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Apologies for the political commentary, but Squiddle has of late been watching Disney's Robin Hood, and all I can think about Prince John, the Sheriff of Nottingham, and Sir Hiss is "ah, the Republican party." I'm far from the first or the last to note the resemblance between that particular party and various Disney villains. (Yzma also comes to mind.) But oh what painful times we live in.

On a lighter (?) note, I'm darkly amused by how when The Avengers came out everyone was saying how Warner Brothers must be kicking themselves for not letting Joss Whedon direct a Wonder Woman movie, but now that his actual script has leaked, the tide of opinion has shifted to "oh, thank GOD they didn't!" :)
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Has anyone else's brain ever connected disparate continuities and decided they are, in fact, one? And not in the usual "this crossover is crack but it's so much FUN" way.

My favorite non-canon-linked film trilogy is (in internal chronological order) Pacific Rim, Avatar, and The Fifth Element. Somehow, for some reason, it makes sense to me as humanity's interaction with interstellar development. First we get invaded by interdimensional kaijuu, then we continue ruining the planet like they liked but take what tech we developed from that and go into space and be asshats to the natives, then eventually get enough of a clue that we're just another blip in the interstellar community.

Obviously the three films are separated by centuries. No crossovers to write here.

But it's fun scenery for the brainstem to gnaw upon.
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The other day the radio played "Centerfold" by J Geils Band, and I realized I've finally reached the point where I can no longer enjoy the song. It's still catchy... but I just can't stand the slut-shaming and dude-centricness of the lyrics. Sigh. It's kind of sad how the suck fairy visits so much over time. OTOH, even though I think we as a culture still have a long way to go, even the distance of 35 years has made a vast improvement in the consciousness of gender disparity.

And, definitely not unrelatedly, last night Wonderful Husband and I went to see the Ghostbusters reboot before it left theaters. And we LOVED it. I'm not sure it has the endless quotability of the original, but that may just be 32 years of periodic rewatches engraving lines into my head. I do think, however, it has a good deal more heart and purpose than the original, with its cynicism more finely aimed. It's definitely a woman's film... without being a "chick flick."

(The tears of meninists water something verdant and flourishing in my heart.)

I will definitely be getting Ghostbusters on Bluray when it comes out. (And, come to think of it, I should get the original too.) There's a small but important section of my DVD/Bluray collection that is devoted to Halloween-appropriate movies.
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Have been busy-ish poking around with things. I did get quilt pics taken! So I'll edit and post them here later today.

Meantime, Wonderful Husband and I raided CostCo on Friday to fill two bags with non-perishable goods for the USPS' "Stamp Out Hunger" food drive on Saturday. And then CostCo again on Saturday to get me a new desk chair for my Mother's Day present. As well as the neighboring Toys'R'Us for a bike helmet for Squiddle, because Wonderful Husband bought him a scooter. Which Squiddle is quite liking, despite the hard-and-fast rule of him having to wear the helmet while using it.

Yesterday, Squiddle got to show off the aforementioned scooter to my parents while Wonderful Husband and I finally saw Zootopia. Which was actually pretty good. And here I'd thought Disney had mastered city design in Big Hero 6!

I should probably be working on outfits for Costume College or SDCC. Or getting another quilt basted so I can quilt it. (I have... two finished tops to do at the moment. Plus a box of my grandmother's quilt tops that I should look at.) Instead, I'm piecing. At least I'm being good-ish and not starting another new project! I'm working on Bonnie Hunter's Allietare pattern, which I started last year when it was a mystery quilt. I did buy and download the pattern after the mystery was taken down, and printed it out the other day, spending an enjoyable half hour recoloring it to what my version will look like. Rather than Bonnie's red-and-gold color scheme, I'm doing mine in turquoise blue and purples. Wonderful Husband said it looks like hers is sunlight and mine is moonlight, so I'm going to call it "Allietare By Moonlight" or something like that.

So. Today being a slow day (no classes, no appointments, nowhere to be), I'm inching my current project along, and trying to rediscover the house, if not the surface of my desk. I'm trying "two things to tidy the house, then one thing for me" as a guideline. Onward! To lunch for the Squiddle and myself.
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Finally watched Despicable Me 2 the other day. Like the first one, it was brightly colored and fun, but (also like the first one) Wonderful Husband and I kind of wish the plot had gone in a different direction. Ah well.

