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Apr. 8th, 2017

sakon76: (Sakon)
Ah well. No Comic-con for us this year. Once again Wonderful Husband got let into the sales room only after all badges were sold out.

So, (a) doubly glad we got to attend Wondercon, and (b) we are vowed to do something fabulous that weekend anyway.
sakon76: (Sakon)
I went out with the weed-whacker this afternoon and decimated most of the paths in the kitchen garden. (The last path has lot of weeds that go to fiber when whacked, so those need to be pulled by hand.) Then I cleared one of the remaining three (long) beds of weeds, and got about a quarter done on the next.

I know I have two soaker garden hoses that need mending/splices, but if I have any ability to move tomorrow, I'd like to get a working hose on the cleared bed and plant it. I grew corn in one half of it last year, so I'd like to do beans there this year to replenish the soil, and maybe shift completed trellis #2 there and put either melons or summer squash on it to grow upward....

Maybe this evening I'll sew?

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