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I fell down on Nanowrimo over the weekend due to baby stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to write some today.

Squiddle-dee-dee~ )

NaNo, Day 1

Nov. 1st, 2013 09:15 pm
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I've decided to start working the series of stories I've dubbed the Soulicitor universe, as that way I don't need to reread and keep coherent a novel and a half worth of plotline in my sleep-deprived head.

First story is A Pearl of Great Price. Today's writing count: 1,464 words.

And now, Squiddle having been rocked to sleep by Wonderful Husband, I go to sleep while my child does....
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I've fully recovered from the galloping crud that landed me flat this week. I hatehatehate being sick! I need to pencil in flu shots for myself and Wonderful Husband next weekend. I typically only get the flu once every 5-10 years, but with Squiddle around and still quite small, this year we should take extra precautions.

As a side result of having been sick, though, I lost nearly five pounds this week! I've been slowly and steadily losing weight due to breast feeding, but given I was eating fairly minimally for half the week, the amount jumped this week. I'm eighteen pounds down from where I was before I got pregnant! Fifteen more and I'll be back at my wedding weight, which would be nice.

Yesterday we went to the bank and opened Squiddle his own savings account. At a whole .01% interest rate, woo. *unimpressed eyeroll* But we had agreed to a certain amount to be put aside for him each month, probably eventually into a 529 for college, and this will keep us accountable for that. Plus, my great-uncle and great-aunt had sent us a check for Squiddle, for the very purpose of getting him saving. :)

Also, the breast pump (an Ameda Purely You) from the insurance company arrived on Friday, so I've used that a couple times now. I'm... not terribly impressed with it. 1.5 ounces in 15 minutes? I'm hoping that it may just be a matter of getting used to its quirks. Any advice from those who have been there?

And, finally, I'm planning to try for some amount of NaNoWriMo. Probably working on novel #2, and I already know that my being able to pound out anything near 1600 words a day is not going to happen. But every little bit helps. In preparation, this weekend has had a minor chore subset of "cleaning my desk." It's nowhere near done, and nowhere near as done as Wonderful Husband has simultaneously managed for his, but still... every little bit helps.
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I have been intending to use November and the associated NaNoWriMo to work on Field of Stars. I don't think I'll be able to finish it in one month, no matter how hard I push, but I'm hoping to get a huge chunk of it written and hopefully have the whole book, draft 1, done by New Year's. Doing this kind of huge push, though, means a pretty big investment in time and energy, so I've been trying to get things as what need doing, done before the first.

I'm finishing up a dress I've been working on. I have this weekend earmarked for a set of linen fitted sheet and pillowcases. And somehow, somehow, I need to work on curtains. I've also been cleaning up the garden from summer and sowing the winter/fall crops. Wonderful Husband has been informed (though I will doubtless need to remind him) that I'm planning to absorb myself in the book, and thus the onus of cooking will fall further on him.

All this worked perfectly with Thanksgiving being done by my parents this year, and Christmas by us. It gave us time to get the house spruced up a little more, even.

Except yesterday my father finally got scheduled for knee replacement surgery. In mid-December. Which means we're flipping holidays, as it will be trickier for him to get around at that point, and our place has three stairs up to it which theirs doesn't, and it'll be all around easier that way....

Dammit, wrench being thrown in my NaNo plans! Because now I not only have to plan a major holiday meal for 8+ during the month, I have to speed up making-the-house-presentable. Sanding and painting furniture, painting the shower room, deep-cleaning things, rediscovering the surface of my desk and the areas of the office where I have stuff stacked, tidying the yard....

I hate having to be hyper-organized, and now I have to be so for the next month and a half.
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Start: 128374
Finish: 129528
Daily Total: 1154
Monthly Total: 20812


It's done.

Queen's Choice is done. It's finished exactly where and how I knew it would be. In an empty room with just the chatelaine, a body, and the shadows.

It feels so friggin' weird to have it actually done. Kind of empty, in a what-do-I-do-now? way, except I know the answer to that. E-mail it to [livejournal.com profile] toothycat so she can have the last of it. Sort out the foot-and-a-half high stack of edits from my classmates. Save everything to a version 3 file, and start going through and editing. Then start writing the sequel and decide what it's going to be called.

And maybe, maybe buy myself the pair of pearl earrings I'd half-promised myself as a reward if I got it done this month.
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Start: 127011
Finish: 128374
Daily Total: 1363
Monthly Total: 19658

Got one and a half of the last four scenes done. Might have done more, but Wonderful Husband was listening to his new soundtracks and I can't write with music on. Which makes me direct opposite to most if not all of the writers I know. I also need to be careful on these last four scenes; they're all character arc dependant, so I can't just write them and find out what happens. I have to consciously figure out where each character is, compare it to where they started (at least to myself) and where they need to go by the end of the second story.

