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Squiddle and Jazzy continue sick. In a particularly snotty way, eww. And Wonderful Husband and myself have, of course, caught it too, if to a lesser degree. Ugh. Maybe it's a good thing that we're not going to SDCC this weekend? On the other hand, this is my prep time for Costume College, so it's not great on that front either.

BUT. I've got everything done for the 1950s Petticoat workshop. Well, 90% done. I have it all stuffed into a bin, the lid taped on so Jazzy can't pull it out and the "take these too on the day of" list taped to the lid.

And I just spent the last two hours on either side of dinner (tri-tip roast with sweet corn, baked potatoes or buttered homemade bread, thank you very much, because sometimes even on sick days I can knock it out of the park) servicing the 1924 Singer 99 in a bentwood case that I picked up from Goodwill this week. It cost me $12.24, and I figure it will likely go for more than that in the Bargain Basement auction. Since I'm not throwing anything else into the charity pot this year, I figure that's good for my contribution, and the machine will get rehomed to someone who appreciates it. I cleaned and oiled it, refilled the grease tubes for the motor, glued one of the wood supports back in place, replaced the bobbin case felt, gave it a new spool felt, fixed the tension, and repaired the cracked wiring. It's still not whisper-quiet, but it runs smoothly now and sews a nice seam.

When I step back from my "any trained monkey could do what I can" mentality, I sometimes feel a bit like Han Solo: "Sometimes I impress even myself." And I think indulging in a little of that feeling is good from time to time. Otherwise you get worn down. But at the same time, a little goes a long way, and there is a hell of a lot I do not know about vintage sewing machine repair.
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Got the center of Allietare-by-Moonlight up to 2/5ths quilted last night. Onward! I also wrote up the preliminary directions for this next month's Block of the Month for my primary quilt guild. Now to do up a few sample blocks and see if there's anything I need to smooth out or clarify in the instructions. I may need to drag out a second sewing machine for this, since my main machine and table are all set up in quilting mode ATM, which means a hell of a lot of stuff got shifted and stacked on the ironing board so the table's clear and can support the weight of the quilt.

(I appreciate that Wonderful Husband doesn't mind my hobby and/or grumble about the space it sometimes takes up.)

I've also been going through the stuff I acquired at Costume College. Some stuff has gone in/by the basket I take to quilt guild every month. A couple Piecework magazines, however, have given me inspiration for a linen 1920s day dress for next year. There's a really nifty Egyptian embroidery design in one, and a smocking tutorial in the other. I'll need to look into acquiring sufficient blue silk embroidery thread.

I've also taken the four stained embroidered runners I got and soaked them in Oxyclean for about 30 hours. One came out completely rescued; on the other three the stains are now much lighter. So I've pulled out my Retro Clean and set those three soaking in that for another couple days. We'll see if it gets the stains completely gone.

CoCo 2016

Aug. 1st, 2016 07:42 pm
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Costume College is over for another year. Kind of glad, kind of sad. I didn't do much costuming this year - just wore a 1920s dress I'd made a few years ago on Saturday, and blouse/skirt combos the other two days. Amusingly, though, I got compliments on my clothing all three days. I skipped the Friday Night Social (circus themed this year) because every time I go I end up hating it. And I skipped the Gala on Saturday night as well. Glimpsed lots of hella pretty costumes in the lobby, though. (I've done the Social before. Never actually been to the Gala, or the dance afterward. Or the Sunday Afternoon Tea, for that matter.)

Sunday morning, I decided discretion was the better part of valor, and didn't head over to the Bargain Bazaar until something like two and a half hours after it opened. Three hours after it opens, they switch from "make me an offer" mode to "here's a trashbag - $5 and you can fill it with anything you can carry away" mode. I ended up with two bagfuls for $10. Given I donated four, this is me coming away with less stuff. And some of it I picked up earmarking for my quilt guild, either the library or the Quilts For Kids group. And that was the grand total of my spending this year. Nothing in the Marketplace jumped out at me.

I did have great fun taking classes, though. I learned leather tooling, which was significantly easier than I'd always thought it would be. In fact, I was really really tempted to buy a set of the tools for it, but resisted. I don't know how often I'd use the skill. The limited class I took on Hardanger embroidery, however, was pretty much something already within my skill set - and once I finish the class sample (a bookmark), not something I'm likely to pursue. The work is too fine. By the end of the class, I was losing focus, both mentally and optically. And I had an eye exam last month, so I know my vision is just fine!

