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Holy crap, I actually wrote something! This is a Wonder Woman/Princess Bride fusion, on account of Robin Wright playing major roles in both films.

Hot off the presses and unedited, since I need to go to bed now:

As You Wish
by K. Stonham
released June 9th, 2017

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And Christmas Day story #3. Originally After The Ice was a one-shot. But then this came to me, and I have at least one more scene in my head before I decide whether I want to go the yaoi route or not.

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Every year I try to post at least one story on Christmas Day. Last year I didn't, because I was working full-time and had a three-month-old. But this year, I have three stories. The first is this, the next chapter in a long-going The Little Mermaid story.

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Poking around the Intarwebz this morning, I found this piece of RotG/HTTYD fanart, and somehow it inspired fanfic....

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Clearing out my e-mail of some of the short things I've written during slow days at work....

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AU plotbunny popped into my head on the drive in to work this morning. And since it's been slo-o-ow this morning, it got written. No idea if this is a oneshot, or if it's going to get more later.

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So this is the chapter I was working on Monday evening... and, yes, very obviously a part one of at least two.

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Not the fic I was working on yesterday. But I remembered this one had been languishing, mostly done, for rather a long time, and took a hard look at it. I think I managed to fix most of the reasons I'd never posted it, but if anyone cares to give me feedback as to if it works, and why or why not, I'd be appreciative.

Warnings for slight gore, possible trauma, and character death.

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It's been a very long day, and so as an improvement method, I'm posting fic that I've been holding onto for a little while. Because nothing picks up people's moods like porn, right?

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