We also went to the movie theater yesterday to see Deadpool. Which so very much earned its R rating (violence in spades, language, sex and nudity)... but was a hell of a lot of fun. Would definitely watch again.

Have been reading lots of books, too. Powered my way through rereading The Fionavar Tapestry trilogy, and am currently working on rereading Ysabel. I also finished Games Wizards Play, which was intriguing, and read Captive Prince. Which feels like it started life as fanfic of something, but if so, it's either something I don't know, or the author did a very good job of filing off the serial numbers. So at some point I need to post reviews of those latter two.

But for now, my new computer is not yet up and assembled, and Wonderful Husband and Squiddle and I are still in the middle of a long recovery from being sick. We're in various stages of "mostly healthy but occasionally coughing lungs out," which is not fun. I'm just hoping we're all back to completely healthy by the time we step on a plane next month.
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Everything came together in time, which is always nice and makes me feel like I'm winning at this "grownup" thing.

Last night was the family Christmas dinner at my aunt and uncle's, and exchanging gifts with them and my cousins while Skypeing with my sister, and then this morning was Christmas brunch with my parents, and opening the remaining bulk of gifts while Skypeing with my inlaws.

The Squiddle, being the baby of the family, of course made out like a bandit. But I think everyone got some things they liked. I certainly know I did! And this year I gave quilts to my dad, and Squiddle.

A couple days ago, Wonderful Husband and I went to see Star Wars. It was good, but I have feelings about some of the characters, old and new. Who knows, maybe fanfic will result?

But not tonight. Tonight, after Squiddle goes to bed, Wonderful Husband and I intend to try out the quilting-themed board game [livejournal.com profile] toothywiki gave us....


May. 11th, 2015 09:55 am
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Thursday we had overnight rain, just upwards of half an inch here in Anaheim. It's very unusual to get rain so late in the year! It drizzled a bit more on Friday, but then dried off. Fortunately.

Because Saturday, we went to the RenFaire! This is the first time in many years that I've not gone in garb, and it felt decidedly odd. I think it's much more fun to be "playing", and intend to return to that next year. But the weather, oh, the weather was perfect. Coolish and overcast. Wonderful Husband actually said that if the weather was like this more often for Faire, I'd be able to drag him there more often.

One of the fun things at RenFaire is playing costume bingo. Because there are certain cosplays you can always find: Jack Sparrow, hobbits &/or Gandalf, and, more recently, Game of Thrones. I suspect there were also Outlander cosplayers there this year, but that's sufficiently below my radar that I don't know what to look for. I saw a man in a blue/green great kilt, so I'm wondering if he was dressing from that show. I didn't see any Monty Python costumes this time, but! There was a Bill, Ted, and Rufus trio wandering around, along with their phone booth set up in the food court. ^_^ Plus we drove through San Dimas on the ways to and from Faire.

Sunday Wonderful Husband and I went to see Avengers 2. I liked it, but not as well as the first one. It felt more cramped. Though I do wonder if the musings on evolution and things not lasting forever were Joss Whedon trying to head off at the pass fans' grumblings about lineup changes....
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So, Saturday Wonderful Husband and I went to see Kingsman: The Secret Service. Which has Colin Firth as a gentleman spy. Can't go wrong with that! The movie was serious in some ways, cheesy in others, and bad in only a few. I recommend it.

Sunday, Wonderful Husband, Squiddle, and I all dressed up in our Steven Universe togs, and jotted down the street to the Anaheim Convention Center for Wondercon!

Wondercon 2015

We got a lot of comments loving our family cosplay, and especially the "tiny Steven!"

Overall, a good time was had. We managed to get into both the panels I found interesting on the schedule, and walked the whole dealer's room. Our wallets came away lighter, our hands heavier, with a couple volumes from Studio Foglio, and a board game called Trekking the National Parks.

I've been keeping myself busy with Piece and Quilt's star block sewalong, writing class has just started again (as have Squiddle's classes), and I've mailed off the gift quilt, so when the recipient gets it, then I can post about that.

For now, to bed. Early morning music class for the Squiddle!

