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Squiddle and Jazzy are watching The Sword in the Stone at the moment. Good classic Disney, though it's giving me a hankering to reread The Once and Future King.

Title: Wyoming Bride
Author: Joan Johnston
Length: 404 pages

A romance novel borrowed from my mother, this one's clearly the middle of a series about four sisters. Despite that, however, it stood amazingly well on its own! Though at some points I wanted to bash the hero and heroine (especially the hero) for being so stubbornly dense as to their own motivations. Otherwise, though, pretty good.

Verdict: Recommended.

Title: In the Land of the Big Red Apple
Author: Roger Lea MacBride
Length: 338 pages

Another of the Little House sequel books, this one seemed a bit better-written than the others. Or at least less obvious a secondhand retelling. About the only issue I had, in fact, was that I had a bit of difficulty picturing the house-moving scene.

Verdict: Recommended.

Title: Secret Santa
Author: Fern Michaels, Marie Bostwick, Laura Levine, Cindy Myers
Length: 386 pages

A short story collection I picked up for the Marie Bostwick story, which is in the same universe as her Cobbled Court books. But in order: I couldn't get through the Fern Michaels story. It was painful. The Marie Bostwick story I LOVED. Laura Levine's was a murder mystery which is not really my thing, but it was okay. And the Cindy Myers story surprised me by being really good!

Verdict: Two good stories out of four isn't a great average, but those two are reallyreally good! So, recommended.
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