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Since we're kitten-sitting, and the bigger cats have decided they don't like Rey (no surprise; strange kitten in THEIR household!), the kitten is getting shut in the shower room at night. Which does have the side effect of making it unavailable to us, especially since her food/water/litterbox/bed are set up in the shower. So last night, for the first time, the remodelled master bath got used for something other than Squiddle's baths.

In short, I think we picked a good showerhead. ^_^ We may need a liner shower curtain, though. The pretty decorative one doesn't adhere well to wet wall; water can get beyond it onto the floor.


May. 31st, 2016 01:04 pm
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Squiddle's new children's-show-of-interest on YouTube is In The Night Garden. Which is harmless enough. But it's amusing that he's glommed onto Ninky Nonk, the train, as his favorite. His granddad, who is also into trains, has taught him well...? :)

There was a patch of bright sunlight early yesterday afternoon, so I was able to get the paint in the master bathroom touched up. Hooray for another task off the list! Now it only needs the handtowel hanger put in place, the base moulding installed and painted, and the shelving decided on and installed. In other words, the room is still nowhere near complete. :/ But it's much much prettier than it's ever been before, and fully functional.

I've also done enough quilt-sewing that I've gotten the need out of my system (I attribute this to the 218 half-square triangles I cut, sewed, trimmed, and still need to press), so my crafting brain has finally shifted over to Costume College sewing.

I spent time yesterday afternoon wrestling with FBA (Full Bust Adjustment) tutorials, and getting depressed over those, and have decided to just shelve the 1960s dress until I'm in the headspace to wrestle with its fitting problems. Instead I'm moving to the other outfits I'd planned for Costume College - Regency gear! I've changed sizes and shapes since my last foray into this era (or at least come to accept that what I had before, while well-made, did not actually fit me properly) so only a chemise is coming along on this journey into better-fitting outfits. Wish me luck. Step one: a bodiced petticoat, since a corset is soooooo not happening this year, for multiple reasons.
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New computer in working order: hooray!

Bathroom remodel: done.

Health regained: mostly.

This year's promised El Nino rains: still awaiting delivery.


Feb. 17th, 2016 05:59 pm
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So, my computer is dead and has been for about a week now. Wonderful Husband thinks it's the memory. Part one of building me a replacement computer is sitting on the kitchen counter, but the rest is still in transit. I can use his computer, of course, and am doing so at the moment, but he has a split keyboard, which taxes me.

Squiddle, the last couple of days, has developed a nudist streak. He's not going diaper-free, trust me, that's not even an option. But getting anything else on him is a battle. Since the weather's been mild (aka unnaturally warm), I've elected not to fight this battle, so long as he understands that going outside means shoes at the minimum, more than that if we're going anywhere or he wants to play on the swings.

And the bathroom remodel is finally almost done. We have one more session scheduled for Tuesday, where they will hook up the sink plumbing, install the cabinet handles, hang the mirror, and hopefully put baseboards in for us. Then all we need to do is a final coat of paint on the baseboards and door moulding, and eventually figure out shelving for the niche. So ready for this to be finished....
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Rainy day. (Hallelujah!)

Wonderful Husband painting bathroom. (Yay!)

Sick toddler ensconced on sofa, watching animated movies. (Currently How to Train Your Dragon; this morning was Lilo and Stitch.) At least he is lethargic rather than fractious. He wanted hot dogs for lunch, but we're out so he made do with a couple of chicken taquitos.

The rest of us had tuna fish on toasted sourdough for lunch. Probably going to do breakfast-for-dinner with buttermilk pancakes and sausages.

Feeling like I ought to be doing something productive, but the bathroom's honestly small enough that two people painting would be a hinderance rather than a help, and it's wet enough that I don't want to do gardening. Probably I should work on the round robin challenge for my quilt guild, now that I have my sew-jo back.
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Week two of bathroom remodel, concluded. Well, almost. Antony's going to come back tomorrow morning and do the grout. But not until 10! A positive lie-in luxury compared to the 7:30am he's shown up at other mornings. We have insulation stuffed between the two bathrooms, the walls and ceiling are textured, the floor done in black and white 1" hex tiles, and the tub and shower surrounded by white subway tiles.

So now it's time to do a bit of work of our own. Namely, painting!

Greenwood, our house, hasn't much in the way of south-facing windows, so we consciously chose to go with white ceilings and pastel walls throughout to retain as much light as possible. Our bedroom is a pale blue that feels like sleeping in the sky. Other rooms are yellow (Squiddle's bedroom), green (office), turquoise (other bathroom), "orange sparkle" (living room), and the hallway is a different blue from our bedroom.