I kind of feel like this year I was half just phoning it in at College. Not just because of the almost-no-costuming thing, but because I'm so focused on this pregnancy. Physically, there's not much way not to be. Even if Jazzy isn't actively moving around or weighing me down like a rock, I still have to walk slow. Sitting for long periods can be uncomfortable. Getting up and down, whether from the ground or low seats, difficult.

But I got through Comic-Con and through Costume College without any bleeding or signs of labor, so I'm calling it a win.

Five weeks to go.
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32 weeks in, I'm currently feeling less ungainly than I have been, and have slightly more energy - on the days when Squiddle doesn't pull his "energy vampire" act and steal it all for himself. Seriously, the toddler can bounce for hours on end! But what this mainly means is that lately I've been poking at gardening and tidying up the house a bit. Maybe this is the "nesting" phase?

Not much sewing going on, save for a couple of pillowcases to match my black and orange crane quilt, and, of course, doing what's been needed for taking over my quilting guild's Block of the Month. First meeting with me in charge of that is tomorrow night! I've written up the directions, had Wonderful Husband do a double-check for coherency, worked up five sample blocks in different colorways, and hit up the photocopy shop this afternoon following my dental appointment. I'm pretty sure I can handle this, but still, just a twinge of nervousness doing something new. Added on to which is the solid fact that I will not be at the September meeting, so I'll need to do up worksheets and sample blocks for a couple months out. But it's been fun so far, and honestly, getting to sew up blocks without the subtle added stress of "I may win these and therefore have to do something with them" is kind of liberating. It kind of feels like why I usually teach at Costume College. Spreading the love of a thing without having Yet More Stuff to deal with afterwards, if that makes sense.

Speaking of Costume College, I have arrived at the fact that I may not have any costumes this year. Between heat waves, energy-sapping toddlers and their in-utero baby brothers, I just haven't been able to face sewing clothing. And I think I'm okay with this. I'm going to go, take it easy, and enjoy myself. Kind of a last hurrah weekend before becoming the mother of two.
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Sent off my payment for limited classes at Costume College today. I'll be in Leather Tooling Friday afternoon, and learning Hardanger Embroidery Saturday afternoon! ^_^

Then I figured out my size for the La Mode Bagatelle Regency Wardrobe pattern (depressingly: 22, aka the largest size), pulled all dozen pattern sheets apart in search of the pieces I need for the bodiced petticoat, ironed them, traced the pieces onto tissue paper, and cut out a muslin. Out of actual muslin, because, hey, why not? Sewed the muslin mockup together.

Started looking for the plastic boning I use for mockups.

Started mentally swearing when I could not find it, and taking apart the wall-o-fabric-and-sewing-stuff.

Somewhere in the process, started my annual Costume College Bargain Bazaar Donation cull.

Have made a visible dent in the stash. Am being somewhat more rigorous than in years previous. "Am I ever actually going to sew this?" combined with "Do I really really love this?" with a bit of "This is leftover from an old project; do I still need it?"

Have found my reed and steel boning.

The plastic boning remains elusive.


May. 31st, 2016 01:04 pm
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Squiddle's new children's-show-of-interest on YouTube is In The Night Garden. Which is harmless enough. But it's amusing that he's glommed onto Ninky Nonk, the train, as his favorite. His granddad, who is also into trains, has taught him well...? :)

There was a patch of bright sunlight early yesterday afternoon, so I was able to get the paint in the master bathroom touched up. Hooray for another task off the list! Now it only needs the handtowel hanger put in place, the base moulding installed and painted, and the shelving decided on and installed. In other words, the room is still nowhere near complete. :/ But it's much much prettier than it's ever been before, and fully functional.

I've also done enough quilt-sewing that I've gotten the need out of my system (I attribute this to the 218 half-square triangles I cut, sewed, trimmed, and still need to press), so my crafting brain has finally shifted over to Costume College sewing.