Catching Up

Feb. 4th, 2015 05:30 pm
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Wonderful Husband and I celebrated our anniversary on Monday. Eleven years, hooray! We went to see Big Hero 6 before it left theaters, and very much enjoyed it. I think this is the first Disney film where I want the artbook not for cosplay purposes, but just for looking at the world Disney created. OMG, such gorgeous backgrounds and art and concept and everything!

I'm giving my mother's 201 a workout by piecing a quilt top on it. I've won an auction for the quilting foot I need, but given that it's coming from the snowed-in section of the country, it may take a while. A couple days ago I also found this tutorial, and it spoke to me. So I cut strips from all my green Christmas fabrics, and raided my box of 2.5" strips for more, and sewed them to various white/cream strips and cut and cut and cut... and still only had 362 of the 480 white/green sets I need. Grr. Back to more cutting and sewing, as needed.

I've also started this year's jam-making. Thus far I've done a small batch of lavender pear jam, and one of chocolate pear jam. I have plans for a habenero kumquat jam batch as soon as I get some more lids. Giving jars of jam as Christmas presents neatly cut down my oversupply of half-pint jars, to the point where I'm raiding my mother's oversupply for this year's. ^_^ I also need to start another batch of sauerkraut going, as it turns out the Squiddle likes real kraut as much as I do. (Wonderful Husband is less on board with the lactofermented flavors thing. I'm working on him.)

Last night we went through Squiddle's oversupply of toys and winnowed out the ones he doesn't play with, and the ones that are too young for him, and boxed those up. There's so much more room in the office now! But I still need to make a couple fabric baskets for storing things like his Megabloks.

And, lastly, yardwork is slowly getting accomplished. I've pruned all fifteen rosebushes at our house, and need to find time to go over and do the ones at my parents'. Weeding of the kitchen garden is a slow, steady task, but at least I've finally tossed the contents of the weed-ridden pots, and tossed as well those plastic pots in less than great condition. I need to move my succulents up into bigger pots, and now I have some free. And I've started starting seeds. I've got three flats of two kinds of corn (one had weevils so I'm expecting a low germination rate), and another flat filled with soil, ready for other seeds to go in.

And that's the news from Chez Greenwood. How're you all?
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Movies I have watched recently: Maleficent (ooh, fem!fantasy movie - I liked bits, especially Diaval, but I think Wonderful Husband nailed it when he said this was Maleficent's version of what happened... and Sleeping Beauty is the three fairies' ^_^). Guardians of the Galaxy (pretty good, but not my favorite in the Marvel'verse... fourth place, maybe?). Lucy (the film needed a bit more time in the kitchen, as we were only really able to connect with one scene in it; Wonderful Husband and I were both sniggering at the science, but OTOH I LOVED the genderflip on The Creation of Adam). Chef (pretty good, though the fact that it didn't hit its story beats as hard as most films left it feeling without a sense of urgency. Still, foodporn movie that left me craving a grilled cheese sandwich).

Parenting is about finding your own personal balance. Initially I felt guilty that I didn't make all of Squiddle's baby food from scratch. I tried. I did! But he liked the stuff from a jar so much better, and it was so much easier. So I assuaged my conscience by buying the organic brand, and found the balance I could live with. We've deliberately taken it slow with his diet, knowing that as the child of someone with major food allergies, he has a higher chance of inheriting them. So far so good. *touches wood* But part of it is also choice. His agemate Connor has been introduced to cotton candy and ice cream, and had a iced cake at his birthday party. Squiddle has had none of these things. It's not that we plan to keep him from sugar forever, and heavens know it's not that we don't eat it, because we do, too much of it. But at his age he doesn't need that stuff yet.

Similarly, our TV has seen very very little use in the last year. We're making the decision to not expose him to television or vidgames much. But last night I settled Squiddle on the sofa beside me and proceeded to show him How To Train Your Dragon. He made it through the first hour before wanting bedtime. And I'm not sure how much of that he was actively watching, given that he was moving around the sofa quite a bit. He probably liked the colors and moving images, but this isn't going to be an everyday or even every week occurrence. TV, like cookies, is a sometimes food.