Since the accent tile for the shower enclosure is blue/green, I was thinking something in that colorway, but at Lowe's last night, Wonderful Husband pulled a pale beige card which has rapidly grown on me. "Luxury Linen" seems like our winner!

(Whenever we do a much-needed aesthetic upgrade on the laundry room, I want purple there. Lavendar for the lavendaria! And white beadboard.)
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After seven years of living with a master bathroom that was more like a half-demolished half bath, Wonderful Husband and I have finally gone through the painful steps of getting quotes, and getting the bathroom redone. Demolition started on Monday.

Soaker tub. Higher showerhead, so we don't have to duck while washing our hair. Insulation stuffed in between the two bathrooms so we can't hear someone using the other loo from our bed. New cabinet, new fixtures, some shelves in that awkward nook/cubby....

Meantime, of course, paper down on the floors of the bedroom, hallway, living room. Sleeping poorly because the cats think that scampering up and down that paper and batting at its edges all night is a great game. Losing the ability to lie in or have naps.

At least the new tub is now in place instead of in the middle of the living room.

It will be lovely when it's all done. It's just that the three-four weeks until then are going to seem very long.
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According to the paint buckets, we should have only needed two gallons to paint three sides of the house.

Three and a half gallons later, we have two sides of the house done. It's a pale peach-cream ("Sweet Sand") just a shade paler than the previous peach-cream. But the stucco cracks are finally hidden, and the house already looks a lot better. Both our neighbors came over and commented. One, we're not even sure he realized there'd been cracks on the house for, oh, a few years now....

And the Squiddle was very good during this process! Between changings and feedings, he played happily in his pack'n'play in the shade, enjoying the outdoors and trying to figure out what strange thing Mummy and Daddy were up to now.
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Wednesday was my last day at work. So now it's official: I am a SAHM, homemaker, domestic goddess... whichever term you prefer.

Today I connedpersuaded Wonderful Husband to do some yardwork with me. He put rubble into the trash bin while I trimmed tree suckers and yanked weeds, then put those in the yard waste bin for me. Squiddle, meanwhile, was happily lying on a blanket in the shade, examining these fascinating "tree" and "sky" things.

This morning, the baby successfully took his paci out of his mouth, shoved it back in (!), took it out again, then spent the next several minutes hitting himself in the face with it. My assumption is that he was trying to repeat his triumph, but that his aim needs work. Today he also did his first rollover from his front to back. Has not repeated that yet either, but I can see him trying.

In slightly less positive news, he has a rash on his tummy, which I'm keeping an eye on, and I've been getting morning and evening headaches the last couple days. No discernable source, and ibuprofen hasn't been having much effect on 'em. :(

ETA: Acetaminophen does seem to work on the headaches. Thank god. Hooray for Tylenol!
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Last night Wonderful Husband, Squiddle, and I went out to dinner with friends who are at ALA this weekend. Squiddle was initially quite good, but around the two-hour mark started to show signs of overstimulated/needing sleep. We made our excuses and fled about an hour later, when he started crying.

This morning I woke up with no voice and congested sinuses. My voice has subsequently been in and out like an AM radio station all day long. :( But Wonderful Husband and I have used our downtime well, finally putting away all the Christmas stuff (only one week late!), getting the house clean, and the lawns mown. Despite Squiddle's frequent insistence on being picked up right now pleasethankyouverymuch.
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Technically, family shower time as we don't have a bath. Someday the master bathroom will get redone, and we will, but until then, we shower. Given that the water pressure is going steadily wonkier, though, and it takes a few minutes for the hot water to travel from the heater tank (outside the kitchen) to the shower room, replacing the water heater with a flash heater is inching up the list for our major household spendature for 2014.

But weekends are for laundry. And clean sheets on the bed and bassinet call for clean bodies to go with them. This evening, Wonderful Husband showered first, afterwards letting his hair air-dry a bit so it could be trimmed shorter. Meanwhile I took Squiddle into the shower and sat down on its ground to wash him. The only times he complained were when he didn't have some bit of himself in the warm falling water! When he was clean and rinsed, I handed him to Wonderful Husband, who took him off to be dried, diapered, and dressed while I took my own shower. After I was done, I took turn being in charge of the baby while Wonderful Husband got out the clippers and cut his hair, with me helping just a little to even up the back. And now he's showering again to get rid of the trimmings while Squiddle naps and I type this post.

It's a very small, mundane bit of an evening routine, but it's soothing and tranquil nonetheless. We spent the day chasing around to replace broken glasses frames (Wonderful Husband), tidying Squiddle's room (me), finally hanging some art on the walls (WH again), and figuring out what outfits Squiddle has grown into and out of (both of us). A day like this should be boring, or feel small. But it doesn't. Isn't there some saying about the art of happiness consisting of being content with what you have? And I am.
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Last night, my parents took Wonderful Husband and I out to Claim Jumper for a slightly belated dinner. I got my Sheriff John birthday song for the year. (With slightly less burnination going on than in that linked video....)