Still, I ended up surprised by where Higami's went, and not entirely sure if I'm happy with it. Briselied's will be a companion to his, I think. Marin's was the first done, though I think I'm going to shift it to occur third, and I'm pretty happy with it as it stands.

Two days, two and a half more scenes. Ganbarimasu~!
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Start: 125686
Finish: 127011
Daily Total: 1325
Monthly Total: 18295

Next to last plot point hit; one more to go. And I've listed out the remaining scenes I need, and from whose point of view they should be. Four more scenes. Only four, and then it's done! But not tonight, because I have work in the morning.
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Start: 124470
Finish: 125686
Daily Total: 1216
Monthly Total: 16970

Went to the gym today, as I was bad and didn't go last night. Also helped Wonderful Husband fix and hang our exterior Christmas lights. Debating whether or not it's kosher to have them on in the evenings now, or if we should wait until December 1st. Hit one plot point I'd forgotten in today's writing, but still have the last two to work in. Close. So very close to the end....
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Start: 122186
Finish: 124470
Daily Total: 2284
Monthly Total: 15754

Did not hit either of the two remaining plot points, but one's so close I could spit on it, and the other's not that far behind. Can't just handwave off what needs to happen between the last big event and these two, either. Went back and smoothed a few things from the last writing session out, and added in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it foreshadowing as well.

And now, bedtime.

NaNo Count

Nov. 22nd, 2011 10:46 pm
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Start: 119480
Finish: 122186
Daily Total: 2706
Monthly Total: 13470

HA. Next major plot point, DONE. Two to four left to go. (As in, two of them can get punted to the beginning of the next book if needs be.)
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Start: 117400
Finish: 119480
Daily Total: 2080
Monthly Total: 10764

Finished chapter 22, started on chapter 23. Realizing I need to learn more about painting in order to deal with Owen getting the PoV. Also that when I finish this book, I need to get a topographical map and draw lines on it.

Watched episode 2 of Once Upon A Time. Grateful that Emma is retaining her kick-assness (her versus the tree was a woohoo/fistpump moment) and that the Evil Queen is more than a one-note character. Hoping Maleficent shows up again; she was interesting. Also, I was muttering quotes attributed to Edmund Burke. Specifically the one about "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Still trying to figure out if the Sheriff is the Queen's Huntsman, or the Big Bad Wolf, or neither of the above.

ETA: I can stand some illogic in the OUAT universe, such as the apple tree bearing fruit clearly out of season, because, hey, magic or whatever, but, really, the fact that they claim it's a Honeycrisp? The apples look nothing like Honeycrisps. Was bugging the heck outta me all episode. Worse than whatever type of engine Mikaela claimed Bumblebee had in TFs1 because I don't know engines. But fruit! I mean, c'mon, we all hit the grocery store from time to time, right? /ETA

Am very amused at how disparate yet intriguing both theatrical variants of the Snow White story coming out next year are. Snow White and the Huntsman seems to be taking a very serious, epic, Narnia-esque slant to the story, while Mirror, Mirror seems to be taking a much more tongue-in-cheek approach to the story. Thus far, I am looking forward to both.
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Gym'ed Friday and today. Skipped Saturday, which I allowed myself because I had my last bellydance class until January that morning, so I got my sweat quotient in.

Wrote a bit on the novel this morning, and also realized that in Deus Ex Machina, there's been something I've been fighting against happening... and that I should just let it happen. NaNo wordcount:

Start: 117012
Finish: 117400
Daily Total: 388
Monthly Total: 8684

There is a stray cat I've seen around a couple times now. I know she (I think it's a she; it's a tortiseshell anyway, so I've been referring to her as Tortie because I am a master of the obvious) is a stray and not a feral because she doesn't do the disappearing thing whenever I get within twenty feet of her. She's in very rough shape, limps on one paw, and I worry that something is wrong with her eyes because they're mere slits. Today I saw her on our back patio so I gave her some dry cat food, which she started devouring even before I got back into the house. I kind of feel like I should rent a trap and take her to a vet or a shelter, but then what? For now, I guess, I'll keep feeding her when I see her and see how things go.

NaNo, Day 8

Nov. 8th, 2011 11:29 pm
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Start: 114882
Finish: 117012
Daily Total: 2130
Monthly Total: 8296

Things that are fun: finally parsing out a theme for the names of Kitty's sisters, then realizing I can't stick too closely to it because "Mari" is too close to "Marin" and what should be "Jane" is already "Julia." So I'm kind of going with Pride and Prejudice names for some of her sisters, just... tweaking them. Mari became Meryl.

Also fun: writing inebriated fire mages.