I finished the film up afterward. I find it stunning that, given how many times I've watched the film, I'm still finding new things. It's just that good. So, today, being in the mood, I went to rewatch the sequel at the cheapie theater. It improved on the second viewing. Not that it was bad on the first one. But two doesn't feel as tightly written as the first. Or, at least, there aren't as many repeated elements in it. No triumvirates of "Night Fury! Get down!" or Astrid punching Hiccup or "You just gestured to all of me" with the shades of meaning changing each time. The film also has Astrid for some unexplained reason develop a severe case of idiocy in the middle, and it's a bit iffy having the only person of color be the bad guy. Would've been better if Eret son of Eret was also of quote-unquote exotic origins. Also, as Wonderful Husband pointed out to me, where exactly does Drago's armada go between Valka's fortress and his arrival at Berk? Meh. Whatever. Currently devouring the artbook and debating on preordering the Blu-Ray or being good and putting it on my Christmas list.
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Another birthday done and gone. I actually couldn't figure out how old I am now until I opened the card from my parents, which gave me the number. I don't bother acting my age, or feeling it, so why should I bother to remember it? Maybe I should just do what my maternal grandmother did, and be eternally 29. Otherwise I get depressed that I'm a first-time mother at my age. My twentieth high school reunion (which I missed, being on vacation visiting friends and family instead) was this year, and I only now have an almost-toddler. Just saying.

In any case, I received some very nice gifts. The Transformers: Animated DVD set, so I can finally rewatch season 3 (and all its Jazz-and-Prowl moments!), the La Mode Bagatelle Regency Wardrobe pattern (squee!), two Guy Gavriel Kay books I've really wanted to read, the 20 years of Dreamworks animated films artbook, and an ableskiver pan (mwahaha... I shall learn to make not merely circular, but spherical pancakes!). Wonderful Husband also took me to see Maleficent before it left theaters. There were some WTF moments ("Um, why is she suddenly wearing a catsuit?"), but some quite good ones as well ("You're my fairy godmother!" "What.") so we both enjoyed it.

Today we went to Ikea to get the second out of three sets of bookcase doors that we need, given Squiddle has now learned both the joy of tearing paper, and the skill of deshelving books. Fortunately he has not yet combined these, so we're attempting to cut him off at the pass. And the Ikea parking lot was about as crowded as I've ever seen it, and we discovered (partly) why. Buy $100 or over of furniture merchandise, and your meal in the restaurant is free. Well, we were buying $100 worth of doors, and had planned to be having lunch there anyway.... And they're repeating this special a few more times this year, and we need to get two more doors anyway. ^_^ So not quite gaming the system, but if they want to feed us for free, fine by us. Lingonberry saft for everyone!


Jun. 30th, 2014 12:27 pm
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All is quiet. Squiddle is napping in his high chair. Wonderful Husband is napping on the bed. And, judging by the faint tang of tar in the air, someone within a half-mile south of us is getting a new roof today.

Survived the rehearsal dinner for my cousin's wedding, despite Squiddle spending most of it melting down due to lots of people, lots of noise, and a vanishing pacifier. Survived the wedding and reception as well, despite two things that hurt me (one - family not coming to find me and Squiddle for the family photo, and two - my uncle going back on his promise to give me a certain book of my grandfather's) and Squiddle having slightly less of a meltdown due to us packing more pacifiers. Everything was lovely, otherwise. Just that a crying infant makes things less fun.

Saw How to Train Your Dragon 2, which I think I have mostly processed at this point. I was not expecting certain things that happened, and overall it was a lot darker/more serious a movie than the first. Possibly Dreamworks' most grown-up film to date? I don't think it was quite as good as the first one, but I do like it and I think I need to see it again, to untangle a few more things about it in my head.

I also day-tripped to Botcon, where I had a wonderful day de-stressing and hanging out with my geekish galpals. Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] okami_myrrhibis, [livejournal.com profile] tainry, and Jecca, whose LJ account name I forget! The day with you was just what I needed.

The day after Botcon, Wonderful Husband, Squiddle, myself, and Wonderful Husband's parents drove eight-ish hours north to Lake Tahoe! Which is a gorgeous, gorgeous place. I'd never been there before. And as a bonus, I got to meet up a couple of times with my childhood friend Cody, who lives/works in the area and had just returned from a trip to Brasil. Alas, though, his wife had to work late, so I still haven't met her.