Today, the temperature was again just slightly on the warm side of tolerable, so Wonderful Husband and I kept plugging away at the kitchen and chores list. Cabinets all reorganized! Wonderful Husband brought out one of my dolls and a blanket and said "swaddling pop quiz!" Which we both kind of failed until we realized that our failure was due to the blanket being too small. So I re-tidied my sewing area, cut three 45" squares of flannel, and hemmed them for proper-sized swaddling blankets.

Tomorrow, unfortunately, the temperature is supposed to spike again, and then even higher through the rest of the week. I knew there was a reason I wasn't going to stop working until I have to. My workplace... well, the aircon works downstairs, and regardless the building is much closer to the ocean and thus the sea breeze than home. I'm planning to give the cats fresh water before I leave. Possibly consisting half of ice cubes. And the portable aircon unit is supposed to arrive on Wednesday, so hopefully that will make the house more tolerable during the days of utter misery.

I'm finally experiencing the pregnancy joy of swollen feet. I think it's one part being so close to my due date (Thursday!), and one part the weather. Because believe you me, I'm staying off my feet as much as possible....
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So, multiple people have told me "oh, you'll know your time is near when the nesting instinct kicks in."

Except, how am I supposed to tell the difference between this purported nesting instinct and "goddamn it, I am tired of not having had a kitchen/office floor/coffee table/dining room table for the last month"?

Two kitchen cabinets reorganized (one yesterday, one today); one and a half more to go. Homes have been found for the stand mixer and the crockpot, which was the purpose of the reorganization. The cutting boards' new place is still pending. Wonderful Husband, meantime, is putting up more curtain rails and then potentially the rest of the smoke alarms. "Only" 89 degrees inside thus far.
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Wonderful Husband was productive yesterday evening and hung real curtain rods in our bedroom. As opposed to the spring-loaded ones that sit inside the frame that we've had for the last few years. And he hung the new sheer curtains and blackout curtains, swept up the plaster dust, and we became unconscious.

I concede his point; I think we both did sleep better in the now-significantly-darker bedroom.

Now to take the curtains off the rails and actually wash and tumble-dry them so they don't have the "folded in packets" crease lines.
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The spare cabinet, from where the dishwasher went, has been put out in the garage under the workbench, where it's now being storage for extra kitchen rolls, TP, tissue paper, and the like. Wonderful Husband, meantime, has resanded the new counters with 220 grit paper and they are finally smooth to the touch. Now they just need another coat of oil or three, and then we can start putting things like the microwave and bread machine back on the counters. Who knows, someday we may have an office floor or dining room table again!

(Amusingly, in the drawer reorganization shuffle, we have one drawer that is now the tea drawer. All the different flavors we drink, all the tea balls, etc. It is, of course, the drawer directly beneath where the electric kettle will stand.)

I've been tidying up Squiddle's room. It sometimes seems like one step forward, two steps back! But slowly it's also becoming organized. Yesterday, I found the dreamcatcher a friend made for me in high school - I need to attach it to the wall over the crib. It's lightweight enough that it falling during a quake wouldn't hurt the kid. Most of the other art we're planning on putting up doesn't meet that criteria. I also need to convince Douglas that a couple houseplants in the room will be okay; greenery livens up a space, and it's one of the brighter rooms in the house so maybe I can even get plants to survive in there.
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My uncle (the one whose surprise 60th birthday party I went to earlier this year) was in town last night, so Wonderful Husband and I had dinner with my parents and him, which was quite a good experience all the way around, I think.

Today, however, housework prevails. Wonderful Husband is Frankensteining cardboard together to create shipping boxes for the stuff he picked up at SDCC for other people. I've been cleaning out, wiping down, and putting new shelf liner into the kitchen drawers and reorganizing them. While having a dishwasher is novel and good, it means that we have lost a cabinet and its drawer, so a certain amount of winnowing down and reorganizing is in order. Miraculously, though, I think I'm getting everything to fit in the available space. Thus far.