NaNo, Day 6

Nov. 6th, 2011 11:06 pm
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Start: 112790
Finish: 114882
Daily Total: 2092
Monthly Total: 6166

Still 3862 shy of where I should be, but I hit a gust of wind and sailed through one of my remaining major scenes. Of course, it's all talking heads and flickering fires, but it's at least roughly written and went mostly in the way I'd expected. And now, to bed. Or at least unearthing it from beneath this weekend's laundry.

500 / Grimm

Nov. 6th, 2011 09:53 pm
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My parents came over for dinner, which was good in one way (good food, my father's leg is mostly better, we discussed plans for Christmas with my inlaws, and I sent them home with jars of stuff and a loaf of bread), and bad in another: my father's youngest brother collapsed earlier today and is in the hospital in a coma. No further information yet. I'm worried, and my wishes and prayers are with my uncle and his family, of course, but... there's nothing I can do but wait to hear.

Watched the first episode of Grimm after dinner, digesting before going to the gym. NBC has definitely given their fairy tale show a bigger budget than ABC did. And, on a pilot-to-pilot basis, it's less cliche and more interesting, even though the only character whose name I had in my head by the end of the episode was the hero's aunt.

Then we went to the gym and for some reason, I don't know why, I had a hard time burning up the calories; I barely made it to 500. And Once Upon A Time was showing on one of the TVs, but another was showing Hitch, so I mostly watched that. Far better than last week, when there was only a TV movie about Selena to compete with it. Or, as always, six channels of sports, which don't interest me. I love the warm feeling I have in my thighs by the end of a session. I love the feeling of the cool outside air against my heated body as I leave. And I'm learning to love the moment of prickle on the backs of my forearms when my body registers that hey, yeah, exercise session!

942 words done; 725 to go for the night...
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Start: 110742
Finish: 112790
Daily Total: 2048
Monthly Total: 4074

I really should be at 8335 words for the month as of today, but, well, life happens. Have myself set up for the next scene, which hits one of the plot points I need to address before the story wraps up. Tapestry #3~!

Now, I go to the gym...

ETA: Gym skipped due to head/shoulder pain. Hot shower taken instead; bedtime to be implemented momentarily.
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Made a truly fabulous crockpot chicken soup today. I attribute the success of this variation to doubling the amount of Penzey's Chicken Soup Base I normally use, and also to tossing in a cup of the cherry tomatoes I roasted with garlic and froze this summer. Yum.

I also went to the gym, as I failed to do yesterday, and since Wonderful Husband opted out of going tonight I borrowed his ear buds to try them out with my fake!Pod. Up until now I've been using the noise-cancelling headphones he bought us both for our transAtlantic flights, albeit without turning the noise-cancelling bit on. And while those end up a bit sweaty by the end of my hour at the gym, I think I'm going to stick with them. Using the ear buds, no matter how high I turned my music, it was always competing with the gym's music. Which entirely defeats the point of bringing to one's own music.

Did not write any today. Yesterday's scene tweaking ends up at:

Start: 110598
Finish: 110742
Daily Total: 144
Monthly Total: 2026

NaNo, Day 1

Nov. 1st, 2011 10:34 pm
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Start: 108716
Finish: 110598
Daily Total: 1882 + a few steps listed of what needs to occur before the end of the book. Waffling a bit... the assassination attempt seems to want to happen at the coronation instead of later, as planned. Will probably go with it. Yay for drama, boo for ruining Owen's planned very traditional coronation painting. There's going to be a bit too much blood and chaos to go traditional. ^_^

Research for the day included the US Cabinet. I totally did not know we had fifteen different "Secretary of"s. Also read about Sacramento and a bit about barons. Now it is time to wash dishes and then go to bed. Not expecting to get much writing done tomorrow, since I will be at class until like 9pm.
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Okay, so I'm once again going to try to do my own mod of NaNoWriMo: FiDaNoMo (Finish Damn Novel Month). I've just reread the last third of it tonight, doing tiny bits of editing along the way, and will be starting at a word count of 108,716 word. It's mostly done; I'd like it to finish somewhere around 130,000 words. And then I get to go through the tall stacks of edits my classmates have given to me. (They're up to page 47 of the 153 currently in my MS file.) So, basically, expect writing counts here again for a while as well as gym tallies. I'm underachieving and not playing by the rules, I know, but I don't care. I don't want to start something new; I want to finish something old.
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So I did half a NaNo. Twenty-five thousand words added to Queen's Choice still isn't a bad month.

Wonderful Husband and I went to see Tangled this evening. Not the strongest of Disney's princess films, but still a worthy inclusion into that set. Oh, it has some issues, but overall we quite liked it and would recommend it.

And somewhat related to the above paragraph by means of self-image, Sal's main post today on Already Pretty raises the interesting question of what we individually believe to be true about our bodies versus what others tell us about them that we can't quite believe. What do you know about yourself?

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