I spent time yesterday afternoon wrestling with FBA (Full Bust Adjustment) tutorials, and getting depressed over those, and have decided to just shelve the 1960s dress until I'm in the headspace to wrestle with its fitting problems. Instead I'm moving to the other outfits I'd planned for Costume College - Regency gear! I've changed sizes and shapes since my last foray into this era (or at least come to accept that what I had before, while well-made, did not actually fit me properly) so only a chemise is coming along on this journey into better-fitting outfits. Wish me luck. Step one: a bodiced petticoat, since a corset is soooooo not happening this year, for multiple reasons.
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Woke up about an hour early, after a Costume College panic dream. Which is something I've not had in years, a costuming panic dream! In any case, after spending part of my sleeping time trying to cut out a 1960s dress on the floor of my hotel room, I got up, and have been sitting at my desk with a mug of mint tea, studying the pattern so's I can make it up a couple months ahead of time.

(My subconscious is not subtle about prodding me re: procrastination. Nonetheless, I intend to make a little bit of progress today on the Allietare quilt... and start on the mockup for a '60s dress.)
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Back in Eastleigh, with my inlaws. Had a FANTASTIC time with [livejournal.com profile] toothycat in Cambridge, as always. Got hailed on in two places (Flag Fen and the Cambridge Botanical Garden) but only drizzled on at the Craeftiga crafts fair at Sutton Hoo, where Wonderful Husband and I purchased some honeycomb (for my father-in-law), some honey (for us), and a handmade vase and wooden bowl (for my mother-in-law's birthday present). The weather, as always, conspired to remind me of why the British have historically loved wool. Also, given that this was at least partially a reenactment craft fair, I'm feeling the medieval costuming vibe again. Probably in linen not wool, given I live in SoCal....

This afternoon we went into Winchester in search of the used bookshops, where I lucked out on a couple cookbooks, some Victorian costuming books (including Norah Waugh's Corsets and Crinolines for seven and a half pounds!) and Mansfield Park in the old red hardback Everyman's Library edition. And a jar of ginger preserved in honey, which Wonderful Husband says I am entirely welcome to.

I am thinking costuming thoughts for when we gt back. We're returning halfway through RenFaire season, so I won't have time to sew anything up for that this year (I should get off my duff and do it in the OFF-season!), but both SDCC and Costume College will be coming up in July. I've had a brainworm about making the Squiddle, with his blue eyes and dark blond hair, a TOS Captain Kirk outfit. And making a science blue matching set for Wonderful Husband. And a red minidress for me to complete the set. Which I could wear at both SDCC and CoCo. And if I have time, I have several lengths of fabric I've earmarked for Regency dresses, but I would need to make new stays for that, so we'll see. I know the CoCo packet will be waiting for me at home. Eager to see what classes will be offered this year. Since I made the executive decision not to teach this year (among other reasons, I burnt out after teaching, and screwing up, four classes last year), I'll be freer than usual to decide what I want to learn.
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Ah, the beginning of January. That magical time of year when everyone reflects on what they accomplished in the last twelve months. Costumers' blogs fill with pics of the beautiful garments they created, quilters' blogs fill with pics of the lovely quilts they made and their "inspiration" word for the year to come... and I sit here in my office chair, trying to decide what the hell I want to sew in 2016.

Big costuming events this year: RenFaire. Well, actually, we'll only be in the country for three weekends of it. But I want to go at least once! Do I want to sew anything for it? Unsure. I need to crack open the book on dressing children for Faire, and decide.

Then, in July, San Diego Comic Con! We'll be doing both Saturday and Sunday. Squiddle can wear his Toothless costume one day, and we can all be Steven Universe again for the other. I'm not terribly feeling the need to sew anything new for the con this year, but we'll see if that changes.

And, of course, Costume College is the weekend right after! I'm currently debating if I want to teach any classes this year. I taught four last year, which was a mistake, and at the moment, I can't think of anything new or interesting to offer as a class. Maybe I'll take the year off of teaching and just attend? I do want to make some new clothing, however. I've found a couple lengths of fabric at thrift shops recently that call out to be Regency garb. So I'll work on that.

Quilting-wise, I'm pretty much just going to go with the flow, work on quilting up tops I've already finished, and keep going on the works-in-progress I have in various stages. I'm playing with my guild and Block Lotto for making new blocks each month, and I think I might use the Rainbow Scrap Challenge to move me along on the 500 Flying Geese blocks I calculated I'll need for the bed-sized strip quilt I want.

Also, as I was having a snack that involved open jars of chili peppers and fermented garlic, Squiddle clambered up behind me and demanded some garlic. And some more garlic. And yet more garlic. Then reached over into the jar of peppers, pulled one out, and despite my warnings, popped it into his mouth.