I've also spent this week starting to go through my decades of collected magazines, winnowing them down as well. Certain titles are sacrosanct - my Threads collection, for instance, ain't going nowhere. But, say, the quilting magazines I'm just copying out the few things I want, and then passing them on to a friend, who will eventually pass them on to Goodwill. Mother Earth News is getting put on the table at work for my gardening-minded coworkers, and then will likely also end up at Goodwill. I've been clearing out various back issues at the rate of about a dozen a day; sadly, this seems on the order of drops in the bucket, but que sera sera. If anyone wants to claim back issues of Fine Cooking or Cuisine at Home as I work through those, just let me know!
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Wonderful Husband has been working from home for the last couple days while Handyman Joel installed our new dishwasher and kitchen counters and backsplash. Joel finished yesterday, so today Wonderful Husband sanded the counters and applied three coats of finishing oil. (The new counters are Numerar solid wood counters from Ikea. They only have birch and beech listed online, but the store near us had oak as well, so oak we got.) It looks good! And today Rotorooter came and once again reamed out the backed-up kitchen drain, so the dishwasher has had its virgin run. Everything works. Huzzah!

Wonderful Husband and I have also now completed all of our how-to-be-a-parent classes. At the AAA Car Seat Safety class, we actually won a car seat! ^_^ Which, we already have an infant car seat, but the one we won is transitional, so it can be used for an older child, so that worked out well. In another of our classes (which was basically "how to keep your sanity and marriage intact"), I found it amusing that of the fourteen couples attending, we were the only ones who had chosen not to know the sex of our child. Apparently knowing ahead of time is the "in" thing? To me, it still feels kind of like cheating.

I was also amused at the part of the hospital tour (which I went on because while I had seen the labor/delivery rooms, I had not seen the post-partum rooms) where the nurse/lecturer/tour guide rather honestly tried to convince fence-sitters about the benefits of breast-feeding. Her stats included the fact that breast-fed babies are about 10% smarter than formula-fed babies. Which statistic I'm taking with a grain of salt. But I've heard it a couple of places; given that most of the people I count as friends are more intelligent than myself, it always makes me wonder how much dumber I would have been if I hadn't been breast-fed.... :)
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Fun things: our house is three miles directly north of Disneyland. Both the shower room and the (currently nonfunctional) bathroom have south-facing windows. This means that if I time it right, I can watch the nightly fireworks while washing my hair and the rest of me. :)

Amusing things: I am currently very round. But curiously also quite firm. The rest of me jiggles... but not the tummy. Not quite sure why I find this hilarious.

Aggravating things: we finally cut ties with Michael the irresponsible handyman, and got in touch with my aunt and uncle's handyman Joel. Who will be coming out on Monday the 19th to wrangle kitchen counters, backsplash, and dishwasher installation for us. His quote is a little more costly than we were hoping for, but we've seen the work he's done for family members, and it's immaculate.

Worrisome things: while at Lowe's, checking on the status of the dishwasher we ordered that is supposed to be delivered this week, we were told that the warehouse is thirty units backordered on that model and it may be another three weeks. Wonderful Husband drily remarked on my imminent due date. Salesperson did some mild panicking and talked to his manager while we decided on tiles for the aforementioned kitchen backsplash. He figured out that the one we ordered was actually there in the store and would we like to take it home today? (To which the answer was no, just please deliver it this week as scheduled since Wonderful Husband can't really get it up our three front steps himself and I'm not allowed to help.)
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The (family-only) baby shower was today. My sister flew down from Washington to attend. I didn't find out until she walked in the restaurant. I am never, ever trusting any of my relatives again! They're all lousy secret-keeping wossnames!

But Squiddle now has a stroller. And its own personal bathtub. I don't even have a bathtub! Also, blankies and bottles and booties and just about everything that was left on the shopping list. Additionally, it will not need any more clothing until it's a year old. :) And as people have pointed out, there's still Christmas between now and then....

Last night, Wonderful Husband sanded the second window frame in Squiddle's room. Today, since Michael, our handyman, flaked on us for the third time in a row, he put the first two basecoats of white on it while I was out doing girly things with rellies. One more coat of white (which he's doing now) and all that's left to be done is pretty much rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. (Michael, incidentally, is not going to be getting any further work from us. Our house has been torn apart for two weeks because of his "oh, I totally forgot about today" attitude. Physically, he is my age. Mentally, he's half of it. If that. We are Not Happy.)
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Dishwasher: ordered. To be delivered on the 15th. (Yes, I have not had a dishwasher for four years. This is not as much a difficulty or hardship as some people might make it out to be. But with the advent of Squiddle and thus potentially baby bottles added to the mix, we decided now was the time to get one.)

Electrician: will come on Tuesday morning to finagle things so that we can plug in the dishwasher beneath the counter.

New solid oak kitchen countertops: ... one of two half-done. Hopefully both to be completely done next Sunday. In the meantime, all the drawers, countertop stuff, and under-sink stuff relocated to the dining room table, coffee table, floor of office, and shower room counters. Thus, the house = utter disaster area and shall remain so for the next week.

Wonderful Husband's car: smog check and certification complete.

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