After Tahoe, our intrepid party went west to Monterey, where we saw seals and sea otters at the Fisherman's Wharf and went to the Aquarium, which was lovely. Then, south to Solvang, stopping en route at the sea lion vista point, and at the Madonna Inn for dinner. We arrived home Saturday and are getting back into routine.

While in Solvang, I picked up a children's crochet book in a thrift shop and started a project last night. Except the jacket panel that was supposed to be 13" long is somehow 20" long, so I'm going to put it aside for now, and instead sew Squiddle a quick hoodie for the trip to Portland/SeaTac in a week, which is what the jacket was supposed to be for.

Anyhow, laundry to do, errands to run, sewing to finagle.
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Squiddle woke up screaming from a sound sleep around 10:30 last night, and it took both Wonderful Husband and myself about fifteen minutes just to get the baby to stop crying.

I'm hanging the dreamcatcher over his crib before bedtime tonight. You know, just in case.

And, of course, me having earlyish morning dance class today, Squiddle woke up wet and hungry an hour before my alarm was to go off....

Other than that, Wonderful Husband and I went to see Ernest and Celestine before it left the theaters. It was quite good, beautiful animation, wonderful voice acting on the English-language dub. Well worth the watch, if it happens to be in theaters near you!

And, a book review:

Title: Mistletoe & Magic
Author: Lisa Cach, Stobie Piel, Lynsay Sands, Amy Elizabeth Saunders
Length: 393 pages

Review )

And now that it's starting to cool down a bit, off I go to change into work clothes and much about in the garden.
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I restarted belly dance class this morning, after something like eight months away. Where did all my flexibility go?

Wonderful Husband and I went to see The Hobbit part 2. Our reaction was best summed up by Wonderful Husband: "For Tolkein fanfiction, that was pretty good." Because, really, about 80% of the movie wasn't from the book. It even had a redheaded Mary Sue!

And, I may be only four and a half months into this gig, but I'm remaining sure that being a parent is part of what I was meant to do. The Squiddle is starting to vocalize actual sounds now that will lead eventually to speech, and they're just the sweetest little things. This week he's been working on "boo" and "bwoo" and trying to do raspberries. Of course, he's also having "oh god, how did you even manage to poop that way??" moments of self-expression, as well as defending his superhero sidekick title of The Spit-Up Kid. But it remains hilarious when he pulls his pacifier out of his mouth, reinserts it, pulls it out again, then spends the next several minutes trying futilely to shove it back in again, hitting just about every spot on his face but his mouth.

Date Night

Nov. 13th, 2013 09:07 pm
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Last night, Wonderful Husband and I left Squiddle with my parents and went out on our first actual date in two months. We saw Thor 2 (which we both had issues with, though the Thor/Loki interactions were definitely worth the price of admission! as was the post-credits scene) and had dinner. Squiddle, meanwhile, apparently behaved himself quite well... and was knocking back a (4-ounce) bottle of milk an hour. Hungry baby!
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Came home yesterday and it was 89 Fahrenheit inside the house. Opening the doors and windows made it drop to 87 by the time we went to bed, and it was a comfortable 82 when we got up this morning. Got home today and it was 90. Temperature has not dropped at all yet. :/ Wonderful Husband is making his annual noises about getting a portable aircon unit. :)

While I was doing a stop-and-shop on the way home today, I saw another heavily pregnant woman, and given that I'm at 39 weeks out of 40, I'm trying to figure out why I don't look as pregnant as her and a lot of other women I've seen. (As in, when we were having dinner with my uncle last week, he was surprised that I was as far along as I was.) I suspect part of it's to do with body proportions - I have never been a skinny little thing since I hit puberty. I've always been lushly figured; the rest of my body is not so dwarfed by my belly as a thinner woman's might be. Also, I haven't gained a whole lot of weight during my pregnancy, only about 14 pounds. And, finally, I don't dress in the clingy knit fabrics that every other pregnant woman seems to. (I did, once, a few weeks ago. One of my coworkers touched my belly without asking. Given that the clinginess of the fabric seems to highlight the condition, I have deliberately not worn that dress again. I do not like people seeming to think that my being pregnant makes my body public property. It is not.) In fact, slightly consternating my mother, I haven't bought any maternity clothes at all! I tend to wear loose, flowing garments anyway, so the only real change to my wardrobe was leaving off trousers several months ago.

