amazement* Our CDs are even all put away in the CD shelving, and eight duplicates have been weeded out to go to the Goodwill. And I did the translation for Moebius 41 and sent it over to [livejournal.com profile] sandpanther for a beta'ing, so hopefully I'll have it up before the actual episode airs in Japan.

Tonight is ALA dinner with people attending that con (note to self: remember Hikari Saga burns to hand to [livejournal.com profile] luidaeg for her to hand to [livejournal.com profile] sandpanther), and tomorrow is a run with Liz to Farthingales LA, and Sunday is taking Wonderful Husband to the airport for his trip up to San Jose. Somewhere in there, hopefully, the rest of the list will get done, the mockup finished, and more written on the novel. And that is the state of the K-chan.


Jan. 23rd, 2007 10:36 pm
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Today was in fact a good day. Finally got my backlog at work cleared, did shopping so all that's left on the shopping list is (1) kitchen shears, since cutting off trout fins with regular scissors was a pain in the caboose, and (2) laser pointer because it is a no-effort cat toy. Made chicken vegetable matzo ball soup for dinner with Wonderful Husband's help, and some cornmeal muffins to go with, and did my writing. 2,128 words for the night, bringing me to a total of 74,691, and I've got one alliance firmly sorted out.
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Word count: 2,019 today for a total of 72,569. Written in an hour and a half because I realized I'd hit a quarter past nine and not written a word yet for the day. Desperation as the mother of inspiration? I've gotten into chapter sixteen, back to the central plot location, managed to write in the well ghost story (yay! something else I've had in my head for years!), and drawn from real life for some of the unexpected events and emotions. Last night I also realized that the title of the work does not primarily refer to the events of current time, but rather to the events of nineteen years in the past. This scared me, realizing it. Because the past? Much nastier than the present. Can you say landmine, boys and girls? I knew you could! I've also realized that a lot of (I thought) individual conversations in the story tie together as a theme which is going to be related to the title and to that landmine. So I'm cleverer than I thought I was? Good job I have a subconscious taking care of these things for me, I'm certainly not smart enough to go it alone!
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Word count for the day: 2,048, dropping me at a total of 70,550. I finally introduced a character who's been in my head since the beginning of the novel! Yay! I need to drag out my reference art for her. I also spent some time doing up a relationship chart which will hopefully help me keep a few things straight.

50 in '07: book 2, Persuasion, by Jane Austen )

50 in '07: book 3, Poison Study, by Maria V. Snyder )

50 in '07: book 4, Against the Tide, by John Ringo )
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Word count for The Novel: 2,350 for the day, bringing me to 68,502 total. I have a plan and a pace... now let's see if I can stick with them.

I also packed in another novel as far as reading today. Against the Tide by John Ringo is again one of his page-turners (I think I only have one more in this series then I'm caught up) and at 550 pages, a fast read. So this brings me up to three overdue reviews... well, tomorrow I'd planned only stuff around the house, so hopefully I'll type them all up and post them then! But for now I retire to my nice warm bed with the flannel comforter where I plan to warm my icy toes against either my wonderful husband or a hot water bottle. Either will do nicely, though the wonderful husband will probably prefer my using the latter item for said purpose....
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Due to a post about writing titled Potato Chips, linked to by [livejournal.com profile] issen4, I pulled out The Novel after months away, reread the last few chapters tonight, and started in again. Now, granted, I only wrote 748 words, which is nowhere near the usual daily goal of 2000 words, but it's a start. I'm into the next chapter and hopefully I'll continue writing now that I've started again. I've also read two novels in the last two days (Persuasion, by Jane Austen, and Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder), so I'll probably review those in the next couple days. The latter, especially, has probably also helped inspire me back toward my original project writing, so we'll see how that goes.

Word count

Apr. 17th, 2006 10:46 pm
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Total: 939 words tonight, 65,404 words total. Not even half as much as I'd wanted to get done. But chapter 14's finished off now and even titled ("Footsteps") so all's well, I suppose. I think I need to return to the secondary characters in the next bit, though. They feel ignored, and possibly up to something.

Word count

Apr. 16th, 2006 10:37 pm
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Have started in again on the novel. Word count for the day: 1,532. Total word count: 64,465. A bit less than I wanted for the day, but I'm working again and past that bloody scene with the dragons. The problem with writing this story is I've set up this universe fairly fully and I think it feels like it. I've got side-stories and back-stories for everything I'm putting in or even just hinting at. But I keep running across more people and more cultures and having to write for them as well.... I think (hope) that the dragons are the last subset I need to worry about developing and interacting with. Because I've kind of already dealt with the Fey so they're set in this world. It's just the initial contact that's hard on me, I think. And while I know there're a lot of things I need to ask for help with once I finish and get to editing stages (like horses. and weapons. and whether this whole thing makes sense outside of my head), I like writing this story. I like where it's going and where it ends up leading me.

Even if I only have a vaguest of mental outlines for "oh, I think /this/ should maybe happen soon."

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