It took a moment, but he decided no, this is not the new taste sensation and spat it back out, unhappy with his mouth burning.

I mean, it took me until I was a teenager to like the things....
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So, there was Costume College. And this year was a bit more stressful beforehand than others, because not only was I teaching the most classes I've ever taught there (four, over three days), but two of them I'd never taught before. Also, for the first time in several years, I was staying onsite. Making this the first time I've been away from Squiddle for more than ten hours. Plus I was also making a quilt top for my quilt guild's whisper challenge. And taking a serger class Thursday nights, and running Squiddle around to his groups and classes three days a week....

But it all managed to get done. Wednesday I dug through my costume bins, found three that still fit me, and packed them for weekend wear. I hied myself off to Woodland Hills Thursday night, and had a wonderful weekend. Not too many people asked to take my picture (fairly plain medieval garb versus all the frilly Victorians wandering around; I was decidedly a sparrow among parrots), but I felt better for being garbed this year. And the two classes I'd taught before went fairly well.

The two new classes... well, the one with a Powerpoint presentation ran into technical issues when laptop-chan decided to finish installing updates and reboot in the middle of the lecture. I soldiered on and eventually it finished and I caught up in my slides.

The other mishap was my own fault. I put together 15 packets for the basic embroidery class, and 10 for the blackwork embroidery class. It should have been the other way around. Fortunately, the classes happened in that order, so once the blackwork class started and I figured the mistake out, I was able to cannibalize the leftover embroidery packets....

Elsewise, the Friday night social was stressful. I did go out with [livejournal.com profile] theladyrebecca, my roommate [livejournal.com profile] fairegoddess, and seven others for dinner on Saturday, but skipped out on the Gala in favor of a little swimming and the hotel's spa. And Sunday was almost entirely teaching; three of my four classes were on that day. So I only managed a quick trawl through the Bargain Bazaar that morning, and wasn't able to come back when prices hit $5-for-a-garbage-bag-full. Probably for the best, as it means I donated a hell of a lot more than I bought.

(Grand spending total: $12 at the Bazaar, for mostly books and vintage crochet magazines, and $13 for a Decades of Style pattern. My Sunday wear was another Decades of Style pattern.)

And today I've spent putting together a backing for that black/orange crane quilt, and after Squiddle goes to bed in just over an hour, Imma gonna lay that sucker out and baste it. I need to get it quilted and bound by the 11th.

Exams Suck

Jul. 25th, 2015 10:36 pm
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I had the second part of my eye exam today, which involved dilation. Not fun like whoa. Having my vision go away, everything blurry, being unable to read or sew... I was almost crying, after just a couple hours of it. Fortunately it was just for an exam, and I'm now seeing normally again, but that experience has been added to my stock of nightmare/sympathetic understandings fuel.

(To understand my normal frame of reference, I'm 20/20 in my dominant eye and apparently 20/25 in my other.)

So no real work got done today, though this evening, as my vision came back, I finished hand-stitching the binding on the latest quilt. (Not the black/orange one, the one before that which I haven't yet posted pictures of.) Squiddle seems to really really like this quilt. He keeps playing on/with it, and was stealing the backing fabric while I was laying it out. Alas, it's not for him. And it's not like I haven't made him three of his very own so far!

I have two frames left to do in the Powerpoint presentation, testing it on laptop-chan, and printing out/photocopying the handouts for the machine quilting class. Then the only remaining prep is doing the handout for the blackwork class. I have until Thursday.


Jul. 23rd, 2015 05:08 pm
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The second set of the embroidery transfer arrived today, so I've now finished all the prep for two of my four Costume College classes.

And I spent a couple hours sewing together the quilt top for my guild's whisper challenge!

Crane Quilt Top

Mary Lou, the person before me, did a lovely little crane wallhanging. Which reminded me of these fabrics, which had been hanging out in my stash for about fifteen years, and the half-assed schematic that had been lurking in my head for them for about as long. So now the quilt top is done, folded, and put aside until after Costume College, when I will have until August 11th to quilt and bind it. And AFTER that guild meeting, when I hand it off to the next person in the challenge to inspire them, I will take the leftover black, and the identical-but-smaller crane print I have, and make two matching but mismatched pillowcases to go with it.


