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Apologies for the political commentary, but Squiddle has of late been watching Disney's Robin Hood, and all I can think about Prince John, the Sheriff of Nottingham, and Sir Hiss is "ah, the Republican party." I'm far from the first or the last to note the resemblance between that particular party and various Disney villains. (Yzma also comes to mind.) But oh what painful times we live in.

On a lighter (?) note, I'm darkly amused by how when The Avengers came out everyone was saying how Warner Brothers must be kicking themselves for not letting Joss Whedon direct a Wonder Woman movie, but now that his actual script has leaked, the tide of opinion has shifted to "oh, thank GOD they didn't!" :)
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Just for, y'like'know, reference and stuff.

Those people who say "oh, you can hand-sew while watching TV"? They obviously don't watch the same TV I do. Because 90% of the TV I watch? Not in English. Usually with subtitles. Hard to sew and read at the same time. Tends to end up with needle through finger and blood on fabric. Not recommended by experts.

This means that when I want to kill some time sewing I end up putting on a Disney musical. Unfortunately it has to be one I've watched before because otherwise I won't have seen it, and seeing something for the first time while doing something else really kills the experience. Which is why I /still/ haven't watched The Lion King.
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Had one of those days at work.

I work as support staff for a cremation society. Our office numbers as follows: myself, the other support staff person, three counselors, and the manager. One of the counselors had heart surgery on Thursday and is thus out of the office for a while. And right now is the busy time of year, but we're all managing okay-ish with the other two counselors (who've been there much longer) splitting his work between them and the rest of us helping out as best we can. This all breaks down, however, when the manager also takes a day off. It was bad enough yesterday to make me thankful that I was feeling well enough not to call in sick. Today was just... ugh.

So when I got home, I put Mary Poppins in the DVD player to listen to while preparing dinner because Julie Andrews has that magical knack of making things better. And that was followed by Aladdin after dinner while I was working on costume mock-ups. I'm still waiting for Disney to release The Little Mermaid onto a nifty two-DVD set. It's not their best animated work, but it still holds my record for most-times-I've-seen-a-movie-in-the-theatre. Just something about me and mermaids, I guess.

I also read through Kaimu Tachibana's newest manga, Bibou no Matou - Futari Seimei (roughly, "Good Lookers of the Demon Capitol: The Two Seimei," wherein "capitol" expressly means Kyoto). It is only three volumes long, and I can see why she was the artist (twins, demons, magic, Heian era...) for it, but I can also definitely see that it's not her writing. It's not as tightly written as her usual, doesn't contain the arcs she tends to give even background characters, and the ending is /so/ not her. I ended up disappointed. OTOH, it's very pretty.

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