Slightly frustrated at Man of Steel fandom writings. The Pit of Voles hasn't separated it out into its own continuity page, so searching for stories there is frustrating. AO3, however, has, and every story there seems to be either turning Lois into the minimizing role of The Girlfriend, or slashing Clark with Bruce Wayne. Or Jor-El with Zod. Which, okay, on an intellectual level I can understand the pairings. But seriously, all the things to play with in this new version of the mythos, and that's the best that fandom can do? As with Pacific Rim, the lack of exploration of the possibilities in the universe makes me sad, and makes me scurry back to RotG fandom. Where, at least, there is some seriously creative stuff going on.
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Finally went to see Man of Steel. It's definitely an interesting take on the Superman mythos, and while I was initially off-put by the very different Krypton than we were shown in the Christopher Reeve films, I think it grew on me over the course of the film. A world that was sterile in a completely different way....

I do like that the Superman-Lois Lane-Clark Kent love triangle is totally a non-option going forth in this universe, because I think there're only so many times you can tell that story. I also really liked the story arc with Pete Ross, and the interactions between Faora and Col. Hardy.

I didn't, however, care much for Jonathan Kent's death. I feel the 1980s version was so much more effective. But I get that it had to support the story the filmmakers wanted to tell. I also felt that all the Kal-El as Christ imagery, subtle and blatant, got old pretty fast. That said, Wonderful Husband missed 90% of it, so maybe I'm just too attuned. (He's a Batman person; I'm a Superman person. Seeing the next film together will be interesting.)

In the end, as with most movies, I ended up with mixed feelings about the Superman reboot. And, also, an impression that certain of my friends who were in NYC on 9/11 probably should not see this film. Too triggery. More so even than the does-not-exist third Transformers movie.
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Saw Pacific Rim. The Evangelion live-action movie has now been rendered completely superfluous. And, I would love to read this proposed HTTYD crossover. Which does not actually seem to exist yet, alas.

Also, Newton was totally not Teppei. Really.
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The good: Back at home again. The cats were sta-a-a-rving. You'd think I hadn't left them a couple days' worth of food or something. Wonderful Husband is back from SDCC, and seems to've had a good time despite coming down with con crud.

The mediocre: Went and saw Epic today with my mother. It... failed to grip me. Ferngully did pretty much the same story much better. And, does William Joyce write anything where the main characters are not named after his kids? That said, the state of MK and Nod's relationship at the end of the film intrigues me. Fortunately, others on AO3 have written stories that ease this itch, so I don't have to.

The ugly/infuriating: Unfortunately, I have received an e-mail from SDCC which looks like a cut/paste job from a policy document. It includes the flat blanket statements: "Only those that have purchased a Comic-Con 2013 4-day attendee or 1-day attendee badge AND retain their actual badge will be eligible to participate in 2014 online preregistration." and "Those that did not attend Comic-Con 2013 and/or did not retain their 2013 badge can participate in the general badge sale that will occur later in 2014." I... am NOT happy with this, and am not sure if the person who responded to my e-mail even read so far as my second paragraph which listed legitimate medical reasons. [livejournal.com profile] dragondancer515, I may ask for your help in a week or two (once you're recovered from the con) as far as someone to escalate this to.

Meantime, I'm heading to bed since I have to get up an hour early tomorrow to go get all my blood sampled....
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Yesterday was sucky in multiple ways. Wonderful Husband's grandmother passed on Tuesday night, not unexpectedly, and then we found out that a friend we (okay, he; I still can't attend) were looking forward to seeing at ComicCon this weekend had passed on a few months ago, just before Fanime. (Some of you may know who I am talking about.) Apparently her passing was all over Facebook. Unfortunately, we don't do Facebook, and no one had bothered to tell us. So we each spent part of yesterday crying.

In the evening, though, we did go with our prearranged plans and finally saw Iron Man 3 in a cheapie theater. As advertised, it was better than 2 though not quite as good as 1. And we enjoyed the post-credits scene... particularly once we worked out who Tony was talking to. *coughchokesnickerchortle*

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