Jul. 22nd, 2015 10:56 pm
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Keeping all my balls in the air. Still waiting for the second copy of the pattern transfer sheets for my class to arrive. The handout for the quilting class is done; I need to make copies. But how many? No idea how popular the class will be. I've started in on the Powerpoint presentation, and found an old doll quilt that I'd never actually quilted; that can be my sample to do in-class. The beaded purse class is all locked and loaded and ready to teach. I still need to do the handout for the blackwork class.

I thought about making a costume, something, anything, for CoCo. But it's not happening. And I've put my insufficient Regency short stays in one of the Bargain Bazaar donation boxes, so my Regency dresses are out. I have one '20s dress hanging in my closet; the other days will have to be civvies. Dressy civvies!

With Wonderful Husband's help, I drafted out a pattern for the quilt I want to make for my quilt guild's whisper challenge. It's something I've had the fabric and basic idea for for probably fifteen years, so time to get off my duff and make it! I cut out the 29 pieces tonight, and have them pinned together in order. It's going to be roughly 84"x98". So, bedsized. With only 29 pieces! But I like the design and fabrics. We'll see how it comes out in execution. I'm going to try to piece the top tomorrow, and quilt it after Costume College. And I have a bit over a yard left of each of the two fabrics. So after this is done and turned in, I'll make a pair of quasi-matching pillowcases.
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I honestly cannot remember the last time SoCal had a rainstorm in the middle of July. It was beautiful, it was glorious. I hope we get another couple over the next few days.

I decided to go with the relevant-to-the-recipient's interests backing for the quilt, and got that sewed up and pressed today. The quilt "sandwich" was assembled, my camera in hand, with the dubious help of the 22-month-old. I made sure to take a couple shots of him atop it to go in the Powerpoint, with the remark "if you think cats are bad for your sewing productivity, try toddlers." I also took a small mug and took example shots of it in the throat space of four of my machines. All three of the vintage Singers have a lot more room than the modern Babylock. The model 15 I've been using as my main sewing machine recently, though, has the most! Good to know.

(Do not ask how many sewing machines I have. I have a mere fraction of Bonnie Hunter's collection. And the photo in that post of hers doesn't include the ones in cabinets.)

So now I have the sewing tables cleared and double-stacked, the walking foot on the 15, a couple of bobbins wound, and once I get the Squiddle in bed, I'm starting in on this project. Because after I finish all the photos and prep for this class, I still have to do up a handout for the Blackwork class I'm teaching, and then see what I need to get ready for the classes I'm taking. Plus dig out the pattern and fabric I want to use in the next project for the serger class I'm taking Thursday nights. And start work on designing my quilt for the whisper challenge for my quilt guild. Though that's not due until August 11th, so I have a few days post-Costume College to work on it....

Busy as a bee, happy as a clam?
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Newest quilt top finished. Two potential sets of fabrics for the backing picked out. One fits the quilt's colors better, the other fits the recipient's interests better. Going to sleep on the choice, do up a quick backing in the morning, and start prepping it to quilt. I plan to photo-document the process, and use it for the PowerPoint for the How To Machine Quilt class I'm teaching at Costume College in, eesh, two weeks!
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I was up at 7 this morning, and out the door by 7:11, heading to the city's annual compost giveaway. Last year it was at Angel Stadium, directly under the "A" in the parking lot. This year it was across the freeway, at the Honda Center, site of many concert experiences. And one hockey game. I was there, loaded up with free compost, and back home at 7:51 (proving myself wrong; I'd told Wonderful Husband I would be gone half an hour). Wonderful Husband was still sleeping (when he woke up later, he asked if I'd gone yet, so clearly I am a ninja), and Squiddle woke up about five minutes after I got home. Excellent timing!

Today was a being productive day - I did dishes and laundry and cleaned the rest of the stove and vacuumed the shed straw out of my car, then went to my quilt guild's show. I'm currently on my period, which usually is an energy suck, but for some reason this month it's a getting-stuff-done zone. No idea why. Wish it was always like this.

There were some really lovely pieces in the quilt show, but overall I think I'm at a level where I should enter/display my stuff next year. Not that my work is better, but it's on par. I was amused at the silent auction table being completely made up of the somewhat tattered antique quilts I'd donated. I bought a couple things in the sale room, then headed home to have lunch before going to the Costume College packet stuffing.

Except I discovered the packet stuffing e-mail didn't include the actual address! Just "person's home, in this city." Not helpful. So for the first time in many years, I didn't go. Instead I stayed home and sewed quilt blocks, pulled weeds, and generally did homebody stuff that needed doing.
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All four of the classes I submitted to Costume College have been accepted! Which means I'll be teaching Basic Blackwork, Basic Hand Embroidery, Fringe Beaded Evening Bag, and How to Machine Quilt.

The middle two classes I've taught before. The blackwork class won't be too different in structure from the embroidery one. The machine quilting class, however, is going to require me learning how to do a powerpoint presentation.

I'm thinking I'll take the prep for each one at a time. First, to find the leftover packets from the last time I taught embroidery....
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This afternoon, lacking the oomph for much else, I went back to work on the quilt I'm currently quilting on my mother's Singer 201. I got the upper tension dialed up to where there weren't great huge thread loops on the back, and it would work for a while... then snap. I rethreaded. I changed the needle. The thread is a brand new spool. I disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled the upper tension. Still the same thing kept happening. I checked the bottom tension and cleaned all the lint out of the (dropped) feed dogs.

It's frustrated me enough that I've ordered a new hopping foot and put the quilt aside for now. If, after it arrives, the problem persists, I'm taking the machine in to be serviced at a local sewing machine center that I know regularly handles vintage Singers.

The thing is, it sews regular seams just fine. It's just the quilting that the machine is throwing a hissy fit over.

So I'm switching to a project that involves regular seams. Namely, a Regency corset. I have two short stays from the Simplicity reprint of Sense and Sensibility's pattern, but I tried them on tonight and remembered why they don't work for me. Not only are the straps right on the edge point of my shoulders, but the cups are in no way big enough. My breasts end up squished behind the entire short stay, all the way to the bottom. I look at Jennifer Rosbrugh's review of the Laughing Moon pattern, however, and note that (a) she's about the same size as me, and (b) holy cow, the cups actually fit her right.

(Despite the fact that the Sense and Sensibility short stays don't work for me, the chemise in the same pattern does. I'm wearing it right now. So there is that.)

I found a few yards of quilting cotton I won't desperately miss, as well as some cotton cording, and tossed it all in the wash on hot to pre-shrink so I can do a test version. Then I'll order a few yards of cotton sateen, since although Joann's allegedly carries it, I can never find it in-store, and make a "proper" version out of that.

All this being for Costume College, of course. Packet stuffing is next month, which means I really need to start thinking about what I'm going to wear. Some people have been working on their garb practically since last College ended. I don't go to the Gala, so I don't need something fancy to wear. Last year I didn't wear any costumes at all! But this year I'm not going to be toting a pump and cooler for breast milk around, so I want to wear something pretty.
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I love Costume College, truly I do. Despite having logged 7.5 hours on the freeways this weekend, I left yesterday feeling refreshed and inspired. There were so many lovely garments to view, both in the exhibit room and on the folk walking about! The percentage of cosplayers seemed to be up this year, as did the proportion of men in what is admittedly a very women-dominated event. The dealer's hall disappointed, as two or three of the dealers I was looking for weren't there this year, but everything else was spiffy.

I took three limited-attendance classes this year (I had asked for three, and got all of them!): Pressing Matters, which taught me a few new tricks for construction, a Regency Reticule class, which I left with an almost-complete reticule, and a Magic Bias Slip class, which I left with an almost complete slip. I think I need to make up another out of something slinky! ^_^

As for the class I taught, Fringe Breaded Evening Bags, that went across well and I'm planning to submit it again for next year. I got all the bags for the class done up in time, the sample suitably finished (I may tweak it a little bit later), and ten students seemed to be the right number, because I think everyone went away with an understanding of the technique and a partially finished bag.

Next year's theme is Literary Characters, which leaves rather a lot of possibilities open. And the bonus programming track is (Under) Construction, which has left me pondering if there are any possible classes I could put together on making underthings. Maybe chemises?

But for now I return to the mundane world of housekeeping. I'm bribing myself with okay, if I get the dining room clean, I can use it to slice up a bit of that quilting fabric from the Bargain Bazaar....


Aug. 2nd, 2014 05:15 pm
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I'm not doing any costumes at Costume College this year because of the need to pump milk for the Squiddle. Despite the fact that I'm wearing long pretty skirts and my hair unbound, and feeling rather pretty, this also makes me feel somewhat like a sparrow among peacocks. So many lovely outfits! Next year I hope to attend again, possibly stay onsite, and make nice outfits. Between this and SDCC last weekend, I am on fire to sew!

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